A Soundless Echo - Recap

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Kris Echols is suffering withdrawal in an interrogation room while Holder and Linden watch. She joins him, and Kris spits that they can't keep him there, he knows his rights. He didn't do anything to Rosie. Holder wheels in a TV and they show him the footage from the party. Somebody asks where Rosie sees herself in ten years, and she thoughtfully answers the question.

Linden tells Kris to tell Rosie he didn't kill her. Look at her, and tell her. He looks at the still of Rosie, but doesn't speak.

After, Oakes tells the detectives that Jasper Ames is there with his attorney. Oakes takes a moment to tell Holder that Kris looks better than he does. Holder needs to clean up, and put on a suit.

As Jasper walks past the room with Kris in it, they lock eyes through the glass. The team splits up: Linden questions Jasper with his attorney. His father is out of the country, and cannot attend. Holder takes Kris. The attorney assures Linden that this is just a courtesy visit on their end. If she has any questions, they should be directed to him, not Jasper.

Linden smilingly tells them that they have a video in their possession. Rosie is in it, as is his client. Jasper asks what video, and his attorney cuts him to silence. She asks Jasper if he'd like to see it.

Stan and Mitch are picking caskets while the funeral director talks them through caskets, burial vaults, cremation and all the expense that death incurs. Mitch finds a beautiful casket which is almost twice as much as the first one they looked at. She is assured that they have reasonable payment plans, if that's an issue. Stan says it's not an issue. Then all they need is a lovely dress to bury their daughter in.

The Richmond campaign is free-falling. The mayor has an eight point lead. The Yitanes endorsement didn't help as much as they'd hoped. Mayor Adams is choking the airwaves, hammering Richmond with Rosie's death. The car having been stolen is being forgotten. He suggests a media blitz, but they don't have the money. Richmond dismisses the pollster and Gwen immediately suggests they go to Tom Drexler. He refuses, and Gwen pushes. He tells her he wants his donor list. They can start making calls after the committee meeting.

In Linden's office, the three of them watch the video. Jasper says it's not what she thinks. He can explain. It's not what she thinks.

Holder continues to work on Kris, who recognizes that Holder is an addict, just like him. Kris bursts out that Jasper is crazy, he hated Rosie. Rosie was nice to Kris, she always said hi. She didn't treat him like he was 'less than'. Holder continues to push, and Linden asks him for a moment. He tries to continue, but she insists. He refuses, so she leaves him.

Holder plays the rape scene. It wasn't rape. And that wasn't Rosie.

Mayor Adams buys Jamie a drink. Jamie is rude, he didn't like the mayor before and nothing's changed. Adams plays the "we're both poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks against the rich kid, Richmond" card, and invites Jamie to join his campaign. Jamie says he believed in Richmond, maybe it was a one-way street. It looks possible that somebody set Jamie up, using his computer when they did their mole activities.

Richmond calls his contributors, trying to drum up support. No luck. Gwen calls a Senator Eaton's office and makes an appointment to be seen.

Linden questions Rosie's best friend, Sterling. She confesses that the blood in the cage was from one of her famously bad nosebleeds. She's been to the hospital for them. The boys didn't make her go. She was drunk, and Jasper thought it would be funny if she put on Rosie's witch costume, so she did. Rosie left without saying goodbye, Sterling had no idea where she went when she left.

Sterling pours everything out. Rosie changed so much after she and Jasper broke up. She wouldn't hang out, disappeared during 4th period, would say she was staying overnight when she wasn't. Sterling didn't know where she was going. She saw her get on the bus a bunch of times, the 108. She didn't know where it went. Linden asks, and Sterling says she thinks she met somebody she couldn't tell anybody about.

Holder joins the conversation, fuming because of all the time they wasted chasing the lead about the cage. Why did she go down there? She said because he was nice to her. Nobody is nice to Sterling. Not like they are to Rosie. It's like she's invisible when Rosie is around. She says she didn't mean to hurt her.

Linden and Holder compare notes. If Rosie was having an affair, that would explain the $2000 shoes she was in possession of. The key they have didn't fit her school locker, so they need to keep looking. Holder thinks it's possible she had some little secret lock box hidden away where she'd stash the guys letters and stuff. But where? Linden already checked her bedroom. Holder says he'll talk to the Larsons, but Linden already has a meeting set up, so she will. Holder explodes about how they're supposed to be partners, but all he does is chase after Linden while she runs the case. She confronts him, but he doesn't answer. She tells him to check the 108. It doesn't go to Rosie's neighborhood, so where was she going.

Gwen and Senator Eaton walk while they talk. He's her father. She wants him to set up a meeting with Tom Drexler. He'll do it for her. Not for Darren. She says she's doing this her way, and he asks if that's what she calls "sleeping with your candidate." Doing it 'her way.' His phone rings.

Linden has the Larsons sign off on a bunch of paperwork, and asks them if they recognize any of the items that the police believe belong to Rosie. She asks about a possible lock box, and tells them the police believe Rosie was seeing someone. Not Jaspar; possibly an adult. Mitch says Rosie isn't like that. Linden takes a call, and while she's out of the office Mitch gets up and looks through the office window at the crime photos of Rosie's body. Linden comes back, sees them looking, runs back across the hall and slams the door to the office they were looking into. She comes back and offers a heartfelt apology, which goes unacknowledged as the Larsons leave.

Gwen brings Darren to a function where both Mayor Adams and Drexler are present. Drexler plays to the crowd, insulting Adams. He suggests that Richmond and Adams play basketball. Whoever wins gets the office.

Holder tells Linden on the cell that the 108 bus driver didn't recognize Rosie. She tells him to ask again, so he does. Same response.

She arrives at Reggie's boat to pick up Jack, and finds her fiance, Rick. He brought her wedding cake so they can pick which one they like best. Reggie and Jack were in on the surprise. As they hug, he apologizes for being a jerk the night before. He notices that she has an injured arm, and she says it's nothing. He asks if it's happening again, her chasing after a dead girl. She says no. Rick says he can't compete with a ghost. Well, he can - but he won't. She says he doesn't have to, and he sits down and takes her hand. They kiss and things progress rapidly.

The Larsons meet with the priest who will be officiating at Rosie's funeral. Mitch looks at Christ crucified and feels a new empathy with the virgin mother. As the Larsons leave, the priest says that God is watching over Rosie. Mitch wants to know why He wasn't when all this happened. Rosie was hurt and alone. Where was God then?

Drexler gives Darren a check for $50,000. No strings. No agenda. He just wants Adams to know he lost the election because of Drexler. That alone will be worth it.

Stan and Belko arrive at a house that Stan bought to surprise his family. Rosie never had a backyard. Now he has to sell it. Belko says that if Stan wants to do something about Richmond, just say the word. It'll be like old times. Stan says he doesn't do that anymore.

At school, one of the guys gets all up in Sterling's airspace, as though they were a couple. He says they should go down to the cage. She shoves him away and he tells her to remember that no means yes as other students laugh. As she closes her locker and walks down the hall, she sees Midge. They both cry, and Midge hugs her. Sterling apologizes but Midge says she has nothing to be sorry about. She asks how Rosie was on Friday, and Sterling says she looked happy. Midge asks if Rosie was seeing anybody that she didn't want her parents to know about, and Sterling is sorry she doesn't know. Midge holds her again, until Sterling says she has to go. She lets go and tells Sterling she'll see her.

Stan stops at a restaurant and speaks to a gentleman. He gives his condolences and offers Stan a seat. He sits and tells the guy he can't afford the house. The guy tells him that Stan has ignored him for 17 years. Stan gets up to leave, and the guy stops him and puts a bunch of cash on the other side of table, saying family always comes first. Stan spits "We were NEVER family" but picks up the money and walks out. As he's leaving the guy says "my best to Mitch."

As Holder is getting off the bus, the drivers switch. Holder asks him if he recognizes Rosie's picture, and he says yes. She rode the bus to the end of the line. Holder sits back down.

Linden comes upstairs in Rick's shirt and tries the cake. When she sits down, she feels something in the pillowcase. Her son Jack hid his cigarettes in there.

Rosie's locker has keepsakes on it. The teacher, Bennett Ahmed, joins Mitch in sitting across from it. He tells her that Rosie was a great kid. Very smart, and eager to learn. She wanted the world.

Stan goes in Rosie's room and starts looking around in her closet. He smells her clothes and is interrupted by Linden, who just walked in because the front door was open. She wants to look around again, in case they missed anything. She apologizes again, about what happened at the station. He points out that Linden said he didn't suffer. She lied. She should have told them. He walks out, and Linden goes straight for the pillowcases.

Mitch and Bennett continue talking. He gives her Rosie's favorite book.

Rick comes back to the boat and finds Jack eating wedding cake. He says they should eat it all. Rick shoves an entire piece in his mouth, and Jack laughs and joins him.

The bus reaches the end of the line, and Holder follows a kid from Rosie's high school. He goes down an exterior flight of stairs.

Darren and Jamie meet. He says he's in, and Darren asks if Adams admitted to planting the leak yet. Jamie says no, he needs time. Darren tells him he knows where to find him. Jamie asks how he knew it wasn't him. Richmond says that Jamie would have found a smarter say to do it.

Holder follows the kid into a after school program. He shows them the picture of Rosie and a guy recognizes her. He says she'd come in with the guy in the picture in the trophy case.

Linden finds Rosie's stash of love letters in her globe.

Stan puts the cash in a drawer in his office.

Holder goes to look at the picture in the trophy case. Bennett.

The letter Linden is holding is signed Bennett.

Bennett tells Mitch she can keep Rosie's favorite book.