The Invisible Man (1975)

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A madman learns of the Klae Resource and breaks into the building to force Walter and the Westins to tell him the secret of invisibility.

David McCallumDavid McCallum
As Dr. Daniel Westin
David McCallumDavid McCallum
As Dr. Daniel Westin
Melinda FeeMelinda Fee
As Dr. Kate Westin
Melinda FeeMelinda Fee
As Dr. Kate Westin
Craig Stevens (1)Craig Stevens (1)
As Walter Carlson
Craig Stevens (1)Craig Stevens (1)
As Walter Carlson


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1x11: Power Play recap: At Klae, the Westins check in with Walter. He reads them a letter of congratulations from the board on the Klae Resource completing its most recent mission. However, Walter warns them that they have over a dozen assignments pending and says that he'll evaluate them while they work on their current project. Once he leaves, security control calls Walter and says that they're testing the emergency system and he should disregard any alarms. Security control also says they're sending a man up to check the electric eye circuits... read more.

1x10: Sight Unseen recap: At the Kappas manor, a blind Laurie Kappas is sunning by the pool when two men walk up. She hears them coming and assumes one of them is Lt. Wells, but neither man responds and Laurie realizes that they're not with the police. One man--J.R. Wells--apologizes, saying that they have a gun on him. Then he and the other man--Mannie--grab Laurie and drag her away... read more.

1x9: The Klae Dynasty recap: Morgan Klae arrives by ,limo at the Klae Corporation. Security Chief B.B. Scopes is waiting with his men, and Scopes says that Morgan’s sister Caroline will arrive at noon by helicopter. Morgan tells him that he’ll review his security plans after his meeting with Walter... read more.

1x8: Pin Money recap: In Harperville at the First Bank, John Arnold is working on the computer as Margaret Carlson looks on. She’s astonished that the computer can do everything that she can do. Her superior, Robert Sanders, assures her that Compucon’s handling of their funds will increase the bank’s efficiency by 80%. Arnold agrees and assures them that when he transfers the accounts on Monday, the entire system will work automatically. As Margaret goes, Arnold tells her that there are some things the computer can’t do. He continues to taunt her, and demands the $15,000 by Monday. She insists that she can’t, but Arnold says that she’ll be in a lot of trouble if she doesn’t.. read more.

recap: The Westins are driving and come to the town of Docker Junction. They drive down the main street and come to a school bus parked at the side of the street. There doesn’t seem to be anyone inside, but its emergency lights are flashing. Daniel walks up and confirms that there’s no one inside, and drives around the bus after noticing that other cars are. The town lush, Pop, passes in front of them and they stop to let him pass... read more.
Recurring Guests

Paul Kent as Security Chief (4 eps)
James Karen as Hotel Manager (2 eps)
Terry Kiser as Petra Kolchak (2 eps)
Harold Ayer as Jed (2 eps)
Al Ruscio as Mannie Hallman (2 eps)
John Furlong as Riley (2 eps)
John Vernon as Ernest Gide (2 eps)
Vincent Beck as Gregorio (2 eps)
Robert Douglas as Dr. Theophilus (2 eps)
Nehemiah Persoff as Leon Barnard (2 eps)

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