Lily Pad - Recap

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It is that time of the year when the guys need to go and find someone to be their date for the winter formal. RJ and Miles are more interested in staying home and playing rock band. Eventually they make the decision that they would prefer to just get girls and go to the dance. They figure maybe afterwards they won't be virgins. They go around asking every girl they could ever possibly think of at the high school to be their dates.

Miles is trying as hard as possible, but RJ decides that he would rather just ask Lily Moran since she has had the hots for him since forever. When he asks her she actually says yes. So, she says yes and now RJ has a date. Miles decides to man up and ask Robin out. She is the one who kicked him in his junk in the beginning of the season. She actually said yes, because she is tired of all of the games that the popular better looking guys play with her.

Elsewhere, Jenny has decided to break up with Max. She goes to ask RJ to the dance. He says yes and Max loses it on him threatening to bash his face in if he goes too close to her. Now RJ has to decide whether he wants to go with Lily or the girl that he has been infatuated with for quite a while. The right decision would be to keep his word with his first date, but his heart would prefer his date be Jenny.

Luckily for RJ, when he is about to decide fate steps in and a bus hits Lily.