Super 8 - Recap

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Bennet Ahmed arrives at school, not noticing he's being observed by Linden and Holder. They follow him into his classroom and question him about Rosie. He lies about the Seattle All-Stars, that Rosie was just there once or twice; he doesn't remember. Holder asks what nationality Ahmed is. Somali - and how is that relevant? Linden asks if he drives the campaign cars much, since the All-Stars are Richmond's baby. He doesn't answer the question, instead asking if they think he killed Rosie. Linden tells him to help them rule him out. He says alums did have access but no. He never used a campaign car.

What did he do after the dance last Friday? He went home, but nobody can verify. His wife was out of town because there was supposed to be a flooring company doing some work, but they canceled on him at the last minute, and he had to do it himself.

Linden tells him they found the letters he wrote Rosie. He looks startled but explains. Rosie didn't like to raise her hand in class, so she left him notes and he responded the same way. Intellectual discourse, that's it. Holder starts poking, and Ahmed reacts. He teaches over 200 students, and most of them could care. Rosie was different. She was curious, and hungry. He knows how it looks, but he's telling them - Rosie had a gift. He told her to get out there, see the world; express herself. He shows them what she came up with.

There's no milk for Denny's cereal, so he grabs money from Stan's wallet and heads to the store in his pajamas.

Tommy wakes up to find he's wet the bed. He throws his wet sheets away. When he comes back in, he sees Denny eating Rosie's favorite cereal, and tells him he can't. He'll tell mom and dad. Denny responds "Go ahead. They don't care about us."

Gwen wakes up to her phone and asks Darren if they're at her place or his? His. She gets good news about the billboards. They are no longer dropping, they are up three points. Great, so why does she still look worried? Because the Larsen girl (Rosie) is still hurting them, and the family isn't returning her calls. She asks Darren to reach out to them personally, and ask them to do the new TV spot (shooting tonight) with him. He feels that doing so will leave him feeling like he needs a shower after. They just lost a child, and they need time to mourn. Gwen says they don't have that kind of time.

Richmond joins Jamie at the shore so they can touch base. The mayor is taking Jamie to a private club, and Darren wants him to get Adams drunk. Jamie says no can do, since he doesn't drink. Darren quips that he has to start sometime. Jamie gets down to brass tacks. He's willing to assume the position, but he needs to know that Darren can handle knowing who the mole is. Darren retorts that Jamie is wrong about Gwen.

Holder sit down to watch the Super 8 film that Ahmed gave them to prove how smart Rosie is. There's nothing much to it, just scenery, monarch butterflies, water, etc. Sterling told them that Rosie was out there all those afternoons, and apparently she was creating this film. Linden wonders if she saw something she should not have seen. Holder blows it off and goes to call the flooring company. Make sure Ahmed didn't lie to them. Again.

Linden starts the video over, and asks the tech to print a frame which would show what was in the rear view mirror on Rosie's bike. Her fiance Rick arrives and sees how deeply engrossed she is in the video. She looks up and gives him a half-smile.

Terry picks up the boys for school. The boys inform Mitch there is no food in the house. Terry says she'll stop, but Mitch says no. She'll go to the store. Denny gives her a hopeful smile that she's back before he leaves for school.

Stan gets bad news. The roof on the new place needs to be replaced. He gets even more bad news when the call ends. Everybody is canceling on them since Rosie died. Five so far, this week alone. Belko says they don't know how to act, so they're just staying away. Stan says he still has two more kids to feed, so why doesn't Belko tell them that. Belko changes the subject. He knows this guy that works at Rosie's school. The groundskeeper, he says the cops have been nosing around there again. Maybe Belko can get him some information on who they're looking at. Stan says Rosie's gone. Finding out who killed her won't change that.

Belko goes to throw something away and finds Tommy's soiled clothing.

Rick invites Linden to a family bbq with family and friends. Can she make it? She tells him to count her in. Even if the guy hasn't been caught yet, Holder should be up to speed by then. Really, she'll leave the case, the one whereby she's not eating or sleeping? "I'm eating!" Rick says a drive through Del Taco doesn't count, which gets a smile out of her. He asks if she's going to put up Rosie's pictures, like that other case. Rosie doesn't draw, but it's immaterial, because Sarah isn't that person anymore. She asks Rick if he thinks it's possible to really know someone, and he says yes, which is why he's thinking he needs to cancel the bbq Sunday.

A friend sees Mitch at the store, but nods and turns away without speaking to her. She goes down an aisle and sees Rosie's favorite cereal. Darren greets her, and says his wife loved blackberries, and he didn't notice until she was gone that they grow everywhere, here. He can't avoid them. She puts the cereal in her cart. He tells her it gets better. She fights tears as she says "does it" before walking away. He goes to his car and tells Gwen Mitch wasn't there.

The mayor tells Jamie he invited him there today because this institution is of great historical significance to his family. It pre-dates the gold rush. He jokes "So don't ever tell me that my people don't know what it's like to be black." He laughs, alone. His black aide doesn't even crack a smile.

Jamie cuts to the chase. Obviously, the mayor has somebody in Richmond's camp, what with him anticipating every move Darren makes. Adams says if he did, Jamie would be the last person he'd tell.

Linden makes her reservations for the trip this weekend to Sonoma, for the bbq. Nonrefundable. She sees Holder apparently making a deal with someone in a vehicle, as he accepts an envelope and appears to count what's inside.

When she gets in her office, she sees Holder counting money that he claims as blackjack winnings. He called the flooring company. Ahmed lied. He canceled on them, not the other way around. He called them Friday night, told them not to show.

Jamie asks the mayor why the aide isn't drinking. They grill him about how things ended with him and Richmond. He gets wound up, and goes in the bathroom to be ill. The mayor chats with him while Jamie is ill. He says it's all about the waterfront, and now that they've broken ground, Adams thinks he's bullet-proof. Jamie says he needs to head out, and the mayor acts like he didn't even hear him. Funny he should mention plants and campaigns. Yitanes tried to pull that move on him. She's a nosy one. The mayor welcomes him aboard.

Tommy finds Belko changing his bed. He says he wet his bed until he was like 17, but Tommy doesn't believe him. Belko says he did too. And he won't tell his mom.

Stan and Mitch drop off Rosie's funeral dress. Stan doesn't want to give it to him, but the funeral director is used to people who grieve. Before they leave, he asks if they'd like to see her in the dress. It'll only take a few moments. Mitch walks back in, and Stan follows.

Darren laughs at Jamie when he sees how rough he looks. Jamie gives him the Yitanes info. She set him up to make sure her husband got the contract. Jamie stresses for the record that he never trusted that battle ax. Darren's going to keep digging, because he just doesn't believe Gwen has anything to do with this. He will find out who is to blame. When Jamie gets out, Darren thanks him for the information.

Driving through the rain, Mitch tells Stan that Rosie looked pretty. He doesn't answer, but pulls into a nearby gas station to pick up some oil. He goes in the mens room and fights to remain in control but finally gives up and slides to the floor, sobbing. When he gets back in the car, Mitch asks where the oil is. He says they were out.

Nathan drops off some press clippings for the director of the new spot to go over. Their chemistry seems to indicate a past, and he doesn't waste any time remembering the last time he saw her wearing not much of anything. Is she looking for a repeat performance?

Holder and Linden discuss what could have happened between Ahmed and Rosie the night of the dance. She makes a crack and Holder admits that he has six months of celibacy under his belt. Personal reasons.

They question the principal, who is operating under the impression that if it was anything more, she'd know. Holder points out that she didn't know about the perverted janitor that had a peep hole into the kid's party room (which she also didn't know about). Linden moves on. Everybody gossips. Maybe she overheard something she didn't think was any big deal. The principal admits that a charge was brought against Ahmed at a previous school. Nothing came of it. The girl was mentally unstable. Linden says they will need her name. As they're leaving, the principal admits that she's always wondered about Mr. Ahmed's wife, since she was one of his former students.

Linden & Holder go to Ahmed's house to speak with his wife. She's very young, and seriously pregnant. They question her, but she wants to turn it all over to him to discuss. She says it's all on the up-and-up. He was fresh out of college when she was a senior, but she had a crush on her bio teacher. She didn't start dating Ben until after graduation. Linden tells Amber that she had a crush on a teacher too, but he was already married. She pretends she exchanged notes with her teacher. "It was innocent, but nice." Amber says Bennet would do that. She quotes the verbiage that he used in Rosie's note, about pursuing her dreams.

Linden asks if he was home last weekend, and she says she was at her sister's. Holder asks if Bennet took any video of Amber senior year, and she says no. Linden asks to use the bathroom, and Amber is cautious, but does say yes. Linder looks around, once she's out of the room. She looks around in what will apparently be the nursery, and finds some ammonium hydroxide. Holder asks Amber when she's due, and she says next week. She wants a boy, Bennet wants a girl. Holder nods, not seeming to know what to say. He asks her if she ever worries about her husband not coming home at night. He takes some digs at Bennet, and asks if she knows what time he got home from the dance. She says yes, he called her at 10:00. Oh, from home? No, he was on his cell.

Holder wants to pick up Ahmed. Plastic on the floor, chemicals; looks like a crime scene to him. Well, it's not. If they can't put Rosie in the apartment, they have nothing. Linden asks the lab to check Rosie's tissue samples for ammonium hydroxide, and get back to her. In their office, Holder is in hover mode. Linden asks him if he doesn't have someplace to be, and he fires back 'Don't you? Starts with an 'S', ends with an 'a'; Sonoma?!"

Jamie sends information about the plant to Darren. It's Nathan, the IT guy that was going through everybody's email, looking for the mole. He calls Darren, asking if he got the delivery and telling him not to shoot the messenger. He wants back in, it's lonely out there in the cold. Darren tells him he'll be in touch, and ends the call. He calls security, and they take Nathan out of the building. Gwen is unamused that she was left out of the loop.

Councilwoman Yitanes tries to play dumb when Richmond tells her that he knows Nathan works for her husband to the tune of $80k a year, which is pretty rich funding for a guy who is basically the Richmond campaign's coffee boy. She gets angry, but Darren has her dead to rights and she knows it, so she tells Gwen that Darren had her investigated, too.

Mitch finds Denny in the tub and is triggered by the water dripping off the edge. She loses it and orders him to get out, upsetting him so badly he's shaking.

Gwen hired a different director, and introduces Darren to him.

Lab says Rosie's tox came back clean, but the ammonium hydroxide was everywhere, even in her lungs. It's used for cleaning, flooring, making bombs; it's very popular stuff. It's possible it was used to clean her up, removing all evidence. Whoever it is sounds to be a pro. The lab guy says he wouldn't be surprised if he's done it before.

Stan tells Belko to talk to his guy at the school. He wants to know who the cops are looking at.

Holder drops the money envelope in a mailbox of a house where he can see a woman and two children inside.

Linden looks at the pictures that were captured from the Super 8 Rosie shot.

Richmond greets his All-Stars, putting his arm around Ahmed.