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Season 2

19 :02x01 - Where the Donuts are Good, Not Great

The family moves to Georgia.
Guest Stars: David Powledge as Ebb | Candy Trabuco as Unknown | Michele Marsh as Unknown | Heath Hyche as Unknown | Gary Bullock as Unknown | Joe Jokubeit as Unknown
Director: Linda Day

20 :02x02 - The List is Strife

Karen makes a suggestion that her and Jeff think of things that they each need to work on and list them.
Director: Linda Day

21 :02x03 - The Poor Sportsmen of the Apocalypse

Jeff goes hunting with the guys.
Guest Stars: David Powledge as Ebb | Bill Gratton as Unknown
Director: Ted Wass

22 :02x04 - My Dinner with Betty

Betty, Bill's ex-wife, comes to dinner.
Guest Stars: T.E. Russell as Unknown | Paula Sorge as Betty | Lillian Adams as Unknown | Leo Wheltman as Unknown
Director: Andrew Tsao

23 :02x05 - The Gift

Big Jim's girlfriend kicks him out.
Guest Stars: Maree Cheatham as Molly
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Katie Ford

24 :02x06 - The Practical Joke

Candy, Jeff, and Ebb aren't liked too much by the new boss.
Guest Stars: Sherman Howard as Harvey | David Powledge as Ebb
Director: Ted Wass

25 :02x07 - Puppy Love Triangle

When Matt's teacher says he has been distracted at school, it turns out that he has a crush on her.
Guest Stars: Cristine Rose as Katherine Blosier | Joseph Whipp as Unknown | Harrison Young as Unknown | Joe Ochman as Unknown | Jacob Kenner as Unknown
Director: Ted Wass

26 :02x08 - Like Florus, Like Son

Matt sneaks in Florus's truck when he thinks Jeff is too strict.
Guest Stars: Alan Jackson as Himself | Tiffany Taubman as Girl
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Katie Ford

27 :02x09 - The Thanksgiving Episode

Karen desires to keep things simple on Thanksgiving, but that doesn't exactly happen.
Director: Ted Wass

28 :02x10 - Merry Christmas, Y'all

Big Jim and Jeff are arrested. The cause is cutting down a Christmas Tree.
Guest Stars: Tim Maculan as Ranger Dick
Director: Andrew Tsao

29 :02x11 - Feud for Thought

Karen's goal is to end a feud with the Rafferty's.
Guest Stars: Tim McGraw as Lyle | Lisa Akey as Claire
Director: Andrew Tsao

30 :02x12 - Can't Teach A Dead Dog New Tricks

The Foxworthy's dog dies and they bury him in a grave where Karen will be buried in the future.
Director: Ted Wass

31 :02x13 - The Briarton Syndrome

The new boss has an accident which causes something that appears to be a toxic spill.
Guest Stars: Kevin Crowley as Trey | Troy Evans as Sgt. Cutler | Vincent Berry as Scooter
Director: Ted Wass

32 :02x14 - Jeff, You The Man

A "mud bogging" race makes Jeff the hero, but then his oppenent is Mario Andretti.
Guest Stars: Darryl Theirse as Andre | Mario Andretti as Himself | Mathea Webb as Ginger Sue | Louis Braga (3) as Hank
Director: Jonathan Weiss

33 :02x15 - Big Dogs

Jeff is dragged along by Bill to an infomercial seminar.
Guest Stars: Darryl Theirse as Andre | Terry Bradshaw as Himself

34 :02x16 - Foxworthy Shall Rise Again

The Civil War of Briarton is what the new boss volunteers all loading-dock employees to do- which includes Jeff.
Guest Stars: Darryl Theirse as Andre | Keene Curtis as General Longstreet | Jack McGee as Red
Director: Ted Wass

35 :02x17 - Gone Fishin'

Jeff has to go on a fishing trip with Karen's new friend and her husband.
Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Ernie | Pamela Gregg as Unknown

36 :02x18 - Mooseface Loves Nuzzles

A trip to a roadhouse gets Jeff sidetracked from doing something romantic for Karen.
Guest Stars: Cindy Ambuehl as Pam
Writer: Dan Wilcox

37 :02x19 - The Good, The Bad and The Hairless

Matt decides to be a prankster when he wins the 'Most Courteous Student Award' at school.
Guest Stars: Bob Keeshan as Mr. Peavey | Louis Braga (3) as Hank | Vincent Berry as Scooter | Brighton Hertford as Erica
Director: Lex Passaris
Writer: Dan Wilcox

38 :02x20 - Real Men

Jeff ends up spending his anniversary with Bill.
Guest Stars: Fred Applegate as Ernie
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Russ Woody

39 :02x21 - Wrestling Opera

Matt doesn't want to go to an opera, so he gets Jeff to take him for a night of wrestling.
Guest Stars: Randy Savage as Himself | Sydney Berry as Lulu
Director: Ted Wass

40 :02x22 - Twister of Fate

Jeff and Karen wonder who would take care of their kids if something happened to them in a the tornado coming.
Guest Stars: Scarlett Pomers as Girl Selling Cookies | Mercedes Kastner as Young Female Scout
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Russ Woody

41 :02x23 - Field of Schemes

A baseball game between the Lumber Company vs. the Packing Company.
Guest Stars: Paula Sorge as Betty | Darryl Theirse as Andre | Desmond Howard as Harold | Tom McCleister as Hoss Phister
Director: Ted Wass
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 12, 1995
Ended: May 05, 1997
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