The Jeremy Kyle Show

Lucy Wild     Executive Producer (Series 4)1 Eps
Debra Prinselaar     Executive Producer (Series 5-7)4 Eps
Kate Broadhurst     Supervising Producer (Series 4-7)155 Eps
Tracey Moore (1)     Supervising Producer (Series 7)3 Eps
Tom Cara     Producer (Series 1)6 Eps
Kelly Israel     Producer (Series 4)1 Eps
Naomi Crockett     Producer (Series 5) 
Tracey Moore (1)     Producer (Series 5)1 Eps
Andy Hill (1)     Producer (Series 5-7)3 Eps
Emily Lockton     Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Jessica Parkinson     Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Amy Cowen     Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Jon Millership     Producer (Series 7) 
Alastair McMullen     Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Laura Hey Castle     Producer (Series 7)2 Eps
Mark Johnson (5)     Producer (Series 7)2 Eps
Toby Bricheno     Music (Series 1-7)155 Eps
Jan Cyrka     Music (Series 1-7)155 Eps
Lesley Brennan     Make-up (Series 4-5)3 Eps
Julia Haslam     Make-up (Series 4-7)14 Eps
Vicky Newton     Make-up (Series 5)1 Eps
Kate Lewis-badgett     Make-up (Series 7)1 Eps
Emma Ferguson (1)     Make-up (Series 7)2 Eps
Fiona Butterworth     Make-up (Series 7)4 Eps
Fiona Lavin     Make-up (Series 7)2 Eps
Suzanne Bennett     Make-up (Series 7)4 Eps
Vikki French     Production Assistant (Series 4-7)155 Eps
Taryn Hobbs     Production Coordinator (Series 4)1 Eps
Alan Davis     Production Coordinator (Series 4-7)4 Eps
Taryn Oliver     Production Coordinator (Series 5)1 Eps
Gemma Pope     Production Coordinator (Series 5)1 Eps
Kieran Tench     Production Coordinator (Series 5)1 Eps
Sarah Turpin     Production Coordinator (Series 5-7)3 Eps
Victoria Swanson     Production Coordinator (Series 7)4 Eps
Nicola Smith     Production Coordinator (Series 7)4 Eps
Kerry Wordley     Production Coordinator (Series 7)3 Eps
Saralee Mullan     Production Coordinator (Series 7)2 Eps
Jamie Barnes (1)     Production Coordinator (Series 7)2 Eps
Sarah Taylor (1)     Production Coordinator (Series 7)2 Eps
Kathryn Tillett     Production Coordinator (Series 7)3 Eps
Andy Donaldson     On-Line Editor (Series 4-7)4 Eps
Ian Brown (3)     On-Line Editor (Series 5)1 Eps
Stuart Vile     On-Line Editor (Series 7)6 Eps
Andy Drayton     On-Line Editor (Series 7)4 Eps
Matthew East-Jones     On-Line Editor (Series 7)1 Eps
Beth Thompson     Post Production Coordinator (Series 4)1 Eps
Paul Clarke     Post Production Coordinator (Series 4)1 Eps
Helen Lemon     Post Production Coordinator (Series 5)2 Eps
Alan Davis     Post Production Coordinator (Series 5)1 Eps
Beth Cooper     Post Production Coordinator (Series 5-7)6 Eps
Sarah Turpin     Post Production Coordinator (Series 7)2 Eps
Harriet Nolan     Post Production Coordinator (Series 7)5 Eps
Gemma Pope     Post Production Coordinator (Series 7)5 Eps
Anna Andrews     Production Manager (Series 5-7)13 Eps
Helen Lemon     Production Manager (Series 7)3 Eps
Karen Hall-Carter     Vision Mixer (Series 4)1 Eps
Linda Kelly     Vision Mixer (Series 5-7)3 Eps
Jenny Bozson     Vision Mixer (Series 7)3 Eps
Marcus Read     Vision Mixer (Series 7)7 Eps
Andy Hill (1)     Assistant Producer (Series 4)1 Eps
Emily Cooper     Assistant Producer (Series 5)1 Eps
Laura Hey Castle     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Emily Eastwood     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Kerry Fanneran     Assistant Producer (Series 7)2 Eps
Alastair McMullen     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Adam Fleet     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Lindsey Sheffield     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Tom Walker (1)     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Charlotte Dale     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Owain Lockton     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Kate Wincup     Assistant Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Ed Shirt     Graphics (Series 4-7)154 Eps
Liz Harlow     Graphics (Series 7)1 Eps
Mark Cassidy     Production Accountant (Series 4)2 Eps
Jamie Barnes (1)     Production Accountant (Series 5-7)5 Eps
Andrew Sharp (1)     Production Accountant (Series 7)9 Eps
Donna Kelly     Researcher (Series 4)1 Eps
Alastair McMullen     Researcher (Series 4-5)2 Eps
Luke Armstrong (1)     Researcher (Series 4-7)7 Eps
Amy Cowen     Researcher (Series 5)1 Eps
Eleanor Leigh     Researcher (Series 5)2 Eps
Nick Cardwell     Researcher (Series 5)2 Eps
Marie Smith (1)     Researcher (Series 5)1 Eps
Kerry Wordley     Researcher (Series 5-7)2 Eps
Caroline Andrew     Researcher (Series 5-7)3 Eps
Janette Hodds     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Chelsea Simpson     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Sara Booth     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Edd Buckley     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Natalie Lines     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Katie Clarke     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Jack Brownbill     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Lauren Layfield     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Taryn Oliver     Researcher (Series 7)5 Eps
Martin Sutherland     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Zoe Duerden     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Luke Rufo     Researcher (Series 7)3 Eps
Katy McGowan (1)     Researcher (Series 7)3 Eps
Alex Lambrinos     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Michael Burnett     Researcher (Series 7) 
Sarah-lee Jones     Researcher (Series 7) 
Jessica Motler     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Frank McDonald (2)     Researcher (Series 7)1 Eps
Ben Cadwallader     Sound (Series 4)1 Eps
Mark Bulmer     Sound (Series 5)2 Eps
Mike Hayes     Sound (Series 5-7)4 Eps
John Hulse     Sound (Series 7)1 Eps
Jake Knott     Sound (Series 7)7 Eps
Lee Joseph     Wardrobe (Series 4-7)7 Eps
Heidi McQueen-prentice     Wardrobe (Series 7)6 Eps
Natalia Leniartek     Wardrobe (Series 7) 
Ian Holmes     Wardrobe (Series 7)1 Eps
Ellie Jamieson     Wardrobe (Series 7)1 Eps
Ashley Banwell     Wardrobe (Series 7)1 Eps
Jon Millership     Senior Producer (Series 7)1 Eps
Taras Kochan     Lighting (Series 4)1 Eps
Alan Redford     Lighting (Series 5)1 Eps
Neil Yates     Lighting (Series 5-7)12 Eps
Paul Maddocks     Lighting (Series 7)1 Eps
Stephen Treanor     Technical Manager (Series 4)1 Eps
Steve Craddock     Technical Manager (Series 5)1 Eps
Eric Donbavand     Technical Manager (Series 5-7)153 Eps
Mark Brown     Assistant Floor Manager (Series 4-5)4 Eps
Becky Jenkins     Assistant Floor Manager (Series 4-7)154 Eps
John O'Brien (4)     Assistant Floor Manager (Series 7)11 Eps
Adele Hilliard     Assistant Floor Manager (Series 7)1 Eps
Alex Hellferich     Camera (Series 4-7)3 Eps
Richard Bacon (2)     Camera (Series 5-7)11 Eps
Adrian Daley     Camera (Series 7)1 Eps
Will Sentance     Floor Manager (Series 4-7)154 Eps
Becky Jenkins     Floor Manager (Series 5)1 Eps
Pat Green (3)     Prompter (Series 4-7)2 Eps
Michelle Bilgic     Prompter (Series 7)3 Eps
Barbara Baker     Prompter (Series 7)9 Eps
Lucy Garbutt     Series Editor (Series 1)6 Eps
Tom McLennan     Series Editor (Series 4-5)4 Eps
Tracey Moore (1)     Series Editor (Series 7)8 Eps
Kiernan O'shea     Deputy Editor (Series 4)1 Eps
Liz Baron     Vision (Series 4-7)5 Eps
Jon McGrath     Vision (Series 4-7)9 Eps
Alan Lowe     Vision (Series 5)2 Eps
Alastair Fay     Vision (Series 7)5 Eps
Simon Starr     Vision (Series 7)1 Eps
Dan Brown     Vision (Series 7)1 Eps
Helen Marjoram     Vision (Series 7)1 Eps
Neil Lennon     Vision (Series 7) 
Simon Leah     Vision (Series 7)1 Eps
David Williams (7)     Vision (Series 7)1 Eps
Neil McLeod     Vision (Series 7)3 Eps
Sue McCarthy     Studio Resource Manager (Series 4)3 Eps
Tom McLennan     Executive Editor (Series 7)11 Eps
Sue McCarthy     Client Manager (Series 5-7)150 Eps
Vicki Smith     Client Manager (Series 7)1 Eps
Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Children | Crime | Current Events | Debate | Family | Lifestyle | Romance/Dating
Status: Returning Series
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 09:25 am
Runtime: 65 Minutes
Premiere: July 04, 2005
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