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Finale - Recap

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The grand prize total, to be given to the final winner, is $610,000. The five finalists are Lydia, Marty, Patty, Dave, and Darnell. They are each introduced by the Rock with a montage of their time on the show. Rachel, Athena, Shaun and Charles, the four competitors who were eliminated from the challenge, walk onto the stage and voice their opinions about who should win.

The Rock thanks everyone for playing as peacefully as possible, he laughs, and shows video clips of all the infighting and drama that took place during their time together. The fight even went beyond the show to social media. Lydia and Athena continue their bickering in person, they argue about why Athena took the temptation money. Athena breaks down talking about the struggles with her brother's health. The Rock pokes fun at Shaun but congratulates him on getting his dream job. He just started working with the WWE.

For each elimination the results have been voted on by fans of the show. Dr. Dave is the the first to be voted out. The Rock talks about Charles' choice to sacrifice himself and be eliminated. The Rock asks Charles' wife, Jessica, how she felt about losing out on all that money but having Charles back home with her. Charles feels no regrets about passing up on the money.

The Hero helped to raise $100,000 for the American Red Cross. Marty is the second to be voted out, narrowing the field down to three, Darnell, Lydia and Patty. The Rock brings up the various temptations the contestants faced, each temptation offered a various amount of money. Lydia and Rachel get into a fight, each accuses the other of lying. Patty turned down five different temptations, passing up a total of $180,000. Patty's family fully supports the decisions she made to pass on the temptations.

The next contestant to be eliminated is Lydia. Patty and Darnell say what they think it takes to be a hero. The final two contestants both talk about how important their family is and how they would use the money. The Rock announces that in a landslide result, with more votes than all other contestants combined, America has voted Patty as The Hero.