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The Job: Pilot

In the show's pilot, we meet Detective Mike McNeil and his co-workers. McNeil has a difficult time trying to keep both his wife and his girlfriend happy. His partner, Pip, gives him a hard time about his lifestyle while they attempt to apprehend a suspect.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 32-00-100
Airdate: Wednesday March 14th, 2001

Guest Stars
Karyn ParsonsKaryn Parsons
As Toni
Wendy MakkenaWendy Makkena
As Karen McNeil
Dyron HolmesDyron Holmes
As Ironsides
Gammy SingerGammy Singer
As Kaleel's grandmother
Jimmy Burke (1)Jimmy Burke (1)
As Bicycle cop
Shiro OishiShiro Oishi
As Mr. Ahira
Teagle F. BougereTeagle F. Bougere
As Kaleel Ojala
Main Cast
Julian AcostaJulian Acosta
As Al Rodriguez
Keith DavidKeith David
As Tom Williams
Diane FarrDiane Farr
As Jan Fendrich
Adam FerraraAdam Ferrara
As Tommy Manetti
Denis LearyDenis Leary
As Mike McNeil
Lenny ClarkeLenny Clarke
As Frank Harrigan
John OrtizJohn Ortiz
As Ruben Sommariba
Bill NunnBill Nunn
As Pip Phillips
Episode Notes
McNeil wears a different hairstyle in the pilot than he does in the rest of the series.

Episode Quotes
McNeil: (driving aggressively) Is the entire city suddenly drinking retard juice?

McNeil: (to bicycle cop) I'm gonna reach down here, just a second - hang on. I'm gonna show you something. (flashes his badge) 21st Precinct. (looks down) And your balls are hanging out. What am I saying? You're a bike cop.... you don't have those! Buh-Bye.

Pip: (watching McNeil pop a few pills from an Altoid tin) You need to lighten up on the mints, Elvis.
McNeil: (sarcastically) Okay, Mom.
Pip: Why you still taking those things, huh? I ain't no doctor, but I hear before you take painkillers, you're actually supposed to have this thing called 'pain.'
McNeil: I have pain.
Pip: Where?
McNeil: Well, there's the one in my ass. That would be you.

Tommy: Did you eat my muffin?
Frank: I eat a lot things during the course of a day, Tom. If you'd like me to keep track, that's fine, but it'd be very labor intensive.

Cultural References
McNeil: (ruffling his thinning hair) In the next couple of weeks, I'm gonna be Ben Kingsley.

Ben Kingsley is an Academy Award-winning actor who has starred in such films as Ghandi, and House of Sand and Fog. Mike McNeil was referring to the actor's bald head.

Ironsides: Ah, these are the gentlemen from Nintendo... they're here to teach the squad the difference between the real Pokemon cards, and the fake.

Pokémon was a card and video game phenomenon owned by Nintendo and created in 1995.

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