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Mission: Incredible (3) - Recap

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Jimmy’s cousin is working with George and Tom to set up a fake broadcast studio in the honeymoon suite of a hotel. Jimmy’s cousin plans to convince the two conmen staying in the next room, West and Tyndall, that there’s a nuclear attack on the U.S. Jimmy prepares to give the speech and they broadcast it to the TV in the next room. Jimmy broadcasts about a Caribbean nation’s attack on an American submarine. Jimmy’s cousin figures West will panic, withdraw their money, and make the switch when they head for the airport. Jimmy will act as their cab driver to take them to the airport.

They go on the air with another broadcast, further escalating the fake attack, with L.A. targeted for direct assault. They’re interrupted when there’s a knock on the door. George opens the door to find Florence, Helen, and Louise there, demanding to know what’s going on, and they quickly go off the air.

West insists on leaving and Tyndall agrees as long as they pick up the money. Jimmy’s cousin overhears them as they say they’re walking to the bank down the street to take the $15,000 out of their safe deposit box. Jimmy’s cousin warns that the conmen know all four men but they haven’t met Helen. Jimmy’s cousin comes up with a new plan and has Louise sew up Tom’s jacket so they can stall the conmen.

As Tyndall and West prepare to leave, Florence barges into their room and asks them for help, mentioning she has money. She stalls for time cleaning out her purse until a disguised Tom can come in, disguised as a Naval officer. He drafts them back into service and tells them to meet him the next morning. West tries to pay him off with the $15,000 in the bank and Tom accepts, but tells them to take a cab to the bank and gives them further instructions.

The disguised Jimmy gets Tyndall and West to the bank, where they’re to give a code phrase to the person who will get the papers. Eventually they contact Helen who takes the $15,000 in return for their papers, and she tells them to get out of town without talking to anyone. As everyone makes their escape, Tyndall and West check their “papers” and find nothing but cut-up newspaper.