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Sacrifice - Recap

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Charles tells the rest of the contestants that he won the hero challenge and now has to choose who is eliminated. Charles chooses Athena to be eliminated because she was the only one who didn't stay true through the entire competition.

The next day everyone is excited to compete for the chance to add $100,000 to the grand prize and earn $50,000 for the American Red Cross. The six contestants have to choose one of them to sit out this competition. Patty is afraid it will be her because she is the weakest. Patty decides to sit out so that the group has a better chance at winning.

The five remaining contestants meet the Rock at the top of the Trump Tower. The challenge is to rappel down the building face first. The Rock calls Patty to tell her to come to Trump Tower, saying that her game isn't over yet. The team is making good progress when Lydia slips twice. Luckily she doesn't fall and they manage to finish in time.

Inside they receive a message that states two must stay behind and three are to head to the 51st floor emergency exit. Dr. Dave, Lydia and Marty are the three who will be participating in the challenge with Darnell and Charles sitting out. The Rock offers Patty a choice, she can either do nothing and get $35,000 or do the slack wire challenge herself and get no money. If she does the challenge herself it will greatly increase the chance of success because only one person must cross rather than three. Marty really wanted to do the challenge and is the only team member upset by Patty's decision. Just weeks ago Patty was deathly afraid of heights and now she's walking across a wire 50 stories up. She finishes with 5 seconds to spare and wins the money for her team and the Red Cross.

Patty apologizes to Marty about taking his spot in the challenge. Darnell and Dr. Dave tell Patty how Marty has been acting selfish and immature. Marty listens from the next room. A message is shown telling them that tomorrow they must eliminate someone and shrink the group to 5. Charles volunteers to leave so that the others have a shot at the money. He doesn't need to go to the final to know he's a hero. No one is sure who they want to vote off. Each contestant is having a hard time deciding because Charles volunteered to go, Marty had his temper tantrums, Darnell has already won $50,000, and Dr. Dave has the most financial stability outside the game.

The Rock talks to contestants about what they do outside of The Hero, why they can be considered a hero, what they have learned about themselves, and if they have found who they are. The five who move from this vote will be on the last episode where America votes for their favorite hero. Patty, Darnell, Lydia and Dr. Dave all move on to the next episode. With just Charles and Marty left, Marty is voted to continue on. Charles thanks everyone, and goes home feeling victorious for playing the way he wanted to. The five left will have a chance next episode for $610,000.