Going For The Gold - Recap

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The episode begins with Diane watching Maddie’s interview on television. Alicia arrives and Diane discusses Bishop’s bills with her. She wants Alicia to find out if the hours are being inflated. Elsbeth and Josh meet for lunch. She makes it sure that this is work related lunch and she tells him that his wire tap is inadmissible in court. Josh tells her that he is going to find another way to bring Eli down; a conspiracy. Josh wants Elsbeth to take him to court. Josh tries to kiss Elsbeth; but she walks away. Peter is practicing for his upcoming debate with Diane playing Maddie. Peter loses his calm when "Maddie" brings up Eli's case. Jordan stops the rehearsal and advises Peter to keep his calm and make Maddie look desperate.

He tells him that if he goes after Maddie with a temper, he will be reminding the women voters of their first husbands. Diane has heard that the State Attorney’s office is looking for a new law firm for its civil suits. Peter tells her that he has hired a team of ASAs to do the same. Kalinda and Elsbeth go to a restaurant to find out about Josh’s co-conspirator; they find out that he was having lunch with Frank Landau from the DMC department. Later, Eli confronts Frank and Franks tell him that “they” were coming after him and he had no choice; but he does not tell Eli what he gave them. Cary is briefing his team and Alicia walks in on the brief.

She tries to make changes and that doesn’t sit well with Cary and his team. At court, Josh tells the Judge that the defense cannot be trusted with any of his discovery on Eli; he then brings Frank to the stand, where Frank tells the court that Eli showed up in front of his office and was violent. Later, Eli tells Elsbeth that he has no clue about what Josh could have found on him. Elsbeth tells him that they “need” to know what they found. She has an idea. Next, we see that Frank has been served for defamation. Elspeth arrives to meet Alicia and asks for her help with the defamation law suit. She tells Alicia that she wants to bring Frank to the stand in the Civil Court so that she could find out what he is going to say about Eli in the Federal Court.

Alicia is a little confused, but she decides to help. Frank’s civil attorney asks for dismissal; but Josh arrives and guides her against it because he knows that this is exactly what Elsbeth wants. Alicia tells the Judge that Josh is from the Justice Department and that he wants to use this case to fuel his Federal case. She then calls Frank to the stand. Frank tells the court that he had arranged a meeting between Eli and Hugh Saxon, the CEO of Greengate and this meeting was arranged so that Eli could buy votes. Eli tells the court that the meeting was for something else. But it turns out that Eli did pack the vote of the senior citizens and in return offered discount on Greengate’s crisis management.

Alicia is pissed. Diane arrives and tells Alicia that she needs to cut down 10% of Bishop’s billable hours. Kalinda meets Hugh Saxon and asks him about the meeting, but he tells her that he cannot talk about it. She then looks at some pictures and asks him if there were more that were taken on the day of the Democratic straw poll. Next, Peter’s ASAs meet Will. Hellinger is not too keen to hire Will’s firm for the new job; but the rest of the team support Will. In the courtroom, Hugh is on the stand and he tells the room that the meeting that took place had nothing to do with Eli buying votes. He then points out at the pictures taken on the poll day, where only one third of the senior citizens voted for Peter.

The colors of their t-shirts represent the candidate they voted for. But just then Josh tells the court that there is another eye witness who can testify against Eli and that he will present the witness the next day. Next, Peter’s mother is served. Peter is ready for the debate and Jordan tells Peter to hand over his phone to him. He knows that Peter will try to consult with Eli and Jordan tells Peter that there can be only one captain. Will confronts Hellinger and asks her what was lacking in his pitch.

Hellinger tells him that she was only trying to give him a chance. She tells him that Geneva is against Lockhart-Gardener because they represent a drug dealer, but she was trying to be polite by acting supportive. Hellinger tells him that she was giving him a chance to explain himself. Hellinger is upset that Will doubted her. Jackie arrives at the court. She tells Eli that she is going to tell the truth. Cary is upset that his billable hours are being cut and this would affect his promotion. But Alicia is in a hurry and tells him that they could discuss this later. In the court, Jackie testifies against Eli and Eli knows that she is getting back at him “for everything”.

Alicia tells Eli and Elsbeth that Jackie had a stroke last year and they could impeach her as a witness. But on the stand, before Elsbeth could bring up the stroke, Jackie tells the court that she suffered from a stroke and it has left her with some cognitive issues. She also adds that there are times when she cannot recall her own name. Eli, Alicia and Elsbeth are confused and Alicia tells Eli that she did not discuss this with Jackie. Later, Eli asks Jackie why she did it and Jackie tells him that she only told the “truth”. The Judge is about to dismiss the case; but Josh asks for a 24 hour extension. The Judge grants the extension.

Next, we see learn that Alicia has cut her own hours instead of the associate’s hours. Diane does not approve of it. She tells Alicia that she is management now and that’s he needs to stop acting peer to the associates. Cary sees Diane and Alicia talking. Will arrives and tells Cary and his group that the hours issue has been resolved. He tells them that Alicia has cut her own hours instead of theirs. At the debate, Peter sticks to Jordan’s plan; but Alicia thinks that it is not working. She tells Peter to call Eli. Meanwhile, in the courtroom, Elsbeth calls Josh to the stand. She asks Josh if he has found a new co-conspirator and he says that he has. Elsbeth asks him the name and Josh is forced to reveal the name.

He tells the room that it is Diane Lockhart. Eli is shocked. Peter calls Eli for advice. Eli tells him not to let Maddie close to him and not to let the camera have both of them in the same frame. He tells him how to avoid the cameras. He also tells him that he should not be passive during the debate. Peter admits that Eli is really good at his work and that he misses him. During the debate, Peter sticks to Eli’s advice and it works really well. Alicia is happy. Josh cross examines Diane on the stand and Diane tells him that the bills for Greengate were signed under Clark Hayden’s supervision.

She tells the court that the firm was going through bankruptcy and that they had to do what Hayden asked them to in order to increase cash flow. The Judge asks Josh if he still wants to continue; he says no. Case closed. Later, Josh asks Elsbeth out for dinner and she declines. Hellinger tells Will that his firm did not get the job. Next, Peter tells Eli that he does not see himself making to Springfield or Washington without him; Peter wants Eli to stay and Eli agrees. The episode ends.