Invitation To An Inquest - Recap

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The episode begins with the sound of a car accident. Ludwig Roger’s body is put away in the morgue. Zach is making out with his new girlfriend, when Alicia arrives home. The girl tells Alicia that her parents want to have Zack over for dinner. Zack tells Alicia that Peter is leading the charts, as of now, but the results will be declared the next day. Alicia gets a call from Janie Rogers, and appears shocked.

Alicia arrives at the morgue and meets Janie, Ludwig’s wife. She wants Alicia to talk to the guy from the insurance company, Wilk Hobson. We learn that Ludwig Rogers was a Supreme Court Justice. Alicia talks to Hobson, and asks him why his company isn’t ready to pay Janie the full insurance amount. Hobson tells her that the Judge was talking on his cell phone, while driving, despite the fact that his car was Bluetooth enabled. The insurance company is using this reason for not paying the full amount. However, Hobson tells her that the company is ready to pay 10% of the 2 million, to avoid uncertainty. Alicia does not agree with that.

An inquest is being held in the morgue, and it is presided by Coroner Claypool. There are six jurors from the regular jury pool. Claypool tells the people gathered in the morgue that this is not a regular trial. This is just to access and find out the manner and cause of death. The first witness is called to the stand. Alicia cross examines the witness, and she learns that she is allowed to ask only three questions per witness. Alicia is taken aback because she was unaware of this rule. Janie calls Will for back up. At the firm, Diane and Will congratulate Cary for landing Emmonds Pharmaceuticals. This is an account they weren’t even going after. Cary is totally confused, but tells them that it was a team effort. Will tells him that the Chief of Counsel from Emmonds told them that it was because of Cary. Diane tells him that he is on the right track for becoming an equity partner. Cary is still confused, and goes to meet the Chief Counsel waiting for him in his office. He is surprised to see his father.

Jeffery apologizes for their last awkward encounter, and gets straight to the point. He tells him that he is lobbying for Emmonds pharmaceuticals, and he wants Cary and his firm to draft a medical marijuana statute to take to the General Assembly. Jeffery tells Cary that there is a competing initiative, and he needs a new one. Jeffery wants Cary to draft the initiative, and represent them through the legislative process. Peter wins the elections on the Democratic front, and Eli tells him that they now need to turn their attention on Mike Kresteva. He also states that they don’t need Jordan any more. Jordan walks up to Eli and congratulates him. He then tells him that, since the real war has begun, he needs to show him something. He shows Eli a picture that Zack’s girlfriend, Nisa, posted on the internet. He then tells Eli that Nisa’s father made a donation to a charity organization, which is known to have some terrorist affiliation.

Will arrives at the inquest. A police officer is the second witness, and Will tells the room that there was no Bluetooth function in Ludwig’s car. So, it is possible that he was using the speaker function on the phone while driving. Will then mentions the black ice on the road, which could have led to the accident. Will says that he will reserve his third question for the end. Claypool is now interested to learn more about the black ice.

Kalinda and Robyn are examining the accident spot. Alicia wants to know if there is anything that could prove that it was an accident, and not recklessness. Kalinda and Robyn see that, on the road where the crash occurred, the street lights were different. It was the dimmer orange ones, in place of the bright LED lights. This means that the Judge drove through a dark patch of road, which made it impossible for him to see the black ice. Alicia presents this point in front of the jury. Hobson takes on a new angle. He questions the officer about Ludwig’s phone calls. The officer tells the room that Ludwig was calling his voicemail. The voicemail was from an anti-corruption unit of the Illinois Attorney General’s office. They investigate public officials, for corruptions and ethics violation. Hobson tells the Coroner that probably Ludwig was being investigated, so he killed himself. Claypool asks Hobson to produce the evidence the next day.

Jordan and Eli call Zack for a talk. Eli leaves the room, and lets Jordan have the conversation with Zack. Moments later, Zack walks out of the office. He is furious, and Eli seems to be happy. At the inquest, Christi Yeargin, from the bribery department, is on the stand. She tells the room that Ludwig has some financial troubles, and he was not too happy about the investigation. Will proves to the room that Judges are frequently investigated for corruption, but there are rarely any charges. Robyn tells Will and Alicia that Ludwig did have financial troubles. The investigation was based on a lawyer accused of bribing judges. She then tells them that Ludwig had dinner with his lobbyist friend, Jared Bigelow. She says that they tracked his I-Pass record, to track his trip after dinner, and it seems that Ludwig took one hour to travel four miles. She tells them that the only two stops that he could have taken are at a gas station and a motel.

Kalinda and Robyn go to the motel and learn that Ludwig did check into the motel. The guy at the counter tells them that he left with a blonde woman, and they were arguing. The woman got into her SUV, and the two of them went their separate ways. The SUV had a specialty license plate with a bird on it. At the firm, Jeffery and Cary have some disagreements. Jeffery tells Cary that maybe a partner should sit with them, while drafting the initiative. Diane tells Cary that she will sit in. Kalinda and Robyn question a truck driver, who was at the gas station at the time of the accident. He tells them that he did not see the accident, but he saw a sedan with a black SUV following behind. Kalinda updates Will and Alicia about their recent discovery. Will thinks it is a jilted mistress. He tells Kalinda to present the motel guy as witness.

Alicia arrives home and learns, from Grace, that Zack broke up with Nisa. She tells Alicia about the “talk” Jordan had with Zack. Alicia is furious, and confronts Jordan. She tells him that he stepped way over line by counseling his son on his private life. She warns him to stay away from Zack. At the morgue, Janie learns about her husband’s affair. She tells Alicia that she had no idea about it. At the firm, Jeffery tells Diane and Cary that Emmonds is taking the case to another firm, and there is nothing he can do about it. At the inquest, the ASA of Lake County puts Janie on the stand. Janie is questioned about her whereabouts on the night of the murder. She reminds her that she is still under oath. Will senses that something isn’t right, and advises Janie to invoke the Fifth Amendment. The ASA tells the room that one of her neighbor’s heard her leave her house, shortly before 10pm, and did not return until midnight. Janie doesn’t answer. Janie tells Alicia that she suspected the affair, and she went to the hotel. She did not find Ludwig, so she drove around for a while in anger. She then reached home, and got the phone call regarding the accident. She was too embarrassed, so she lied.

At the firm, Cary arrives with the CEO of Emmonds Pharmaceuticals. Cary has managed to save the deal. Diane and Jeffery are impressed. Kalinda and Robyn go to meet Jared Bigelow. They ask about the mistress. Jared tells them that there was a woman, a year ago, but it had ended. Jared also tells them that the woman wasn’t blonde. Jared’s wife arrives, and she is a blonde. She also drives a black SUV, with a specialty license with a bird on it. Kalinda questions Bethany, and she admits that she was sleeping with Ludwig. She said that, on the night of his death, she broke it off with him. She did see a black SUV speeding after Ludwig’s car, but she didn’t report it because “Janie is a good friend”.

At the morgue, we learn that Bethany’s story checks out. Alicia tells Claypool that a man, named Landon Boyce, was arrested on the night of the murder for drunken driving. Lake County did not know about this, because the arrest happened two miles into Cook County. Alicia also presents Landon’s EDR reports, that show his car braked hard and came to a halt before accelerating again. Claypool is convinced. At the firm, Janie is surprised to learn that she got the full amount. She thanks the lawyers for their help. At the campaign office, Jordan is leaving. Peter fired him for getting involved in family matters. He knows that Eli set him up. At home, Alicia tells Zack that he can date whoever he wants, and that he can get back with Nisa. Zack tells her that he was going to break up with her anyway, because college was right around the corner. The episode ends.