El Diablo - Recap

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The press rushes Darren Richmond for information about the car that Rosie was found in, since it was one of his campaign vehicles. One of them asks if it reminds him of his wife, which stops him in his tracks. This has nothing to do with that, he said. Someone's child has been murdered. It's not political. His heart goes out to the Larsen family for their terrible loss.

Evidence is being cataloged at the crime scene, both by techs and Linden's mind. She finds a peep hole. Lieutenant Oakes arrives on the scene and insists that she stay another week. This case is different, and he needs her to helm it. Principal Meyers arrives, and is stunned.

Darren, Jamie and Gwen are in the bathroom when Ruth arrives, fit to be tied. Why did he lie to her? She specifically asked him if that was all, and he lied to her face. She pulls her support of Richmond for mayor.

The principal shows Holder and Linden the room on the other side of the peep hole. The only two people with keys to the room are the janitor and herself. His name is Lyndon Johnson Rosalis. They leave, and the principal looks through the hole. The blood-stained bed is the focal point.

Denny stares at his mother's back while Stan and Tommy discuss ordering in. She's in the fetal position on Rosie's bed. Denny wants pancakes, so Stan goes to work. As he works, Denny asks how Rosie died. He can't answer, and Tommy tells him it's okay. He doesn't have to talk about it.

Holder asks how long Linden is staying this time. Is she like the LT's pet? She retorts that maybe he just wants the case cleared. She tells him that since she's lead, she wants him to stop pressing everyone with questions like they're in the box.

They arrive at the janitor's apartment, and an elderly woman, who would seem to be his mother, speaks very little English. Holder keeps her occupied while Linden checks the place out. she finds "Nasty Cheerleader" porn in his room. He comes up behind her, and they have a physical altercation, leading to him jumping out a 3rd story window.

Linden follows him to surgery, and is told she can't question him until he's out of surgery. She hears Richmond's exchange with the press on a TV in the waiting room. She gets stitches for her injuries from the attack. Holder fills her in on Rosalis' record. He can't be the guy though, because he was in the drunk tank over the weekend. She asks Holder to call her when Rosalis wakes up, and heads out.

Rick is happy to hear from Sarah until he finds out she won't be joining him until Sunday. She tells him she's under a lot of pressure. She found the girl, and Oakes wants her to see the case through. He asks if they're still getting married, because she still has a lot to do before the wedding. She promises to wrap it up as quickly as possible. He hangs up without answering her "I love you."

She arrives at Reggie's boat. Jack is sleeping. Sarah quit smoking recently, hence all the gum chewing. She helps herself to Reggie's minestrone. She thinks Sonoma will be a fresh start for Jack. She says she needs a quick shower, but then she has to head back. Reggie refers to them as her two favorite people in the whole world. When she goes down to get towels for Sarah, Sarah lays down and falls asleep with Jack. Reggie leaves her sleeping.

Day Three

Stan watches the rain fall from the loading dock. The answering machine kicks in, and Mitch hears Rosie's voice on the outgoing message. Stan opens the paper, Rosie's murder is front page news. Mitch listens to Rosie's message, over and over. Stan finds her in the hall on her knees in front of the machine, and joins her. He stops her from pressing the button again.

Darren visits the current mayor, Adams, who advises him to drop out of the race. In four years, he'll endorse Richmond. Darren doesn't want to see the mayor on his knees to the developers for another four years. He leaves Adams and confronts Sarah. He wants an arrest, ASAP.

In class, Mr. Ahmed has trouble getting everybody seated. In fact, they flat out ignore him. He takes away the cell phone and is ready to start class. When he talks about Rosie and grief counselors being available, Sterling bolts from the room. Jasper is right behind her, yelling at her to come back.

Linden arrives at the hospital, bearing coffee for Holder. Rosalis is out of surgery. He's conscious, but all doped up. Linden goes in to talk to him. She asks him if he saw Rosie in the basement Friday night. He nods. Who was with her. She's showing him pictures when the nurse attempts to remove her. Rosalis is in critical condition, she can't be in there. He points at a picture of Kris, the kid who told Sterling that Rosie was with Jasper. He's positive. Kris Echols. They're leaving, and Lyndon whispers something to Sarah. "El Diablo."

Richmond tells his staff that he's not backing off. He's going to continue with the race. They need to commit to winning the campaign. Gwen says he can have an exclusive with the Register. Jamie tells him not to worry, this will blow over. The reporters have ADD. Darren leaves, and meets his IT guy. He checked Jamie and Gwen's email accounts. Nothing about the Larsen girl, but he did find a leak on the Yitanes endorsement from a few days ago. He thanks Nathan and keeps the folder.

Kris Echols is a meth dealer. His mom reported him as a runaway a few weeks ago. Holder's favorite bit of news is that Kris is Jasper Ames' best friend. The janitor is their only witness. Linden sends Holder to talk to the Echols while she tells the Larsen family Rosie's cause of death. Before he leaves, she finds something on the computer that she wants him to see. It's footage from the party again, but this time she sees how Kris got into the party without anyone recognizing him: El Diabo. He wore a devil mask.

Gwen and Darren watch the mayor on the news, unveiling his big budget water renewal project. Darren shares with Gwen that Jamie is their leak. She doesn't get it. He's always been loyal. This doesn't make sense. Gwen figures he's playing both sides, so that if Darren loses, he'll get an appointment from the mayor for helping him. Jamie walks in, and they don't tell him.

Mitch cries while she does the dishes. Linden arrives and fills them in on Rosie's death by drowning. She apologizes for them having to find out about the campaign car in the paper. Stan is angry because there's been no arrest yet. She asks about Kris. He was a playmate of Rosie's when they were little. They moved away three years ago. Drug problems, Stan thinks. She asks if Rosie ever drank or used drugs. No reason, they're just throwing a wide net. When Linden gets up to leave, Mitch drops a glass, and it breaks. She asks Linden if Rosie suffered. She tells her they think she was probably unconscious when the car went in, so no. Except that given the broken nails from Rosie trying to claw her way out of the trunk, that's a lie.

Richmond plays basketball against a young black kid and loses. Jamie talks to the press about this being part of an all-stars program which is an anti-gang campaign of Darren's. The press pushes for information about the campaign car and Rosie. While Darren is saying the car was stolen, Jamie interrupts to say thanks a lot and we'll be in touch. Darren says there's a leak in the campaign, re Yitanes. Jamie says she probably leaked it herself. Everybody is playing both sides now, Darren.

Holder questions Kris' mom. She says the meth started when he was in high school. She doesn't know what he's done, and she doesn't want to know. Maybe he could remember that Kris has a mother who loves him, and who prays for him every night. Holder returns "They all do."

Holder smokes some weed at a skate park, looking for Kris. A young woman approaches him, asking for a light. He asks her if she can hook him up with some shards. She tells Holder he's not here now, but maybe later.

Linden's waiting in her car when Holder joins her. He puts the joint in his pocket while she looks disapprovingly on. He tells her to "Relax, mom. Smells like weed, tastes like weed - it ain't weed." It's used on busts all the time. The girl he spoke to said no Rosie sightings, but this is a hangout for Kris. Linden notes that the skate park butts up against the campaign parking lot. He could have stole the car. They'll have to sit there until Kris shows.

Jamie arrives at HQ, announcing that he has found a way to lure Yitanes back to their camp; her husband. He figures Richmond can rubber stamp him for a job that she can't, because it would be conflict of interest. Big job. Gwen tells him they saw the email. He claims it's bull, he didn't write it, somebody hacked his account. He says Darren is letting sex cloud his judgment before he tells them both "screw you" and walks out.

Linden calls Jack and he tells her Reggie is ordering them chinese. They continue their wait, and Kris finally arrives. Holder gets physical with him when he won't answer questions. Linden orders him to let Kris go, and he does. Kris leaves, and Holder calls after him that his mom says hi.

Yitanes yells at Darren some more. She refuses to sit down. He puts Jamie's plan into play. She mocks him, but doesn't say no.

Mr. Ahmed hears one of the phones he confiscated going off in the drawer. He pushes a button and sees what the kids were watching and laughing at earlier.

Kris attacks Jasper, yelling at him for telling the cops he was at the dance. Jasper yells back that he didn't. Kris says "they know" before he takes off again. Linden and Holder are watching. She doesn't think Rosie would have gone down in that basement with Kris. She'd go with someone she trusted. Like Jasper. Holder wants to take the boys in, but they have nothing. Sarah's phone rings, it's Mr. Ahmed.

Stan tells Denny to turn off the TV and come help his brother. Mitch joins them, and is surprised to see that Stan swung chocolate chip pancakes. He tells her to go take a bath and relax, he's got things covered. Tommy accidentally sets five places because he forgot. Stan tells him not to worry. Just leave the plate be.

Mitch sees a grieving woman in the mirror. She gets into the tub and slides under the water. It's as though she wants to see what her daughter experienced in her final moments. She sits up and breaks down sobbing again.

Holder and Linden arrive where the video from the phone is being played on a computer screen. The person wearing the El Diabo mask takes Rosie from behind. He takes the mask off, and it's Jasper. Kris takes her next. They did this together. Oakes tells them to bring the boys in.

Yinates endorses Richmond. Jamie locks eyes with him as he leaves with his box of personal belongings.

Sarah watches the video again.