What’s In The Box? - Recap

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The episode begins with Zack arriving to vote. He spots a broken seal on of the ballot boxes. He tries to click a picture, but the ballot monitor shoos him away. Alicia calls Eli. She tells him that Zach had gone for early voting and saw a stuffed ballot box with Krestva’s votes. Eli tells Alicia to put Diane on it. Eli tells his manager about this situation and the manager assures him that he will take care of it. Cary, and the other fourth years, are looking at their new office. It is too expensive for them to afford. Some of them suggest that they could afford the office if they hire someone other than Kalinda.

Cary he gets a call from Diane and he leaves. Alicia is in court, trying to get an injunction on the ballot box, only to find she is facing off against Patti Nyholm. Patti cross questions Zach on the stand. She brings up his earlier arrest, and his problems with the law. Diane arrives to help Alicia. Diane asks the ballot box monitor if he is a Republican. He says yes. Diane states that this clearly proves that this guy, Mr. Buckley, wants Kresteva to win. The Judge declares a five minute recess. Diane wants Kalinda to look into the boxes and Cary to look into Buckley’s past. When they are alone, Cary tells Kalinda that they cannot pay her the salary she is expecting. Kalinda says that she wants 5% of their profits for the first three years. Cary decides to discuss this with his partners.

In the courtroom, Nana Joe, the lady who was in charge of the ward, is called to the stand. Patti and Diane cross examine her. At that moment, the ballot box in question is brought into the courtroom. Diane suggests that they should immediately count the votes to rule out any fraud. The Judge declares that the votes are in Peter’s favor by a huge margin. Diane and her team decide to withdraw their motion. Patti puts forth the motion that if the box has been tampered, they should exclude this box. At dinner, Cary tells his partners about Kalinda’s demand. The partners try to convince him not to over extend himself. Their discussion is interrupted by Sweeney. Sweeney tells Cary that he knows about his new venture.

Sweeney tells Cary that he wants to join them. Cary tells him that Alicia is not joining him. In the courtroom, Diane and her team have switched from arguing against the votes, to arguing for them. Eli and Peter tell Alicia that they are doing their best to keep those votes, but it looks really difficult. At the campaign front, Peter wants their manager, Jim, to look into his mother’s new nurse. He thinks that the nurse has some bad intentions. In the courtroom, Judge Abernathy tells the lawyers that this case will now go to the federal law. He says that there is a third party injunction on these votes. They rush to the federal court. She is on her way to the Federal court when Collin Sweeney calls her. He tells her that he has decided to go with Cary and wants her to join Cary as well.

Later, Will and Cary arrive at the new Judge’s chambers. Alicia is shocked to see Jordan, the guy who Peter fired. He tells the Judge that his candidate’s name has been misspelled on the ballots. Jordan tells the Judge that his candidate could lose the Irish votes because of the missing apostrophe in his last name, O’Dell. Will tells Cary and Robyn to look into the missing apostrophe problem. Alicia then confronts Cary about Sweeney. She thinks that Cary is trying to steal her clients. Cary tells her that Sweeney approached him. Robyn arrives and tells them that a friend of hers, who works at the third party campaign, told her that O’Dell is Jewish and that O’Dell isn’t his real name.

Alicia goes to meet the Judge. Cary talks to Robyn. In her chambers, the Judge rules in Alicia’s favor. Next, Eli hands over a check for 25k to Jackie’s nurse and asks him to quit. He tells him that Peter doesn’t want him around Jackie. On their way back to Judge Abernathy’s court, Will and Alicia have a moment and they end up kissing. Will tells Alicia that they will talk about this later. In the courtroom, Patti puts Jordan on the stand, who tells the Judge that Eli had a backup plan if it looked like Peter was losing. Judge Abernathy rules that the votes from the ballot box in question, have to be excluded.

In the hotel room, Alicia asks Eli if they are going to lose. Eli says yes. Alicia has another idea. It is 5:45 in the morning and she wakes up Zach. A while later, the court session resumes and Zach is put back on the stand. Everyone is sleepy. Zach tells the court that Jordan is lying. He says that Eli did not have any backup plan because Eli wasn’t in charge of the campaign during the time in question. It was Jordan who was running the campaign for Peter at that time. At the firm, Roby tells Kalinda about Cary’s offer. Kalinda tells her to accept it. Kalinda is looking at the security camera footage from the street across the polling ward. She finds Jim, Peter’s manager and two guys at the ward, moving in a box.

She shows this footage to Will. This clearly proves that the votes have been tampered. Will confronts Peter. He tells him that these votes are fraudulent. Peter wants to know why Will is telling him this. Will tells Peter that he wants direction. Peter knows that is not the truth. Both of them agree that it is about Alicia. Peter tells Will to do what he wants, and walks away. Next, Abernathy allows the votes to be admitted. Alicia, Will and Diane are happy. Peter wins the elections. Jackie’s nurse is still hanging around and Peter asks him why he didn’t leave. He tells Peter that he has cashed the check, but doesn’t intend to leave.

At the firm, Kalinda confronts Cary and tells him to never play with her again. She is upset about the fact that Cary left her hanging with an offer and approached Robyn. Cary tries to explain, but she walks away. Peter thanks Zack for all his help. Jackie congratulates her son and hugs him. She then tells Peter to back off and not to interfere in her life. Instead of celebrating with Peter, Alicia is in the bedroom. She goes into the bathroom and secretly calls someone.

She tells that person that she wants to talk. She wants the mystery person to meet her at her apartment. She arrives home and pours herself a glass of wine. There is a knock at the door. It is Cary. She thanks Cary for agreeing to do it here. Cary wants to know what she is thinking. She tells him she’s in. The season ends.