Nerds Gone Wild - Recap

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RJ is upset that his friend brought people over and it seems that none of the people know how to party and all of the friends that were invited are all totally geeks. His babysitter has decided to start mixing drinks to get the party done. All of the geeks end up having a lot of fun and partying after this. They make a pretty intense mess and RJ freaks out all 80's teenage movie style. His best friend is having a horrible time hitting on people.

The girl that likes RJ is jealous because he seems to be having a good time with the babysitter. The babysitter tells him she wants him alone. When he gets everyone out, or at least goes to all of the popular kids show up because their party got broken up by the cops.

RJ has been cock blocked by this and they are freaking out because the popular dudes are getting down with Jenny. His mom calls and says that they are coming home in a half an hour. RJ freaks out and demands that everyone gets out so that he can clean up the house. He goes to look for Jenny and finds her passed out on the couch. The jocks have also learned that she is his babysitter. Also, his best friends end up making out with one another after arguing.

His babysitter still wants to do it and they go to do it and then they run into his friends who are doing it and it turns into a total vomit fest.