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A More Perfect Union - Recap

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The episode begins with Alicia and Owen meeting at the funeral of one of their mother’s acquaintances. Neither of them knows the dead guy. The topic soon shifts to Alicia and Will. Owen wants to know why she wants to be with Peter. She tries to tell him that she loves Peter and that Peter is a changed man. Owen tells her that Peter slept with prostitutes and there is no excuse for that. Alicia wonders why he and her mother try to push her towards Will. Owen asks her why she ended up things with Will. She tells Owen that she knew that it wouldn’t be a long term thing.

Veronica arrives and they soon learn her motive for calling them to the funeral. She tells Alicia that the dead guy’s wife, Charlene, has some legal trouble with her company and Veronica had promised Alicia services. Charlene introduces them to Eugene, her co-worker. Eugene tells Alicia that he, Charlene and Frank, the deceased, were all coders for the software developer, Blowtorch. All the employees are overworked, in order to finish the project by the deadline, which is why Frank fell asleep on his way, back home. He says that they want Alicia to make sure that the new contract Blowtorch wanted them to sign would protect them. At the office, Matt, a pollster arrives with some bad news. It appears that Peter is losing the election. He is down by two points.

Matt thinks that if Peter attacks Kresteva’s negative with women, it will be very competitive. Matt suggests that Alicia should do this. At that moment, Alicia calls and Peter asks her if she can meet him for dinner. At that moment, Blowtorch’s lawyer, Nancy Crozier, arrives to meet Alicia. Nancy is furious and Alicia cannot figure out why. Nancy reminds Alicia that she was only supposed to look at some contracts, not take a lead on the case. Things get complicated, when Diane, Will and Lee receive a ‘’cease and desist’’ letter from Blowtorch. Diane tells Alicia that by taking on this case, their relationship with Chum Hum could get strained. Alicia tells them that this is not her case. She is only doing a simple favor for her mother.

While Alicia and Cary are attempting to negotiate with Nancy, Nancy puts forth twenty termination letters from Blowtorch. Everyone is shocked. Later, Alicia meets Peter and tells him that she got twenty people fired. Peter tells her that Matt wants him to go negative on Kresteva. Alicia finds that odd. Peter hands her a ring and tells her that he wants her to go with him to Hawaii, where they could renew their vows. Alicia tells him that she is not sure. At the firm, Alicia and Cary tell the Blowtorch employees that the company cannot fire them if they say that there were in the process of forming a union. That is the only way they can buy time, and also prevent the company from hiring new people for replacement. They agree.

Cary tells Robyn to do some digging on Blowtorch. Next, at the National Labor Relation Board, Judge Rodney introduces himself. Nancy manages to strike a good rapport with the Judge. She then asks the Judge to allow her to question employees about unionizing. Cary tries to object, but the Judge overrules. Nancy calls Charlene to the stand and she manages to get Charlene to testify against unionizing. In the campaign office, Peter meets Owen and tells him to convince Alicia about the marriage. Owen agrees to help. At the firm, Will, Lee and Diane talk to Alicia. They tell her that the assistants are asking a raise because of Alicia’s new case. Alicia explains that the employer threatened to fire the 20 of them; therefore she felt obligated to take up this case.

Diane tells Alicia to meet the assistants and hear their demands. Kalinda learns that Robyn gets health care and this doesn’t sit well with her because she doesn’t. Cary tells Kalinda to join him “exclusively” and assures her that they would take care of her. Kalinda tells him that Charlene withdrew the complaint she made against Blowtorch. In the courtroom, Cary questions Charlene. Charlene tells the court that she was about to sue blowtorch, but they settled. Alicia tells the Judge that this all the more proves their case. The Judge agrees. The Judge orders the employees to be reinstated, but he gives the workers only 24 hours to form the union.

Later, Cary, Alicia and the employees discuss about the votes. It looks like there could be a tie, in which case it would go to Blowtorch. There are two swing votes and Alicia tells Eugene that they need to convince them to vote for the unionizing. At home, Owen tells Alicia that Peter met with him. Veronica arrives and Owen tells her that Peter wants Alicia to renew her vows. Veronica is against it, but Owen thinks that Peter has changed a lot and he is now a better person. Veronica decides to talk to Peter, but Alicia warns her to stay out of her life. The next day, Cary tells Alicia that Blowtorch fired the two swing votes. In the courtroom, Nancy tells the Judge that the two employees called in sick to stay away from the voting, and they were caught web-chatting on the company laptops.

This is why they were fired. The Judge rules in favor of Blowtorch and this leaves Alicia and her team with less than three hours for unionizing. Alicia goes to meet Charlene to convince her to change her vote, but Charlene refuses. At the firm, Kalinda gives Cary a figure and tells him that if he pays her that, she is ready to leave Lockhart-Gardener. Cary tells her that he will have to discuss it with his partners. She then gives Will an amount, but Will tells her that he cannot raise her salary because they are in the middle of a rebellion. He tells her that the assistants are asking for a raise. He says that he will have to get back to her later.

In the courtroom, Alicia proves that Charlene has been made Director of Blowtorch and this does not allow her to vote. The Judge rules in Alicia’s favor. Next, Alicia does her interview with Charlie Rose. She talks about Kresteva’s alcoholism issues and points out that instead of dealing with that and spending more time with his family, Krestava has thrown himself into politics. She then praises Peter and talks about his commitment towards his family. Veronica meets Will and asks him if he loves Alicia. She tells him that Peter wants Alicia to renew her vows. She says that once Alicia does that, Will, will never be able to pry her away from Peter. She tells Will that he needs to act as soon as possible.

In the courtroom, the Judge declares that the votes are in favor of unionizing. Nancy tells the court that Blowtorch has been sold to Chum Hum at a very low price. Alicia is furious and she confronts Will and Diane. She thinks that Diane and Will encouraged the union talks to drive the price of the company down for Chum Hum. They deny any involvement.

Diane, Will, Lee and the other partners have come up with a solution to handle the assistants. They promoted the ring leaders. In the campaign bus, Matt arrives with some good news. Kresteva’s lead has been erased. Peter knows that this is because of Alicia’s interview with Charlie Rose. Alicia wants Peter to promise her that he will never put her through the same things again. Peter promises. Alicia agrees to renew her vows. They kiss. The episode ends.