It's All About the Hamiltons - Recap

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RJ is having a wet dream where his best friend is giving him head under the sheets of a hospital gurney. He wakes up and then he washers his sheets. He has a superior hang over and decides that aspirin is going to help him out and puts them in his pocket. At school, his best friend is complaining about making out with Lily and his hang over. One of the jocks bumps into RJ and he is agitated and tells him to watch out without knowing who it was.

Lily goes up to RJ to talk to him and his best friend starts gagging. She tells him that she hopes it doesn't hurt her chances with him. RJ gets called to the office and his principal is talking to him about the fact that he had a party that served alcohol to minors. He is reaming him out and RJ is so sensitive to everything that is going on and he decides to take some more aspirin. The principal snaps because he thinks he has popped serious drugs and doesn't listen to him when he tries to clarify that it was aspirin.

Lily has decided to try out for cheerleading. RJ walks into the library and sees that nobody is there. That is when lots of people come in. These are the hip hoppy thug types of people. One of them says he is in his seat and then when he moves he is in his other seat. He is forced to sit on the floor. There is a rumor going around that he was doing some serious drugs and that everyone died at his party. He got in good with the bullies and they leave and introduce him to the rest of the "gang".

The jocks pull up and can't get out of the lot. The "gang" decides to tell them to back up and go the other way. He realizes then that he may like them a lot. After school he talks to his best friend and he says that he has a good thing going thanks to the rumor that is going around. His new friends have come to pick up him up. This turns out to be quite the event and it seems that they are going to be skipping school. They change their mind so that they can go back to school and mess with his math teacher.

He meets up with Jenny and she asks what is up and he explains that he met them in detention and that he only took two aspirin. Lily is having a rough time at tryouts and helps her up after everyone laughs at her. She decides to lend her her cheer notes. She wants her to learn the moves if she wants a spot on the team. In math test, he is being watched by his friends and they are waiting for him to be a hooligan. He moves his teacher's chair when he gets up so that he can stay cool with his people. He sees the bully that he deals with all of the time and bumps him into a locker. That is when RJ is about to get punched in his face by said bully. When he is about to there are two girls behind him that are part of the "gang" and he decides to back off. He says that they are going to dance when they aren't around.

RJ's new friend tells him that he is one of them now and they take care of their own. He also says that if the jock wants to give him problems then he will take care of him for him. Lily is about to try out and she says to make it her own. She goes and ruins it completely. RJ and his best friend come into the cafeteria. He tells him about telling him to take care of Max. He realizes that he just ordered a hit on Max.

RJ goes and asks where Hamilton is and he can't find him anywhere. He gets worried that something bad is going to happen and decides to go stop it. He pushes Hamilton and then the nail gun ended up shooting him in the hand anyway. Hamilton says he was just going to nail his backpack to the ceiling. He tells Hamilton that he can't be his homie anymore and they end up being pretty sad about it.