Season 2

7 :02x01 - Sacrilege

The D.A.'s daughter wants to ride along with a couple of cops so she can write a feature for her school newspaper, and McNeil and Pip are the lucky cops. McNeil treats the whole thing as a joke until they lose her in the city. Frank pretends to be a priest to catch a thief. Jan and the guys try to assist a "hot nun," but she turns out to be a little TOO hot.
Guest Stars: Tamara Gorski as Hot Nun | Peter Gerety as O'Malley | Zena Grey as Kimberly | Peter Tolan as Sean | Page Johnson as Monsignor | James Shanklin as Man in Suit | Dylan Carusona as Counter Man | Massimo Digiovanna as Altar Boy | Molly Jobe as 2nd Kimberly
Director: Peter Tolan

8 :02x02 - Soup

Frank is obsessed with a new soup place, and can't get enough of the soup, until he learns what may be in it. McNeil, Jan, and Pip are trying to find a missing ballerina, and it seems her disappearance may be linked to the soup. Ruben meets a suspect in Central Park, who he thinks he could be a mystical Indian chief with spiritual powers.
Guest Stars: Evan Neumann as Teen B-Ball Player | Gary Farmer as Injun Joe | Page Johnson as Monsignor | Curtiss Cook as Uniformed Cop | Harry Carnahan as Soup Guy
Director: Tucker Gates

9 :02x03 - Telescope

Tommy "borrows" a telescope from a crime scene, and the guys use it to spy on a woman doing topless yoga in her apartment. They decide that they can't quite see enough of her, though. Jan is feeling lonely these days, so she takes a shot at "speed dating," and meets someone she thinks might be special. Frank plays a game with another precinct involving a dead body.
Guest Stars: Cameron Mathison as Brad | Elizabeth Hobgood as Daphne | T.J. Kenneally as Eerie Guy | Michael Buscemi as Angry Guy | Vinny Argiro as Cop | Sam Guncler as Dealer | Jimmy Smagula as Passive Guy | Johnny Irion as Folk Singer | Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Rob Grader as Goofy Guy
Director: Tucker Gates

10 :02x04 - Gina

McNeil discovers that Ruben is working as a security guard for actress Gina Gershon, and wants a piece of that action. Frank decides he needs to be in on this little opportunity also, so he and the rest of the guys take personal security jobs with other clients. Pip is in trouble when Adina finds a phone number in his pants pocket, and she worries that he is being unfaithful. Jan learns that Al has a naughty little secret.
Guest Stars: Gina Gershon as Herself | Joelle Carter as Sharon | Michael Charles (1) as Garrity | Lea DeLaria as Kiki | Helen Hanft as Middle-Aged Woman | Janet Hubert as Adina Phillips | Catherine McCord as Herself | Kelly Overton as Teenage Girl | Scott Wolf as Himself | Sara Surrey as Jan's Cousin | Todd Carroll as Carbello | Curtiss Cook as Uniformed Cop
Director: Adam Bernstein
Songs: The Weather Girls -- It's Raining Men

11 :02x05 - Boss

McNeil worries that his girlfriend is fooling around with her boss, completely ignoring the fact that he's fooling around on his wife. Frank and Tommy borrow money from the evidence room at work to make bets at the racetrack. Jan and Ruben finds their friendship suffers when they both want the same apartment, even though the previous owner was murdered inside.
Guest Stars: Henry Strozier as Thurston | Lenny Venito as Ozzie | Robert Turano as Johnny | George Palermo as Dave | John Joseph Gallagher as Larry | Mike Benitez as Dumpy Guy | Eunice Wong as Crime Scene Worker | Karyn Parsons as Toni | Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Robert Krausz as Thin Guy
Director: Adam Bernstein

12 :02x06 - Quitter

To prove to Karen that he doesn't actually have a drinking problem, McNeil swears to her that he'll quit drinking. While he doesn't buy any booze, he does start downing record amounts of cough syrup and taking some erectile dysfunction medications. Meanwhile, the gang is supposed to bust a group of weed users, but when they actually see the people involved and learn why the group is smoking pot, they no longer want to bust them.
Guest Stars: Johnny Spanish as Tattoo Guy | Michael Charles (1) as Garrity | James Leo Ryan as Ex-Roadie | Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Katie Kreisler as Tricia | Douglas D. McInnis as Jerry | Sally Mayes as Cashier | Howard Pinhasik as Pharmacist | Georgine Hall as Elderly Lady | Keith Tisdell as Rastafarian Guy | Karyn Parsons as Toni | Michael Jaye (1) as Swinger
Director: Tucker Gates

13 :02x07 - Parents

Toni gets McNeil to meet her parents for dinner by threatening to tell his wife about their relationship. Jan meets a man she thinks is perfect in every way, until she looks in his closet. Tommy lusts after a female suspect with a tendency toward violence.
Guest Stars: Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Karyn Parsons as Toni | Donovan Leitch as Barry/Crystal | Kellie Overbey Shane as Connie | Helmar Augustus Cooper as Reverend | Phyllis Bash as Toni's Mother | Crystal Bock as Patty | Stephen Peabody as Maitre'D
Director: Adam Bernstein

14 :02x08 - Barbecue

It's Pip and Adina's 25th wedding anniversary, and they throw a barbecue to celebrate. McNeil brings Karen but Toni wants to go too, so his affair is in danger of being revealed. Adina insists on a "proper" barbecue with no alcohol, smoking, or carousing, but with the precinct guys there it's unlikely Adina will have the kind of event she wants. Al opens a bar in the back, Tommy's violent girlfriend picks a fight with the next door neighbor, and McNeil spends the whole party trying to keep his women separated.
Guest Stars: Karyn Parsons as Toni | Janet Hubert as Adina Phillips | Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Kellie Overbey Shane as Connie | Harry O'Reilly as Ron Kegler | Herb Downer as Reverend Shelby | Mike Lisenco as Pip's Neighbor
Director: Tucker Gates
Songs: The Wiseguys -- Start the Commotion

15 :02x09 - Betrayal

Toni informs McNeil that she's going to tell his wife about their affair, and sees something interesting when she goes to McNeil's house. Frank is taken to the hospital because he thinks he is having a heart attack. The detectives suspect a kindly old man of killing his own wife.
Guest Stars: John Kassir as Roger Weiss | Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Karyn Parsons as Toni | Eli Wallach as Mr. Weiss | Harry O'Reilly as Ron Kegler | Joshua Biton as Dead Body | Chevi Colton as Mrs. Arntz | Glenn Fleshler as Kent | Eliza Pryor Nagel as Counter Person | Hugh Cole as Dr. Jenkins | Nasser Metcalfe as Doorman
Director: Tucker Gates
Songs: Joey Ramone -- What a Wonderful World

16 :02x10 - Neighbor

McNeil thinks his good-looking neighbor, Ron, is hitting on Karen, so he sends Ruben and Al to spy on them while he investigates some dead pigeons. Tommy and Frank try to find a missing dog that belongs to Robert DeNiro.
Guest Stars: Harry O'Reilly as Ron Kegler | Rory Culkin as Davey McNeil | Douglas D. McInnis as Jerry | Valorie Hubbard as Jen | Crystal Bock as Woman | Chance Kelly as Cop | Adrienne Carter (1) as DeNiro's Assistant | Wendy Makkena as Karen McNeil | Tessa Ghylin as Zoe
Director: Tucker Gates

17 :02x11 - Gay

While on an evening out with Toni, McNeil sees Frank coming out of a gay club with another man. He tells the rest of the precinct, so in their paranoia, they try to "out" Frank, and each other. Jan and Pip buy a couple of scales from a shady store clerk, but the scales are weighing everyone too heavy - for a good reason.
Guest Stars: Glenn Howerton as Young Guy | Charlotte Colavin as Jan's Mom | Ramsey Faragallah as Fleshy Guy | Karyn Parsons as Toni | Tirlok Malik as Wiry Guy | Matt Shea as Thin Guy
Director: Tucker Gates

18 :02x12 - Vacation

McNeil gets caught pretending to be a firefighter during a drug bust, so his boss sends him to Miami on forced vacation to get him out of town. He should be relaxing and enjoying the pool with Toni, but first he gets a horrible sunburn, and then he thinks one of the hotel guests is a fugitive he's been trying to catch.
Guest Stars: Samara Harris as Bikini Girl #1 | Patrick Stogner as Small Boy | Robert Kelly (1) as Louis | Michael Lombardi as Cabana Boy/Manuel | Karyn Parsons as Toni | Elizabeth Hubbard as Mother-in-Law | Stoney Westmoreland as O'Hara | John Boyle (1) as Mr. Lundberg | John Howard (1) as Pool Guy | Teresa Yenque as Maid | Gina Merchan as Bikini Girl #2 | Mark Ledbetter (1) as Desk Clerk | Brad Calcaterra as Disheveled Man
Director: Peter Tolan

19 :02x13 - Dad

Tommy thinks he's got a stalker, but the guy is actually following Frank - and he turns out to be Frank's long lost son. Pip and McNeil's police car is stolen, and McNeil tries to console Jan when she finds out she has a lump in her breast.
Guest Stars: Del Pentecost as Son | Musashi Alexander as Waiter | Joshua Biton as Parking Lot Attendant | Angelo Massagli as Car Thief
Director: Tucker Gates
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 14, 2001
Ended: April 24, 2002
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