Rape: A Modern Perspective - Recap

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The episode begins with someone typing a tweet: ‘I don’t care if they put me in jail. Todd Bratcher RAPED ME’. Cut to the court room, where Will represents a high school student, Rainey. Rainey says that Todd raped her, but got out on a plea bargain and he is now “going to Princeton, not prison”. This is why the case is being fought in the civil court. She tells the court that if she wins, she will use the money to fund rape victim advocates.

At that moment, the Judge receives the tweet and asks Rainey if she posted this tweet. He had given specific instructions that this case should not be tried in the media and had also placed a gag order. Rainey admits that she posted the tweet and the Judge holds her in contempt. Will calls Alicia. Alicia tells him that he is having lunch with Dylan Stack. He wants Alicia’s firm to join a class action suit against relentless prosecution. She tells him that she will have to discuss this with her partners. She gets distracted when she sees Cary walking into the restaurant with some fourth years.

Later, Alicia meets Judge Parks and the Judge tells them that he will release Rainey if she apologizes and promises not to tweet again. He says that this will have no impact on the trial. Will and Alicia meet Rainey and Rainey refuses to apologize. Will admires her determination and tells Alicia that they have to win the case. At the firm, Diane is being vetted for the Supreme Court. During the questioning, Diane declares that she is marrying Kurt. Kalinda is shocked. The guy tells her that this could cause problems. Diane tells him that she is aware of that. Kalinda congratulates her and leaves. Alicia talks to Cary and tells him that she saw him at the restaurant with the other fourth years. She asks him if they are organizing something.

Cary tells her that they simply met because they like each other and assures her that they are not plotting against the firm. At home, Zach gets a video file from an anonymous number. It is a video of Todd and his pals joking around with a doll and they call the doll Rainey. They toss the doll around and attack her with a hairbrush. Alicia sees the video and tries to admit it as evidence, but the Judge excludes it because it was obtained by illegal means. At the firm, Lee is pissed because all the fourth years have put in for their vacation days. Lee thinks that they need to fire the “ringleader”, Cary. Alicia tells them that she had a talk with Cary and no one is going anywhere. They move on to the class action suit.

Later, Alicia tells Robyn to look into something and report back only to her. In the courtroom, Todd is on the stand. Alicia notices that Dylan is in court and he tells her that he wanted to see what idealism looks like. She asks him if he sent Zack the video and Dylan says no. Will manages to get Todd to admit about the hairbrush and the video. This is possible only if he has read Rainey’s deposition or committed the rape. The Judge allows the video to be admitted in the trial. At the firm, the interrogator tells Diane that she will have to talk to Justice Ryvlan because he is the one who pointed out about Kurt. In short, she needs to “kiss the ring” and Diane tells him that she can do that. He also asks Diane if her firm represents Dylan Stack. He tells her that it could be a problem.

Robyn calls Alicia and tells her that Cary recently purchased $12 million malpractice insurance. This clearly proves that he is planning to go off on his own. Kalinda arrives and Robyn tells her that she was talking to her brother. Kalinda knows that Robyn spent six months in juvenile detention for accidentally shooting her brother. At home, Grace gets another anonymous text and Alicia confronts Dylan. He tells her that some of his friends sent the text. He says that they are trying to help her. Alicia doesn’t want his friends sending anymore texts to her children. She shows Grace’s phone to Will and Will thinks that they should subpoena the server that contains the pictures and videos. The Judge grants the subpoena.

Once again, Alicia confronts Cary and this time Cary admits that he is leaving with all the fourth years. He tells Alicia that she should leave with him. Alicia is distracted by a man wearing a mask, walking towards the courtroom. She tells him that she will think about it and leaves to check on the guy, but she loses him. Diane wants Will to drop Dylan’s case. Will gives her a hard time. Cary asks Kalinda if she told Alicia that he was leaving. Kalinda tells him that she didn’t and realizes that Robyn was the one who found out about the insurance. In the courtroom, a doctor testifies that Rainey’s injuries were less indicative of rape. Dylan pulls Alicia aside and hands her a paper that the doctor wrote while he was in college. The paper says that women cannot get pregnant when they are raped.

This shows the doctor’s attitude towards rape. This helps Rainey’s case. At the same time, the Judge points out to some guys wearing masks, and he asks them to leave the room. Alicia knows that they belong to the Anonymous group. Kalinda confronts Robyn and tells her that she cannot make private deals with partners. Diane arrives to meet Chief Justice Ryvland. He tells her that he has no problems with Kurt. When he said partner, he meant Will. He says that Will is a scoundrel and he needs to be spurned, not embraced. Diane tells him that she doesn’t understand. He says that it was nice to meet her and leaves.

In the courtroom, the Judge squashes the subpoena because one of the pictures is posted online and this proves that the subpoena was for a picture that Will knew existed. The guys from the Anonymous group begin shouting in the courtroom. Dylan tells Alicia that he has no idea about what is going on. At the firm, Lee and the other partners are not happy that Diane did not tell them that she is being considered for Ludwig’s position. Cary interrupts the meeting and tells Will and Alicia to take a look at something. He shows them a video posted by the Anonymous group, where they have posted the doll-rape video and also called the Judge an “enabler”. They reveal Todd’s and his friend’s addresses online. Dylan tells Alicia that he did not post the video.

Alicia tells him that they will not join his class action suit. The partners review Robyn and Kalinda suggests that they should keep her. In the courtroom, the Judge declares a mistrial. It could take months to set a new date and until then Rainey will have to rot in jail. Elsewhere, Kalinda talks to a cop about Todd and the cop tells her that Todd confessed that he committed the rape, but the confession got tossed because Todd was 17 and they had not contacted his parents. She convinces him to give her the copy of the confession. Kalinda posts the confession online and Will convinces the Judge to let Rainey go. Rainey hugs Will and thanks him. The episode ends.