Death of a Client - Recap

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The episode begins with Alicia arriving at the Shamrock dinner. It is a white tie event. Eli arrives and Alicia compliments him. She picks up a glass of wine and Eli looks a little “”worried”. Alicia tells him that if he is going to clock her alcohol intake, she will end up doing shots. Eli says “OK”. He tells them that their goal for this evening is to get a hug from Cardinal James and that hug would mean 800,000 of catholic votes. Eli tells Alicia that she needs to be “Saint Alicia” for the night and she needs to be the paragon of faithful wives.

The moment Eli finishes his sentence, Will arrives. Alicia quickly leaves and goes to the bar and Mike Kresteva joins her. They get into a verbal dual and Alicia tells Mike to die choking on his own blood. A detective arrives and takes Alicia aside for a talk. Mike walks up to the Cardinal and tells him that Alicia’s son is into some drug troubles. The detective tells Alicia that one of her clients, Matthew Ashbaugh has been murdered. Next, Alicia is at the precinct and the detective shows her the murder video. Alicia does not know the killer nor does she recognize the vehicle in the video. Alicia tells the detective that Matthew had 18 ongoing cases. Cut to flashback, where Matthew is in Alicia’s office, wanting to sue his neighbor because his dog is barking. On another occasion, he wanted to sue the phone company.

At the precinct, Alicia writes down the names of Matthew’s enemies and manages to fill up an entire page. The detective is shocked and tells Alicia to narrow down the list and think of someone who Matthew thought was after his life. Alicia tells him that Matthew “thought” that Mossad wanted him dead. The detective then asks her about an ongoing case against the Chicago PD and Alicia calls Will. Diane and Will tell her that she can share anything outside the Attorney-Client privilege. In the meantime, they will try to get in touch with Matthew’s family to get consent. Eli arrives and tells Diane that Peter wants to talk to her. Peter tells Diane that if he gets elected as Governor, he would like to nominate her as the Illinois Supreme Court Judge. Diane is bowled over. He tells her that she has two and a half hours to decide.

At the precinct, Hellinger is called to coax Alicia into disclosing the details since her client is dead. Alicia tells her that she is told by her seniors to be circumspect. Hellinger asks her if Matthew ever mentioned anything about Edward “Eddie” Lomax. Alicia thinks about the time when Lomax pinned Matthew to the wall and warned him never to mention his name. Alicia tells Hellinger that she can neither confirm, nor deny. Hellinger then offers her ride back to the party and tells her that she needs some advice. At the party, the Cardinal meets Peter and reassures him about the troubles he is facing with his son. The Cardinal says that his nephew had the same problem and that is how he knows that drug addiction can be a difficult thing. Eli is shocked and Peter is confused. At the precinct, the detective tells Alicia that they have tracked down the killer’s car. The car had GPS and the last address entered was Alicia’s. Alicia calls her kids, and Grace tells her that Veronica is home. Alicia tells her mother to drive the kids to her hotel.

Hellinger arrives and tells Alicia that since her life is in danger, she does not have to stick to the attorney-client privilege. Alicia tells her that Matthew did mention Eddie Lomax and , another police officer, Nozowits threatened to kill Matthew if he mentioned Eddie’s name. Alicia admits that she had witnessed this incident. At the party, Diane tells Will about Peter’s offer and also that she will have to walk away from their partnership if she accepts the offer. Veronica sees that Zack’s and her cars have been blocked because of the St. Patrick’s parade and she suggest that they wait in the bar till it clears up. At the precinct, Hellinger asks Alicia if Will is seeing someone. She tells Alicia that she is confused about Will’s gestures. Alicia tells her to ask Will out.

Kalinda is at a bar, flirting with a massage therapist and her phone rings. It is Alicia and she wants Kalinda to find out about Nozowits. Kalinda meets Cary at the party and asks him if he heard about Nozowits while he worked as an ASA. Cary refuses to divulge any information, but when he learns that Alicia is in danger, he tells Kalinda that they investigated Nozowits for corruption, taking money, dealing in drugs. Cary tells her that Eddie Lomax was a drug dealer and he was shot and killed in the Fifth ward and that he had nothing to do with Nozowits.

Kalinda calls Alicia and asks her if Matthew ever mentioned about a Fifth ward murder. Alicia remembers the time when Matthew asked her for the police file regarding a shooting in the Fifth ward. She also remembers him asking her to investigate this matter, but she was too busy having sex with Will. She then calls Will and tells him what happened. Will decides to go to the precinct. Peter is pissed about the fact that Mike spread false rumors about Zack having a pot charge. He follows Mike to the men’s room and punches him in the face. Mike is aghast and tells Peter that he cannot hit him. Peter drops his drink on the floor and leaves.

Downstairs, he tells the security to go to the men’s room and check on Mike. He tells them that Mike fell down as he has had a little too much to drink. At the bar, Veronica tells her grandchildren that their mother was pregnant with Zack when she was his age. The marriage date was moved to hide the fact. She tells them that Alicia was very adventurous when she was their age. Next, Will arrives at the precinct and tells Alicia that he looked into the case and tells her that the shooter wasn’t found. It was a drug theft and eight pounds of coke went missing.

Alicia tells Will that she is keeping him from moving on and that is very selfish on her part. Will says that he is fine and Alicia knows that he is not. Grace calls Alicia and asks her if she was an accident. It seems that Veronica told Grace that Alicia and Peter didn’t want a second child. Alicia is pissed. She tells Veronica to bring the children to the party.

Next, Kalinda walks up to the investigating officer and asks him to let her take a look at the car, but he refuses her request. She knows that they are looking for connections to Nozowits. She feels that the officer is trying to protect to his detective. She then notices the car model and tells the investigating officer that the 2006 Zephyr did not have GPS. Alicia is furious when she finds out about the lie. The officer tells her that they need toile at times to get the truth out. She tells him to go to hell and storms out of the precinct.

Next, at the party, Mike tries to convince the Cardinal that Peter punched him, but the Cardinal doesn’t believe him. He feels that Mike fell down drinking! Kalinda is at the precinct and is going through the murder footage. She notices a Fetch far in the car, which is used by dog owners to toss a ball. Kalinda tells the investigating officer that Matthew had once sued a guy with a barking dog and that guy was a dog lover. The officer finds this ridiculous and Kalinda asks him if he has ever met a dog lover.

At the party, Alicia tells Grace that she loves her and that she wasn’t an accident. Cardinal James walks up to Peter and shakes hand with him. Veronica arrives with Zack and Alicia takes her aside for a “talk”. Veronica apologizes for her mistake. Peter arrives and asks Alicia for a dance. Eli interrupts and tells them that the Cardinal shook Mike’s hand and did not give him a hug. This clearly means that he did not make a choice. Peter and Alicia continue to dance. Alicia thinks about the time she asked Matthew why he is making so many enemies.

She tells Matthew to settle on the “barking dog’s case”. He tells her that it was never about the money. It was more about the process. He says that he liked being with her and suing because of wanting to be with her would be crazy. In the present, Peter notices that Alicia seems lost in some thought and he asks her what she’s thinking about. She tells him that it is just a memory. They continue to dance. The episode ends.