Season 4

32 :04x01 - A New Beginning

Janice and her new business partner audition this seasons models. Later, new models and returning models join Janice at the lavish Hollywood Hills mansion. The models are chosen for a sexy swimwear campaign, and Janice throws a housewarming party, which soon sees friction.

33 :04x02 - Out With the Old..In With the New

Janice reveals which models will be moving into the luxurious Hollywood Hills abode. Also, a budding romance between 2 roommates, and a hearing impaired roommate is part of a communication breakdown.

34 :04x03 - A Menace In the House

Janice receives a special dinner in her honor from her charges. Meanwhile, Janice's patience are tested when a rebellious male model causes havoc within the house; and an unexpected guest arrives for a visit.

35 :04x04 - Men In Tight Tights

Janice gives the male models a challenge of ballet dancing in see-thru tights.

36 :04x05 - Love is a Four Letter Word

One model has an intimate photo shoot for a trendy fashion line, while hormones rage as one couple go for a romantic dinner.

37 :04x06 - Designer Cracks the Whip

Janice's women are scheduled for a runway show for a fashion luminary. Self-esteem issues come to the forefront as Janice tutors her crew in the art of sultry dancing. One of the newbie's falls for a veteran model.

38 :04x07 - Livin' Large

Janice's son insists that the agency needs to add plus-sized models to their roster, a part of the industry Janice has an aversion to. Meanwhile, the arrival of an underwear model stretches the models' boundaries. And the posers play a game of volleyball against the Junior Olympic team.

39 :04x08 - Size Does Matter

Drama erupts at the male-swimwear client's patriotic photo shoot. Meanwhile, Janice participates in a "Wizard of Oz" themed photo shoot; publicist Lizzie Grubman pays a visit; and the plus-sized line up for a casting call. Plus, A love triangle jeopardizes a sizzling couple's relationship.

40 :04x09 - Everything is About to Change

The season four finale finds the models wearing recycled clothing in an effort to go green. And there are changes upcoming: a faithful female model is released, certain circumstances plays an impact on the plus-sized models and Janice has news which will shock everyone.

41 :04x10 - Season 4, Episode 10

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