The Wheels of Justice - Recap

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The episode begins with Alicia walking into her new office. Diane congratulates her. Diane then shows Cary his new office. She tells him that he has a good chance of becoming a partner in six months time because one of the partners is going to quit. Diane doesn’t tell him who. She also wants him to prove himself valuable by hiring a new employee. Cary thanks Diane and she leaves. Later, Diane tells Kalinda about Peter’s offer. She knows that being a Supreme Court judge wouldn’t be easy. She wants Kalinda to run a background check on her and find out the areas where she is most vulnerable. Kalinda tells Robyn to assist her.

Robyn is in the court with Alicia. Alicia is on a new case and her client is Colin Sweeney. Alicia knows that he is guilty but she is still defending him. Sweeney’s girlfriend, Isabelle arrives and Alicia knows her as well. Laura is the opposing counsel. Sweeney fired a gun at a birthday party which was being held in a private club that served alcohol. Laura and Alicia present their arguments and Judge Politi tells them that this is just a party that got out of hand. The Judge wants to bargain, but Laura says that Sweeney should have six years of imprisonment and she is not bending. Diane and her staff discuss this case.

Later, Isabelle arrives to meet Alicia. She tells her that Sweeney asked her to marry him, but she wants to know whether he would kill her. Alicia tells her that she cannot comment on the rumors of Sweeny killing his first wife, but she says that the supposed reason for the killing was his wife’s money. Alicia points out to Isabelle that she has no money and that she has nothing to fear. Isabelle leaves. Next, Carry and Robyn interview a guy named Gregory. Robyn thinks that Greg brags a lot.

Later, while going through the résumés, a thought strikes Cary and he goes to meet Alicia. He tells her that the ADA wants Sweeney’s misdemeanor to go down as a third strike. Sweeney has been convicted for two other felonies and this one will go down as the third strike. This means that he would get life imprisonment. Cary thinks they should go in for a speedy trial. Alicia says that she isn’t prepared for the trial. He points out that the prosecution isn’t ready either. The next day, Alicia asks for a speedy trial and the Judge approves.

Will tells his team that they require all hands on deck. Will tells Diane that he cannot fight the case since he is dating Laura. Diane asks him to get a signature from Sweeney. Will takes Sweeney aside and asks him for his signature and Sweeney, in his own weird way, says no. Next, Kalinda tells Diane that someone has been using her IP address and her email account to write “Vampire Diaries” fan fiction. Diane is shocked. She tells Kalinda that her housekeeper is the only other person who has access to her email account. Laura and Will face each other at court. Diane goes to meet Kurt McVeigh, her ex, and tells him that she wants him to assist on Sweeney’s case.

During the break, Laura asks Alicia if she and Will are romantically involved. Alicia admits that they were, but that was long back and assures Laura that there is nothing between them now. Next, Isabelle is on stand. She tells the room that Sweeney did not fire the gun because she and Sweeney were having anal sex when the gun went off. Later, Kurt goes to the crime scene and calculates the trajectory of the bullet. He tells the court that the bullet couldn’t have been fired from the place the prosecution claims. Diane is happy.

Diane arrives at her office and sees Kalinda waiting for her. Kalinda tells her about Jacob Greenberg, Diane’s father’s friend, who committed suicide after being labeled as a communist. Kalinda tells Diane that there were a lot of private meetings held and her father participated in those. Diane is shocked to learn that her father was involved in naming Jacob. This might affect her Judgeship. Next, Isabelle is called back on stand. She changes her testimony and tells the room that she and Sweeney were in the room from where the gun was fired. Later, Alicia has dirty dreams about her and Will. Diane is with Kurt and she is upset that her father turned out to be a hypocrite. They end up kissing each other. Diane blurts out that she thinks they should get married. She then feels embarrassed about what she just said and tells Kurt to forget about it.

The next day, Alicia tells Sweeney that the Supreme Court is going to announce their judgment the following day. This means they will have to wrap up their case today. She tells Sweeney they still have time to turn Isabelle around. Kurt is watching the video from the party. Kalinda arrives with more bad news for Diane. She shows her a video where Kurt talks about guns and the right to carry weapons. Kalinda suggests that Diane should put her relationship with Kurt on hold until she gets placed. Isabelle tells Alicia that she lied in the court because she doesn’t want to sign a pre-nup and Sweeney is insisting on one. She says that if Sweeney agrees to the pre-nup, she would be good in court.

Next, Kurt takes Diane to the crime scene and explains some new things that he discovered. This proves that Sweeney is innocent and did not fire the gun. In the courtroom, Kurt puts forth his explanation and the Judge sort of agrees with the explanation. Later, Kurt arrives to meet Diane at her office and Diane says that the Judge is still deliberating and hasn’t given a ruling. He tells her that they should wait and think about the marriage. Diane seems completely lost about this because she knows that Kalinda had asked her to stay away from Kurt. She decides that she doesn’t want to wait for the marriage. She is ready for it.

In the courtroom, the Judge rules in Sweeney’s favor. However, he is charged with a misdemeanor and he has to pay a fine of $1500 and serve 30 days in prison. Sweeney thanks Will for his help. Sweeney tells Alicia that he has decided on “no pre-nup”. Alicia warns him that Isabelle will cheat him. Sweeney knows that and if at all Isabelle cheats him, he says he will kill her.

Next, Alicia is in bed, drinking a glass of wine and she decides to call Will. He answers the call, but when Alicia hears Laura’s voice in the background, she hangs up. Laura tells Will that she hasn’t been honest with him. She says that she dated a guy when she was in military and he has recently come back into her life. Will says he understands. Laura congratulates him and gets up and leaves. Laura is teary eyed when she walks out of Will’s office. The episode ends.