The Seven Day Rule - Recap

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The episode begins with will cross examining a man; Neil Gross, who is accused of tweaking the algorithm of Chummy the Squirrel. Neil tells Will that the algorithms needed frequent visits and revisions for avoiding spam. We also see a woman sitting in the court room and prompting Neil what to say. Next, we see the see woman, Deena Lambert, arrive at the firm with her father and she meets Alicia and Kalinda. Deena is a lawyer and her father says that before discussing the issue, he would like to wait for his lawyer; he likes male lawyers. David Lee from family law arrives. Paul, Deena’s father, pulls out a pre nup and places it in front of Lee.

He tells him that Deena is planning on marrying Neil Gross, the ninth richest man in America. Deena wants a second opinion before signing the documents; the first opinion was given by Gross’ law firm and her firm thought that she should sign it. Later, Lee tells Diane that Deena would not get a dime if she divorces Neil. Lee feels that they should rewrite the document in a way where Deena gets a lot of money and that she could bring her business to them. Lee thinks that he is doing his part to help their firm recover from the debt; he want Will and Alicia to do theirs. Diane and Will tell Alicia that they want to make her the equity partner of the firm. She is happy. Diane also tells her that they need to get some extension on their payment date and for that they need to show the court that they are making progress.

She wishes Alicia luck with Deena’s case. Next, in the court room, Diane tells Judge Chase that they need a five month extension and Canning tells the Judge that since the money they earn would be going in for research on neurological disorder, a delayed payment would mean a delay in research. Diane says that they have evidence that they can make $30 million in five months. The Judge asks both parties to prepare their argument by the next day. Next, Jordan is trying to suggest ways of bringing down Maddie and Eli asks Alicia if Maddie is agnostic; she tells him that Maddie is an atheist. Alicia is on a shopping spree and she returns to the office with all her bags. Lee congratulates her and also tells her that she needs to make a contribution of $600,000 as it is a rule that every equity partner needs to throw into the pot.

Alicia is shocked. He then tells her that Deena signed on. Later, Will is in a meeting with Kalinda and Neil barges into the room and threatens Will to9 stay away from Deena. Will directs him to family law. Kalinda is upset that she has not yet been given the promised promotion and raise. Will gives the raise and asks her to keep an eye on Neil. Next, in the conference room, both parties sit down to discuss the amendments made in the pre nup. Alicia wants the pre nup valid in California; this calls in for the ‘Seven day rule’ where both parties need to have the agreement handy seven days before the ceremony. Nut Neil’s lawyer wants the Texas law. Deena is tired listening to the arguments and she agrees to go with the Texas law. Next, Will interrogates Lyman, CEO of a company which funded Canning’s firm. Will manages to prove that canning has a bias against the extension.

Alicia meets Peter and wants him to cosign on a loan that she is taking on her apartment. But Peter tells her that he will loan her the $300,000 that needs to be paid upfront; consider it as an investment! Jordan arrives to meet Alicia and he tells her that she might be questioned about her beliefs as they did attack Maddie’s atheism. Deena tells Lee that she has decided to put this stuff behind and she says she wants to drop this whole pre nup thing. Lee thinks that she needs a reality dose. Next, Alicia has been subpoenaed. Lee meets Neil’s lawyers. They ask for date nights, 600 minutes off work in addition to the date nights, sexual maintenance and that the children should be raised Christian. But Neil lawyer says that Neil is Jewish and there would be no compromise on religion.

Cary , Lee and Alicia tell Deena that Neil wants the kid to be raised Jewish and there is no compromise on that one. They also talk about the sexual maintenance. All this pisses Deena off and she tells them to push back hard. Lee commends Cary and congratulates him on being the new equity partner. Alicia is shocked. Diane and Will ask Alicia the reason for her being subpoenaed. They think it could be the West Nile case she recently settled. She says that it could be possible. Eli arrives to meet Alicia and learns about her religious beliefs. He wants her to be St. Alicia s it could be the selling point for Peter and voters hate atheists. Alicia agrees. The pre nup discussion gets too heated and Neil and Deena call off the wedding. Lee asks Gary to talk to Deena and convince her.

Cary does a good job. In the court room, Canning grills Alicia on the West Mile case. He then asks her about the partnership she has been offered and asks her that isn’t it weird that five fourth years have been promoted to equity partners. Alicia is shocked but talks in favor of the company and leaves the court room. At the women’s leadership event, Alicia is about to verbally assault Maddie and Peter interrupts. A reporter arrives and questions Maddie about her beliefs and she tells her that’s he is an atheist. Peter tells the reporter that he is a believer and Alicia declares that she is an atheist. Eli is stunned. Cary and Kalinda manage to dig up some dirt on Neil and his company.

Cary then sees a hesitant Hayden standing by the elevator. Cary apologizes to him for testifying the way he did at the bankruptcy hearing. Hayden thinks that it was the truth and so it doesn’t bother him. At the pre nup discussion, Deena and her father are asked to step out. Lee then tells Neil’s lawyer that his company’s expenses show a recurring expenditure and it turns out that Neil has a four year old son with a woman that he had a one night stand with. Neil is left with no option but agree to their demands. What do we say; young love! In the courtroom, Canning characterizes this whole partnership thing as an illusion to show the court that they have made a lot of money. Canning then asks Hayden’s opinion on employment in exchange of money. Hayden reminds Canning that he too made a similar offer to him to continue to work on these proceedings!

The other day Canning offered him employment in exchange of detailed information about cases. So, thanks to Hayden, the firm gets its five month extension. The partners are partying. But Alicia is in her office; sulking. Canning arrives. He has come there to give her a get out of jail free card; it is his card. Diane arrives. She tells Alicia that her absence is being questioned. She then tells her the story of how she became partner. She tells Alicia that it she has been given an opportunity, she shouldn’t question it; she should just go through. Diane tells her to attend the party and says that she is thankful for what has been offered to her. Because what is offered could also be taken away! Alicia does exactly what Diane asks her to. The episode ends.