Red Team/Blue Team - Recap

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The episode begins with Diane and Lee presiding over a meeting and telling their staff that they are now debt free. Everyone is delighted; but one of them questions the new offers that were recently made. He mentions that the five new partnership offers that were made have to be withdrawn. They haven’t put in the money yet and now the firm doesn’t even need their money. Meanwhile, Will talks to the attorney of his new client. The opposing counsel tells Will that his client lost his 16 year old granddaughter because of his client and now they want a trial. Will agrees to meet in court. Cary is happy about the fact that they will be getting rich; he is going through some yacht brochures.

Diane and Will enter their office. Diane tells them about the ‘Thief’ drink case, where the grandparents of a young girl are suing the corporation because their granddaughter died after consuming the drink. But the client wants to test run the case first and they have paid the firm $100,000 to do the same. Will and Diane are the Blue team and they want Alicia and Cary to be the Red Team, where they will oppose Will and Diane. The Blue Team will be representing the Thief and the Red team will be representing the grandparents. The Red Team asks Kalinda for help. But Kalinda tells them that she cannot because she works for the firm and the Blue team represents the firm. They hire her for $400 an hour.

Next, Elsbeth is representing Eli and she takes Eli to meet Josh Paratti from the Justice Department and Agent La Guardia. They then make Eli listen to a wire tap which proves that Eli has been accepting bribes. They want Eli to wear a wire and record Peter Florrick accepting a bribe; and they will drop all charges against him. Elsbeth wants them to send her the copy of permission for wire tapping. The mock trial begins. Alicia makes the opening statment and tells the jury how a 16 year old Bella, died after consuming the drink which has very high levels of caffeine. She cleverly tells the jury about how Will is going to blame Bella and her grandparents. Alicia definitely does a great job. Lee is waiting for Alicia in her office. He tells her that they need to delay her partnership for a year.

He tells her that they need to assess the repercussions of the new changes made to the firm. Alicia is upset. At the trial, Dr. Borgnine tells the room that Bella died of toxicity and that she choked in her own puke. Diane shows on of Bella’s latest pictures where she looks anorexic. Now, anorexia contributes to seizures and Diane asks the doctor if they could categorically blame Thief for contributing to the seizures. The doctor says no. Later, Alicia and Cary hire an actor to play Bella’s grandmother. They then discuss about the recent changes made and Alicia thinks that they should get the fourth years together, and discuss their options. Cary agrees. Next, Elsbeth arrives to meet Eli and tells him that the Justice Department didn’t have enough dirty calls to issue the warrant on the wire tap.

This means that they can get the existing calls thrown out. Later, Elsbeth meets Josh and shows him that he did not have enough dirty calls for the warrant. Josh tears the paper that she shows him and makes changes on the original papers. Elsbeth is shocked and she tells him that she will beat him. Next, at the trial, Alicia calls Arthur Schumacher to the stand. He is the CEO of Thief. She then pulls up the online promotions and proves that Thief is mainly targeting dieters and anorexic. She then tells the Judge that it really doesn’t matter now if Bella was anorexic or not. Arthur is pissed with Will and Diane. The jury is in favor of the Red Team and they think that Bella’s family should be given around $45 million.

Will and Diane try to assure Arthur that they would win the case. Next, Cary, Alicia and the other fourth years meet at Alicia’s place. They decide that they should make the firm believe that they are jumping ship or starting a new firm together and that they will be taking their biggest clients along. This should scare the firm. Later, Cary tells Alicia that they should actually start a firm together where she could bring in Bishop and he would bring him some other big client. Next, Alicia and Cary put up a good show at the mock trial where they prove that Thief has some issues with the FDA approval and that it was approved as food and not a dietary supplement.

Alicia then makes a statement where Will and Diane get the hint that she is upset about the partnership delay. Later, Lee tells them that Cary and Alicia have been meeting their top clients. Will realizes that they are trying to show that they are jumping ships. But Lee is not convinced. Jordan is leading the campaign and Eli is upset. He calls Elsbeth and tells her that he is ready to settle. Will suggests that they should offer one of the fourth years the partnership and this will create a division between them. But the question is which one do they offer the partnership to? At the trial, Alicia loses it and Will is pissed that they will end up losing the client. Later, he goes to Alicia’s office to confront her and they end up kissing.

They suddenly stop and Alicia walks off. Meanwhile, Eli and Elsbeth meet Josh and they tell him that Eli is ready to wear a wire but he wouldn’t give them Peter. He tells Josh that he can wear the wire while talking to Jordan who handles the campaign’s finances. But he will never give them Peter. Josh agrees. Next day, Kalinda meets Cary and tells him that she cannot work for them because the firm doesn’t want her to. She returns the check. But inside the envelope, there is something on Thief which will help them win the case. The paper proves that Thief has settled on another case. Lee arrives and takes Alicia aside. He tells her that the other equity partners have decided to give her the position.

She is also told that it has been offered only to her and that she needs to arrange for the funds in the next 24 hours. At the trial, the mock Judge supports the defense. Cary is not surprised; but he notices that Alicia seems distracted. Eli wears the wire. He is supposed to get Jordan on the record; but instead Eli goes to meet La Guardia and talks to him about the changes that Josh made to the original application. La Guardia, who is unaware of the fact that Eli is wired, tells him with pride there is no proof of what Josh did. Josh realizes what Elsbeth’s plan is. Elsbeth is happy that her plan worked because now they have La Guardia’s recorded confession.

Next, Alicia tells Cary that she was offered the partnership and tells him that she is taking it. Cary is upset but doesn’t show it. It is awkward for Alicia. She then goes to the meeting where she is introduced as the new equity partner. Everyone congratulates her. The episode ends.