Runnin' With The Devil - Recap

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The episode begins with a meeting at the firm which is being attended by the firm’s partners. They welcome Alicia to the board. They then move on to business and Lee proposes that they need to now acquire the 27th and the 29th floor. Diane is against this proposal because she needs to study the economic impact of this decision on their economy. We then see that 50% of the partners are against Lee’s proposition and Diane wants Alicia to head the sub-committee which will study the economy impact of Lee’s proposition. They then decide to hire a new investigator to work with Kalinda. Alicia is not too happy with that either.

Alicia joins the sub-committee that is looking into the hiring. At, court, Alicia meets Liz, an old friend, and they are on the opposite sides again. Alicia tells Cary that Liz was her nemesis in school and she is good. In the courtroom, Liz and Alicia present their arguments and the Judge allows Bishop to meet his son for two hours. Liz then tells Alicia that even at school, she would always let her win one. Cary tells Alicia that Kalinda found the CI’s boyfriend, Noah in the morgue. Later, Alicia tells Bishop that he is still the suspect. Bishops feels that with Noah dead, their case would become very weak. He tells Alicia about another lawyer, Charles Lester. He wants Alicia to work with Lester. Next, Cary and Kalinda are looking at a video from Bishop’s fitness center.

Kalinda points out to Christina, three months before she was murdered. Later, Cary and Alicia meet Charles Lester. Charles is an old man. They decide to meet Ike Cramer from the fitness Center. Alicia and Cary question Ike and Ike tells them that in a meeting, Bishop had told them that if he caught anyone skimming, he would kill them. Ike says that Bishop had a serious side to him. Charles is struggling with his papers. He then asks Ike some ridiculous questions. Will and Diane want Kalinda to look into a client named Seth. They tell her that Seth made his payment on time and in full, which could mean that he is leaving. They want her to check on him and see if he is meeting other firms. On the stand, Ike changes his statement. He tells the courtroom that Bishop said that he would get rid of anyone who was caught skimming.

Alicia and Cary are shocked. At their office, they wonder why Ike changed his statement. Just then Charles arrives and asks them if he could take a look at the video tape. He feels that it could be damaging. Kalinda learns that a second investigator is being hired and she confronts Will. She is not happy. On her way out, he tells her to check on Seth. Kalinda goes to meet Seth, and Seth tells her that the firm is making him feel less special. He says that he has been talking to someone from their firm, someone who is good with all “his” cases. Kalinda figures out that Seth has been talking to Cary. Next, Alicia and Charles are waiting to meet the second witness and Alicia tells Charles that she did some background check on him and found out that he has had only two clients in all these years.

She also found out that Charles does not have an office. Charles tells her that he is a small time lawyer and likes to work from home because he likes spending time with his wife. Just then, the second witness arrives and tells them that he did not see Bishop murdering anyone. He only saw Bishop get into a car. Alicia tells him that the dead body was found in the same car. Charles then asks him about his daughters and makes a casual statement. Later, Alicia asks Charles if that was a threat. Charles says no. In the courtroom, the witness testifies that he was under the influence of oxycodone when he saw Bishop get into the car. Later, Liz feels that Alicia is intimidating their witness to change their statements. Alicia tells Liz that she is doing no such thing.

She then asks Charles if he would like to see the tape. Later, Alicia and Charles go to meet Bishop and Bishop tells Alicia to leave them for a while because they have something to discuss. Alicia finds this strange. Just then Alicia is called to the Judge’s chambers and she sees that Liz is telling the Judge that she was being followed by a black vehicle. Also, her son was approached by someone at school. She feels that one of Bishop’s men is trying to intimidate her and her son. Alicia tells the Judge that she has no knowledge of any such thing. Next, Will and Alicia decide on a girl who is supposed to assist Kalinda. Diane doesn’t approve of her. Charles arrives to meet Alicia. Alicia confronts Charles with some information from his past.

He then brings up the death of one of the firm’s associates after Alicia joined the firm. He tells her that defense attorneys are always misunderstood and he feels that they should be friends. Alicia wants to handle Dexter’s testimony alone. Charles reminds her that Bishop wanted her to take him in on the case. They then go to meet Dexter. Dexter tells them that he did not want to testify against Bishop. He says that the AUSA has evidence against him. They have found his DNA under Christina’s fingernails and so they are threatening him to testify. Kalinda tells Diane and Will that Seth is talking to “somebody” but she doesn’t give out Cary’s name. Robyn meets Kalinda and tells her that’s he is going to be assisting her.

Kalinda then goes to meet Cary and tells him that she knows that he is talking to Seth. She tells him that she hasn’t told Diane any of this, but she wants Cary not to do this again. Kalinda is going through some files and Robyn wants to help. Kalinda hands over Christina’s file to her. Robyn notes that there was a particular substance found in her body and she thinks that Christina was poisoned. Kalinda tells her that Cristina was shot. Robyn states that the substance is usually put on the finger nails to prevent one from biting the nails. Next, in the courtroom, Cary presents the reports saying that the AUSA threatened Dexter to testify against Bishop. They hand over reports saying that Christina had no fingernails because she was a nail biter.

Charles tells the Judge that they should dismiss Dexter’s testimony. The Judge agrees. Liz then tells the court that they have one more witness to present and that is Bishop’s sister, Judy Bishop. Everyone is shocked. Judy is on the stand and Bishop tells Alicia that Judy is lying because she wants custody of Dylan. Charles senses that the Judge is going to decide against them. Alicia quickly asks for a recess to prepare for a rebuttal since Judy is a last minute addition to the witness list. Next, Robyn and Kalinda are on a horse farm to confirm Bishop’s alibi that he was at the farm on the night of the murder. The cameras were intentionally turned off. Robyn notices that the electronic gate is the only way in and out of the farm. They check the electronic logs.

Later, Cary, Alicia and Charles talk to Bishop. They tell him that the logs show that someone was buzzed into the farm around 8.32 pm and that person could be the alibi. Bishop tells them that he had a meeting with someone who worked for another” organization”, and that he cannot have him come on to the stand and testify. They tell Bishop that this is their best and only chance. Bishop is in a dilemma. Next, we see that Charles goes to Judy’s house to meet her.

At the courtroom, Alicia tells Charles that she has found something that will help in the dismissal of Judy’s testimony. In the courtroom, Alicia is about to put forth a motion when the Judge stops her and tells her that Judy has withdrawn her testimony and so, due to lack of evidence, Lemond Bishop is being released. Bishop is happy and hugs Charles. Alicia is stunned. The episode ends.