What You Have Left - Recap

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Rosie is being prepared for her final resting place. Her nails were
destroyed during the attack, so the mortician gives her fake ones and
then neatly folds her hands before closing her coffin.

Mitch finds a cufflink. She sits down and stares at it.

The mortician brings Rosie's casket up in a lift.

Linden finds a picture of Rosie in a stack of "missing" posters. She's
playing with a stress ball when Regi shows up bearing breakfast. She
noticed Linden never came home last night. Jack is off looking for
Holder. She says she'll still be taking the red-eye out tonight, they're
headed for their new home. Regi recognizes the look on Linden's face,
since she's had it since she was 15. Linden may be fine, but being in
transition is tough on Jack. They need to get moving. She's old, she can
talk. Linden jokes that she was a lousy social worker before Jack joins

She bets him $50m that they'll leave tonight, and he'll have to work his
whole life to pay that off. Jack doesn't want to go, since his friend's
party is tomorrow night. Regi takes him for a boat ride, since it's
their last day. He asks if she'll join him, and Linden says no. Before
Regi follows, she tells Sarah she almost lost Jack, and she doesn't want
that to happen again.

Holder grabs some clothes from a bag in the trunk of his vehicle.

Linden tells Oakes that she's looking at murders of working girls, to
see if any of Rosie's evidence matches. She tells him about Ahmed's
apartment info and alibi. Holder joins them, and Oakes rips him a new
one because despite the fact that he's wearing a suit and tie, he looks
like a clown. Holder says he's had the suit since he was 19, and are
they getting a search warrant on Ahmed's place, or not? That'd be a
"no." It's all too circumstantial. Holder vehemently disagrees, and
Linden backs him. Bennett Ahmed might be destroying a crime scene's
evidence as they speak. Oakes tells them to get to work.

Mitch and Stan look at the cufflinks Rosie bought him. He cut the
buttons off and holes in his cuff so they could fit through. They begin
arguing about what holiday, what year, she bought them. Terry interrupts
to say she's leaving. Mitch asks her to check on the boys before she
goes, and she and Stan apologize.

Richmond tries to talk to Gwen, who is still prickly because he had her
investigated as a possible mole. She's moreso angry because he trusted
Jamie, and not her. Jamie joins them, he's back on the team. She remains
frigid and unyielding. He wonders if they're going to get to work, or do
they need some family therapy first. She flat-out ignores him.

Richmond goes to talk to the high school principal. She tells him that
Bennett Ahmed is under investigation. She thought that since Ahmed does
a lot with Richmond's programs, he should know. She asks for his
endorsement of her for school board, next year and he says he'll be in

Gwen and Jamie watch one of their campaign spots. It ends with his arm
around Ahmed. Richmond fumes and walks away, while Jamie wonders why.

Holder says he has a going away present for Linden, but he's saving it
for when she actually goes away. He's enjoying the first cigarette of
the day, but she wants to get moving. After she's leaving, the case goes
to someone else and he's working traffic, he can smoke all day. She
knocks at the first door, and asks the downstairs neighbor about the
Ahmeds. Holder calls her over because he has an eye witness to Rosie's
arrival that night. He positively identifies Rosie's picture.

Stan goes hard at work, trying to work off some of the energy of recent
events. While he does so, Belko tells him he probably has a lead on who
killed Rosie, thanks to his friend at the school.

Terry and Mitch go through her dresses, trying to decide what to wear.
Terry picks the dress she thinks was always the prettiest on Mitch.

Bennett and Ahmed assemble their babies crib. She's having a girl, and
wonders if he wishes it were a boy. He'll be outnumbered. They're very
loving and affectionate. She asks if they're going to be okay, and he
says yes.

Linden and Holder arrive. They ask if she was there the night of the
dance. He finally admits it, claiming he forgot she returned a book. All
apologies. Linden speaks sternly to him, since this is the second time
he's failed to share crucial knowledge with them. He claims it was so
brief, it clear escaped his brain. In fact, when questioned, he can't
remember the name of the book in question. He takes a guess, and Linder
asks if they can take a look at it, while stepping forward. He blocks
her and refuses, saying "not without a search warrant." He excuses
himself, as he has a funeral to attend. Holder and Ahmed lock eyes as
they leave.

Linden calls in and asks a tech to go over all the dance footage again,
and see the latest he can find Bennett on film. Holder is stunned.
That's all she's going to do? He's positive that Ahmed is their man, and
he wants to bring him in. She tells him to ask around some more, see who
saw who let Rosie in. Because he was lying about it being him. As she
pulls away, he lights up, then sees what appears to be a drug deal going
down not 10' away.

Jamie and Gwen try to get Richmond to see the light. The car Rosie was
found in is attached to his campaign. Bennett Ahmed is attached to his
campaign. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Darren is incensed. He
practiced law for 15 years, he's a firm believer in "Innocent until
proven guilty." He will not throw Ahmed's life away, based on
circumstantial evidence. Gwen says something about who he is, and Darren
tries to pick up on that, but Jamie yells over both of them. Who Darren
is, is five words. "Dead girl in the trunk." Darren walks out.

Holder talks to a man in a sedan about the two Holders. One always knows
the right thing to do, and the other is weak, and conflicted. The man
tells him it's his choice, which one is in charge. He asks about the
case, and Holder tells him he thinks the teacher did it. They don't have
enough for an arrest though. He jumps out of the car, and the man calls
him back. Eighteen years ago, Stan was thick with the mob. Muscle. Had a
gambling problem, too. Pretty serious. Holder says Stan didn't have a
record. The man points out that dead men don't press charges.

Linden gets news that Ahmed was at the dance quite late. She's outside
when the family arrives at Rosie's funeral. Her oldest younger brother
wants to help carry in the coffin, and Stan lets him.

Linden lets Holder know that Ahmed is off the hook. He needs to find out
who let Rosie in that night, meaning he should talk to Bennett's wife's
sister, since she's Amber's alibi. As the call ends, Richmond approaches
her. He asks her off the record if she thinks Bennett did it. She
advises him to have a good day, and walks away.

Holder interviews Amber's sister. Amber arrived at her place at nearly
1:00 in the morning. She doesn't think Bennett is right for her sister.
He notices her necklace, and turns her chair around, showing her his
tattoo. "Mine doesn't come off." She smiles. He asks if Amber told her
specifically what she was upset about that night. Amber felt like
Bennett was keeping secrets. She didn't say about what. It was obvious
that she was crying.

Her sister is hurt because they barely see Amber anymore. It's like
Bennett made her shun her whole family. Amber isn't happy. Her sister,
while trying not to sound prejudiced, said there's a war on, and it
seems pretty clear which side is which. Holder agrees.

Senator Eaton, Gwen's father, calls Richmond to a meeting. He says
important people have their eye on Darren, and he needs to distance
himself from Ahmed. A motto he may need to be aware of is "First you
win, then you do good." They are concerned he doesn't know how to win.
Richmond asks if it's a threat, and Eaton says it's a warning. Cut Ahmed
loose. Darren says he'll handle things his way. Eaton wishes him luck

Rosie's family is at her graveside. A son drops a map on her grave so
she can find them when she flies over.

Darren confronts Gwen, but she didn't call Eaton. Jamie did. He figured
Darren would be angry, but it was necessary. Darren reigns his temper in
as the mayor approaches. He taunts Jamie about his undercover work
before telling Darren "love the new commercial" as he walks away.

Jasper's father snubs Terri, who looks stunned. She leaves the family
line at the reception and pours herself a drink. She checks on the boys,
but Belko is making sure they're fed. She snaps at him "Well, you do
realize you're not part of this family, right?" He takes a call. His
friend tells him Ahmed is under investigation. He walks over and tells
Stan. The boys see a strange look on Stan's face as he walks over to
Bennett. Bennett offers his hand, and Stan shakes it.

The Ahmeds' downstairs neighbor calls Linden to arrest the man across
the alley for spying on them with his telescope. He's always watching,
and she's had it. Linden goes to talk to him. She uses his telescope and
sees he's looking in his neighbor's back yard. At 12:03 Saturday
morning, he was looking when Ahmed and Amber appeared to carry a body
out of the house.

Linden fills Holder in. Given the times in question, it would appear
Rosie came over, Amber killed her, and Bennett came home and helped her
cover it up. They go to the Ahmed household, but Amber sits in the
baby's nursery, on the floor, holding a hammer and refusing to answer.

Linden calls in their information. They're on the way to the funeral to
pick up Bennett. He fills her in on his knowledge of Stan's mob
background, and she orders him to call Bennett immediately.

Stan offers Ahmed a ride home from the reception, claiming he needs a
break from all the sorrow. Bennett accidentally leaves his phone behind
when he accepts Stan's offer.

Richmond and the Mayor have their debate.

Terry picks a record out and has a joint.

Ahmed tells Stan he missed his exit. Stan doesn't answer.

Richmond brings up his community program, which opens him to questions
about Ahmed Bennett. Jamie throws off his headset in frustration. The
mayor's aide tells Jamie that in two weeks, he'll be unemployed.

Linden and Holder tear into the reception. Mitch tells them that Bennett
got a ride home with Stan. Linden is going to follow them, and orders
Holder to keep calling Bennett.

Terry slides down the wall and starts crying.

Richmond just lost his shot at mayor.

Stan looks at Ahmed as they drive in the rain.