The Cage - Recap

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Mitch falls sobbing into Stan's arms. They go in to identify Rosie. Linden lifts the sheet, and Mitch's heart breaks. Stan nods. After they are done, Sarah questions Stan and Holder questions Mitch. Stan recounts the last time he saw Rosie, and Mitch can barely talk, she's crying so hard. She noticed that Rosie's nails were all torn up. Why? Sarah asks about Jasper, but Stan is beating himself up. He should have gotten off the phone and said goodbye. He didn't get to say goodbye.

Because of the campaign car involved, the detectives are going to have to handle the case very carefully. Linden reminds her boss that she already handed in her paperwork. She doesn't work here anymore. Her boss tells her he hasn't signed off yet. She found the body. She can give them 24 hours. The car keys were found in the ignition, so this could be somebody inside the campaign. He wants to be kept in the loop.

Rick calls, and she informs him that Oakes is making her stay. Just until tomorrow. She's very sorry. That's fine. the wedding is off. He has a thing going with the blow-up doll she brought home from her surprise going-away party. He wants her to come home soon.

Linden asks Mitch and Stan to keep the news to 'only family' during the first 48 hours. A team will be over later to go over her things. She apologizes to them for their loss. She placates Stan when he asks if they will find who did this, so he asks again, but Holder this time. Holder looks him in the eye and assures him they will. Linden holds his gaze after the Taylors walk away. Apparently, that was the wrong answer.

Jamie and Darren are riding home when she gets a call from the police regarding his campaign car's connection to Rosie's death. Darren has an alibi. It's Gwen. Linden wants a statement from them. The police agenda battles with the political agenda. Linden wants it kept on the down low, while Gwen and Jamie want to spin it however they need to for this not to look bad. Jamie goes so far that Darren asks him how he does that with a straight face. He even wants to use Darren's dead wife. Darren adamantly refuses, and gives them their marching orders. Jamie leaves, but Gwen tries again. They can't blindside Ruth Yitanes with this. If they do, they'll lose the unions. He tells her to set up a meeting, and he'll tell her then. He fills her in on the mole situation and asks her to do some digging for him.

Linden tells Jack they're not leaving yet, and he can go out on the boat with Reggie again. Holder fills her in on the car being reported stolen. She asks why the keys were left in the ignition. He says they leave them there so they will be easier for the next person. She's rather abrupt so Holder asks if she's still mad about what he said to the Larsons.

Mitch and Stan are in bed, fully dressed from the day before. Her sister Terry is doing the dishes when Mitch comes out, and bursts into tears. She doesn't even know yet, nor do the boys. She offers to pick them up for school. Stan asks her to help them keep it normal for the boys. Stan tells Mitch she needs to get some sleep. She stops at Rosie's door for a few moments, but then closes the door.

Stan can't bring himself to tell Belko the truth about Rosie.

Jasper confronts Sterling, and he lets her go when Ahmed calls his name. The police want to talk to both of them. Holder talks to Sheldon about what happened Friday night at the dance. She's very upset, and Holder reassures her. This isn't her fault. She says she knows.

Linden talks to Jasper. He's cocky, he has an alibi. He picked up some older woman. He insults Linden, and she changes the subject to Rosie. His father breaks up the meeting, and the principal and Linden leave. Once they do, he slaps Jasper across the face.

Linden and Holder discuss the case, and he plays to Jack. Linden wonders what Rosie is doing with $2k shoes. They spar some more. Oakes arrives with news that Jaspar has a prior for car theft. Owner didn't press charges, dad cleaned it up. Richmond is issuing a press release in an hour.

Over at his headquarters, Richmond and Gwen are happy to hear that the campaign car was reported stolen on Saturday morning. Ruth arrives, and before they can even have their meeting, Gwen steals Darren for Linden. She's livid about the press release. If he holds off, she'll put in a good word. If he doesn't, he'll be the candidate who obstructed a child's murder investigation. He gives her until midnight. She gets a call from Holder, and gives him her card before she leaves.

Darren lies to Ruth about why he called her, saying he smoked pot in college. She says it doesn't matter. Is that really it? He gives Scout's Honor, and she leaves.

Stan and Mitch pick the boys up from school. Stan gets a call that the cops are at the house, so they take the boys to the beach for some kite flying.

Holder called Linden down to the school because they found Rosie's wig. She talks to the kids about Rosie, if they saw her at the dance. Nobody raises their hand or answers any of her questions.

Darren and Jamie are out campaigning. He knows his constituents.

Stan calls Belko and asks him to call when the police are done. Tommy asks where Rosie is, and they finally tell the boys that Rosie is in heaven now. Tommy understands that heaven means dead, and he's never going to see his sister again. Stan tells Denny that it's all going to be okay.

Darren tells his IT guy to check Jamie and Gwen's email accounts as well, then report back to him.

Stan and Mitch get home with the boys. Terry asks Mitch why she never called Rosie all weekend.

Holder shares some weed with a couple of students to try to get some information out of them. He says he has more, but they don't have a good place to party. One of them tells him there's a place in the basement of the school, called the cage.

Oakes tells Linden that Rosie was alive when the car went in the water. She ripped off her nails trying to claw her way out. She tells him she's not staying.

Stan looks at a picture Rosie drew when she was little, hanging near his desk. He gets home and finds her on Rosie's bed as the boys watch cartoons. They haven't eaten.

Darren gets a call about Rosie, and gives no comment. How does the media know?

Holder brings in a team, and Linden joins him. He says this is where the real Halloween party went down. They've found the original scene of the crime, as there is blood all over a bed and bloody hand prints on the wall.