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Season 11

230 :11x01 - Blood and Money

George has Ralph donate blood, but only under the name George Jefferson. The blood ends up saving the life of Mrs. Wertimer, Whittendale's wife.
Guest Stars: Jack Fletcher (1) as Mr. Whittendale | Gene Ross as Bum | Ned Wertimer as Ralph
Director: Oz Scott

231 :11x02 - Ebony and Ivory

Louise plans for Jessica to go up against Mrs. Van Morris's grandson in a piano recital.
Guest Stars: Ebonie Smith as Jessica Jefferson | Gino Conforti as Pete Anqelus | Dorothy Butts as Mrs. Van Morris | Jaleel White as Van Van Morris
Director: Oz Scott

232 :11x03 - Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos

George is tricked by Louise and Florence to be on a hidden camera TV show. But the producers of this show might be burglars.
Guest Stars: Michael Prokopuk as Police Officer | Suzanne Larusch as Masseuse #3 | Terence McGovern as Undercover Cop | Judy Kerr as Madame | Johnny Haymer as Stan Fromin | Marcia Del Mar as Masseuse #2 | Linda Darlow as Daisy | Gloria Charles as Masseuse #1
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Winston Moss

233 :11x04 - A House Divided

The council of the apartment buildings tenants' is having an election to decide who the president will be. George and Louise are running against each other.
Guest Stars: Jack Fletcher (1) as Mr. Whittendale | David Fresco as Mr. Donlevy | Dale Reynolds as Mr. Parkins
Director: Oz Scott

234 :11x05 - Some Enchanted Evening

Florence's favorite soap opera actor is going to be at a ball that the Jeffersons and Willises are going to, but she can't go. This causes her to imagine herself as Cinderella, with the actor as Prince Charming.
Guest Stars: Gertrude Clement as Elderly Woman | Becky Bonar as Mrs. Rockefeller Vanderbilt | Hal Williams as Kent Tobin | Mabel King as Mother Tobin
Director: Arlando Smith

235 :11x06 - The Gift

George tries to find a birthday present for Louise when she thinks that he is going to throw a surprise party for her.
Guest Stars: Kip King as Mr. Mendelson | Danny Wells as Charlie
Director: Oz Scott

236 :11x07 - They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore

Florence is going to go to Ohio with her church choir for a convention, but the money for the trip is stolen by the minister.
Guest Stars: Jozella Reed as Eula | Rene Levant as Rev. Daniels | Julius Harris as Rev. Taylor
Director: Oz Scott

237 :11x08 - Try a Little Tenderness

George and Louise catch some kid thieves, and Louise thinks she can change the kids. But George disagrees, and says that he will give a check for $2,000 to the arts program at the Help Center if Louise indeed does change them.
Guest Stars: Tony LaTorre as Randy | Pamela Adlon as Stevie | Michael Wyle as Pizza Man
Director: Oz Scott

238 :11x09 - You'll Never Get Rich

Florence gambles in hopes of raising money so she can go to a graduation. While she is doing that, Louise goes around Atlantic City looking for stars, but when she finds them, she doesn't recognize them.
Guest Stars: Deanna Oliver as Pregnant Woman | Helen Reddy as Herself | Michael Yama as Mr. Lee | Millie Baron as Woman | Michael Spinks as Himself | Rif Hutton as Roulette Spinner | Engelbert Humperdinck as Himself | Gloria Hayes as Blackjack Dealer | Michael G. Hawkins as Croupier | Joe Frazier (1) as Himself | Phyllis Diller as Herself | James F. Dean as Husband | Charo as Herself

239 :11x10 - The Unnatural

Reggie Jackson hit a homerun at a baseball game George is at, and George catches it! But he ends up dropping the ball, embarrassing himself in front millions of people.
Guest Stars: Mike Witt as Himself | Brian Downing as Himself | Reggie Jackson as Himself | Peter Iacangelo as Guard | Bobby Herbeck as Towel Boy
Director: Oz Scott

240 :11x11 - Chairman of the Bored

Tom wonders if he is attractive while everyone else is busy. Mr. Bentley's girlfriend's sister practically answers his question for him.
Guest Stars: Susie Scott as Playmate #2 | Denise Kellogg as Playmate #5 | Marcy Hanson as Playmate #1 | Trish Garland as Sabrina | Michele Drake as Playmate #3 | Victoria Cooke as Playmate #4

241 :11x12 - Sayonara (1)

Lionel and Jenny come back from Japan with some bad news.
Guest Stars: Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Ebonie Smith as Jessica Jefferson | Berlinda Tolbert as Jenny Willis Jefferson
Director: Oz Scott

242 :11x13 - Sayonara (2)

Lionel and Jenny make their announcement: their getting a divorce. A battle between the Jeffersons and Willises follows.
Guest Stars: Berlinda Tolbert as Jenny Willis Jefferson | Ebonie Smith as Jessica Jefferson | Lindy Nisbet as Mrs. Sampson | Parker Jacobs as Johnny | Mike Evans as Lionel Jefferson | Peggy Blow as Miss Anderson
Director: Oz Scott

243 :11x14 - Last Dance

Clark, a trainee of George's, can't get a date to go to his prom with, so Florence goes with him. Florence sees a man there she wanted to go to the prom with when she was in school.
Guest Stars: Larry B. Scott as Clark | Crystal Jenious as Shauna | Jere Fields as Janay | Stoney Jackson as Mark | Arthur Burghardt as Mr. Harris | Penny Johnson Jerald as Donelle
Director: Oz Scott

244 :11x15 - The Gang's All Here

Charlie, to get more profit, decides to host a party at his bar. But Louise has to work there for him when he has to go out-of-town. The party is for a bunch of tough bikers.
Guest Stars: William Bronder as Steve | Dick Yarmy as Phil | Danny Wells as Charlie | Steve Susskind as Bob | Reid Shelton as Tony | Bill Marcus as Al | Warren Berlinger as Chuck
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Al Aidekman

245 :11x16 - Hail to the Chief

Tom gets promoted to president of Pelham Publishing after the original president retires, but he's not sure if he can handle the job.
Guest Stars: R.J. Miller as Marketing Director | Herb Vigran as Mr. Pelham | Tim Silva as Corporate Officer | Patience Cleveland as Secretary
Director: Oz Scott

246 :11x17 - A Secret in the Back Room

George and Louise have to try to help Charlie with his marriage while trying to celebrate their anniversary, but they find out that he is an alcoholic.
Guest Stars: Danny Wells as Charlie
Director: Oz Scott

247 :11x18 - That Blasted Cunningham

George is in another battle with Cunningham, his rival. But this one is different; Cunningham dies.
Guest Stars: Dave Shelley as Mr. Rollins | Susan Ruttan as Mrs. Cunningham | Tak Kubota as Mr. Yamata | Richard Foronjy as Mr. Bassin | Billy Beck as Mr. Gillespie | Pierrino Mascarino as Mr. Toqnazzi
Director: Oz Scott

248 :11x19 - State of Mind

Louise tries to get the other people in the apartment to make a formal compliant about a new tenant, in apartment 12-C. The young woman is constantly partying.
Guest Stars: Elmarie Wendel as Mrs. Pardella | Fred Carney as Mr. Donahue | Mary Jackson as Mrs. Donahue | Kathleen Wilhoite as Robin
Director: Oz Scott

249 :11x20 - And Up We Go

George and Tom try to set a world record for the most times riding up and down an elevator while Louise and Helen are at a spa.
Guest Stars: Luise Heath as Reporter | Edie McClurg as Woman on Television (voice only) (Uncredited)
Director: Oz Scott

250 :11x21 - The Truth Hurts

Louise makes a painting, and her friends and family tell her that they they are good - although they do not think so. So, Louise decides to enter an art show.
Guest Stars: Oliver Clark as Whitney Emmett | Cal Gibson as Will Hicks | Danny Wells as Charlie
Director: Paul Benedict

251 :11x22 - The Odd Couple

Florence puts an ad in a column of a singles magazine, trying to find a man. The ad is responded to, but by none other than Harry Bentley.
Guest Stars: Susie Garrett as Amanda
Director: Oz Scott

252 :11x23 - Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway

George uses a talent show started by Louise and Helen to get business for his store. The winner will get time on TV to promote their favorite charity.
Guest Stars: Steve Devorkin as Wilbur the Gnome | George McGrath as Bert Reynolds | Jackie Kinner as Pepi the Mime | Jennifer Barlow as Popi the Mime | Julius Carry as Bobby
Director: Oz Scott

253 :11x24 - Red Robins

George becomes the nest mother for the Red Robins, which Jessica is in. He does this so he can qualify to be Dry Cleaner of the Year.
Guest Stars: Keri Houlihan as Skipper | Phil Rubenstein as Cap Scanlon | Penina Segall as Rosie | Bridget Sienna as Woman | Ebonie Smith as Jessica Jefferson
Director: Oz Scott
Warning: The Jeffersons guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 18, 1975
Ended: July 02, 1985
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