Season 1

The Immortal

Billionaire Jordan Braddock is given blood after a plane crash. The blood came from an employee in Braddock's vast empire, a test car driver by the name of Ben Richards. Because the old man recovers and grows younger, the doctor performs tests on Ben's blood and discovers that Ben is immune from all diseases, and even from aging. "You're practically immortal," the doctor tells Ben. As the effects of Ben's blood begin to wear off and Braddock begins to age and grow ill again, he realizes that he must keep Ben nearby as a personal fountain of youth, so he devises a plot to kidnap the test driver and fake his death so no one will look for him.
Guest Stars: Carol Lynley as Sylvia Cartwright | Barry Sullivan as Jordan Braddock | Jessica Walter as Janet Braddock | Ralph Bellamy as Dr. Matt Pearce | Vincent Beck as Locke | William Sargent as Pilot | Garry Walberg as Detective | Claudia Bryar as Nurse #1 | Lillian Adams as Nurse #2 | Mimi Dillard as Nurse #3 | Joseph Bernard as Mechanic
Director: Joseph Sargent

1 :01x01 - Sylvia

A newspaper society page carries the news that Ben's one-time fiancee, Sylvia Cartwright, is about to be married. She does not love the man she's about to wed, but is instead taking the step in hopes of getting Fletcher to leave her alone. Fletcher is certain that Ben will not allow the wedding to pass without seeing Sylvia once again, so he surrounds the groom's home on the day of an engagement party.
Guest Stars: Carol Lynley as Sylvia Cartwright | Glenn Corbett as David Hiller | Sherry Jackson as Sherry Hiller | Joe E. Tata as Moniton | Paul Langton as Walter Hiller | Angela Greene as Mrs. Hiller | Bob Orrison as Thug #1 | Allan Oliney as Thug #4 | Frank Orsatti as Thug #2 | Bill Burton as Thug #3 | David Brian as Arthur Maitland
Director: Don McDougall

3 :01x02 - White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees

A salvage dealer carrying leaking World War I gas canisters offers Ben a ride to escape from Fletcher. In order to help his son he needs to sell the canisters, but the only place that will buy them is owned by Arthur Maitland -- and they won't buy unless the man tells Fletcher where Ben is hiding.
Guest Stars: Mitch Vogel as Jud Yeomen | Read Morgan as Tucker | Ross Martin (1) as Eddie Yeoman | William Wintersole as Manager | Elizabeth Harrower as Aunt Marge | Victoria Carroll as Waitress | Ed Begley, Jr. as Attendant | Karl Lukas as Superintendent
Director: Michael Caffey

4 :01x03 - Reflections on a Lost Tomorrow

Ben is interested in the work of Dr. Walter Koster, who is studying a link between blood hemoglobin and aging. Ben goes to work in the clinic where Dr. Koster is doing his research and explains his blood to the doctor in hopes that Dr. Koster can synthetically re-create it. Dr. Koster's experiments, however, fail. Worse, Maitland convinces Koster to hand Ben over to him in exchange for a foundation grant.
Guest Stars: Jack Albertson as Dr. Walter Koster | Rosemary Forsyth as Anne Koster | David Brian as Arthur Maitland | Philip Bourneuf as Paul Hubner | Alice Borden as Waitress | Walt Davis as Arnie | Treva Frazee as Mother | Gene O'Donnell as Moderator

5 :01x04 - The Legacy

Ben hides out in an illegal mining camp, thanks to a teacher who gave him a ride away from his pursuers. A gifted young student at the camp loses his grandfather to typhoid because the greedy mine foreman would not seek medical help for fear of the camp being shut down. The student begins to show symptoms of the disease himself, but Ben is unable to help because Maitland's men have traced him to the camp.
Guest Stars: Felipe Turich as Rodriguez | Susan Howard as Annie Williams | Mario Alcalde as Ramos | Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Luis | Armand Alzamora as Martinez | Michael Vandever as Jensen | Chuck Taylor (1) as Smith
Director: Robert Douglas

6 :01x05 - The Rainbow Butcher

Ben is jailed on a trumped-up traffic charge. The sheriff in town is a dishonest tyrant, building a resort with jail labor under the pretense of constructing a "youth camp." The sheriff also holds a secret over a local woman, and the woman enlists Ben's help to get the incriminating file from him.
Guest Stars: Vic Morrow as Sheriff Dan W. Wheeler | Collin Wilcox as Clarice Evans | Jerry Ayres as Charley | Byron Mabe as Deputy Collis | Jimmy Bracken as Donny Evans | Tani Guthrie as Martha
Writer: Jack Turley

7 :01x06 - Man on a Punched Card

Two computer programmers have a vested interest in Ben. Duane sees him as a $1,000 a day payment from Maitland, since the computer program he designed allows Fletcher to get one step ahead of Ben and trap him in a small town. Duane's finacee, Terry, has a more personal interest in Ben: his blood can save her young daughter's life, if only she can help Ben escape by running contrary to what the computer predicts he will do.
Guest Stars: Lee Patterson as Duane Hollenbeck | Lynda Day George as Terry Kerwin | Barry Cahill as Dr. Joe Lacey | Lorie Busk (1) as Bonita Kerwin | Karen Arthur as Betty | Hal Riddle as Morton | Dave Willock as Brokaw | Ford Lile as Deputy | Jim Wagerman as Attendant
Director: Don Weis

8 :01x07 - White Horse, Steel Horse

A sheriff is shot in a dispute over pay. Ben, friends with the men who shot the lawman, is implicated by the vengeance-seeking deputy, who organizes an "honor posse" to hunt Ben down. Cornered and facing a charge of murder, Ben is faced with the unpleasant choice of surrendering to the bloodthirsty posse or going with Fletcher.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as George Allison | John Pickard (2) as Katcher | Bill Burton as Ray | Stephen Oliver as Nat King | Warner Anderson as Judge Atkins | Robie Porter as Bob Allison | Fred Gavlin as Mort Anderson

9 :01x08 - The Queen's Gambit

A car wreck in front of Fletcher is staged to make Maitland think Ben is dead. Another rich man has learned about Ben's blood and has no trouble in capturing Ben and spiriting him away to a foreign country, thanks to a beautiful accomplice. Surrounded by jungle and guards, Ben has no way out.
Guest Stars: Lee Meriwether as Sigrid Bergen | Nico Minardos as Simon Brent | Karl Swenson as Dr. Dominic DiLorenzo | James O'Hara as Benson | Dom Tattoli as Casey | Joe Thomas as Man | Jayne Breckenridge as Girl
Director: Robert Douglas

10 :01x09 - By Gift of Chance

Ben is shot while hiding out in Mexico. A fellow American helps Ben sneak back into the U.S. as part of a group of workers to be hired for farm work. The two end up on a tomato farm run by a ruthless farm foreman who is using a banned pesticide in order to get a good crop and wrest control of the farm from the widowed owner.
Guest Stars: Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Garland Colley | Michael Conrad as Monte Loomis | Jacqueline Scott as Alpha Henderson | Art Lewis as Portland Bill | Don Haggerty (1) as Danson | Paul Nuckles as Peters
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Ken Trevey

11 :01x10 - Dead Man, Dead Man

Ben is thrown clear of a car wreck with the wallet of the driver in his hand. Fletcher keeps vigil on the search of a river for the car, forcing Ben to assume the identity of the dead man. Unfortunately, the man Ben is pretending to be is a Pennsylvania policeman, who is seen with contempt because he is in town to take the town's popular doctor (who is in actuality a fugitive) back to face charges.
Guest Stars: Byron Keith as Dave Holley | Henry Beckman as Dr. Kinneson | Joan Hotchkis as Helen Stoner | Lal Baum as Frye | Kem Dibbs as Bryer | John Garwood as McWade | Lee Stanley as Deputy Barry
Director: Allen Baron

12 :01x11 - Paradise Bay

A lead on Jason brings Ben to a costal community. The only road to the town is blocked by a chain and a sign that says, "Keep Out -- This Means YOU." When Ben ignores the sign he discovers unfriendly townspeople and a grave with the name "Jason Richards" on the headstone. Ben's investigation shows that the deceased is not his brother...but also shows that the man may have been murdered.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Warren Harron | Tisha Sterling as Julie Dudley/Nancy Dudley | Scott Brady as Frank Brady | Aron Kincaid as Pete Cameron | Howard Duff as Arthur Cameron | Joe Hooker as Eddie | Ronnie Rondell, Jr. as Ralph
Director: Don Weis

13 :01x12 - The Return

Ben goes to Ohio to look up the man who once gave board to Ben and his brother when they, as children, ran away from the orphanage. Ben's friend is charged with assault, which could be increased to murder if the boy he's accused of injuring dies. Ben wants to give the injured boy a transfusion to save his friend from jail, but Fletcher shows up, shoots Ben with a tranquilizer dart, and whisks him away.
Guest Stars: Ted Knight as Dr. Arliss | Richard Ward (1) as Joe Carver | Harry Townes as Roy Adkins | Martine Bartlett as Mrs. Adkins | Marlene Clark as Carol Carver | Ford Rainey as Billy | John Gallaudet as Ralph | Patience Cleveland as Nurse | William Benedict as Poker Player
Director: Michael Caffey

14 :01x13 - To the Gods Alone

While trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm, Fletcher and his captured prey, Ben, reminisce about Jordan Braddock, the first man to encounter the benefits of Ben's blood. A friend turns Ben in, but Ben manages to escape from Fletcher in Braddock's limousine--with Braddock as a passenger. The old man is critically ill, and Ben offers to get him to a hospital, and even to give him a transfusion to save his life. However, the area they are traveling through has no hospital, few phones, and residents unwilling to help.
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Jordan Braddock | Lynn Loring as Grace Lee Canby | Bruce Dern as Luther Seacombe | Robert Sampson (1) as Check Hutchins | Bucklind Beery as Wesley Seacombe | Peggy Rea as Mrs. Dr. Strom
Writer: Ken Trevey

15 :01x14 - Sanctuary

Ben hides out on an Indian reservation from Fletcher. He finds himself in the middle of a "generation gap" argument between a grandfather who is interested in maintaining tribal traditions and a rebellious grandson who is more interested in the "white guy"'s money. Fletcher plays on the youth's desire for money, but when he refuses to turn Ben over, Fletcher and his cohorts raid the reservation.
Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Tsinnajinni | Paul Picerni as Klabo | Don 'Red' Barry as Reese | Iron Eyes Cody as Djarnni | Fred Lerner as Delgado
Director: Michael Caffey

16 :01x15 - Brother's Keeper

Ben has found a man named Jason Richards. The man also grew up in an orphanage, but he cannot remember the details due to a head injury. Unfortunately, Fletcher has also found the man and offers him $20,000 to spend six months at the National Research Institute. Jason desperately needs the money, but what if he truly is Ben's brother and has the same unique blood?
Guest Stars: Marj Dusay as Allison Richards | Michael Strong (1) as Jason Richards | James Sikking as Administrator | Michael Masters as Dalby | Tom Stewart (1) as Assistant | Frank Orsatti as Heavy
Director: Charles Rondeau
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1970
Ended: January 14, 1971
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