That You Fear the Most - Recap

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The episode begins on a rainy Seattle city street. A car slowly drives past seedy people doing seedy things. It slows to a stop and a girl comes over. Stephen Holder and his partner, Carl, arrive at a crime scene. A Jane Doe has been found – the girl we just saw. Holder works his way through the crime scene, slowly working his way through the building. We see a bloody hand and arm as Holder arrives at the corpse. Carl shows up learns that the girl had been savagely murdered. Her body had some major serrations.

A girl sits on a bridge gazing at the water below. A boy named Bullet runs up and pulls her over the side back to the stable part of the bridge. Bullet thought she was going to jump. They talk and end up spending time looking at the water below and how still it is. They are squatters. In autopsy, Jane Doe is on the table. She was underage and fought back against her murderer. A serrated-edged weapon was used against her, which severed part of her spine and caused her death. As Holder and Carl leave, Holder pauses to look back at her one last time, sorrow on his face. We cut back to the squatters, as they are kidding around and Bullet lets it slip that he has a crush on a girl they know. The other squatter puts on some jewelry and Bullet takes her picture.

Holder reviews crime scene photos and seems disturbed by their graphic nature. Sarah Linden, who now works as a ferry worker, is in her new life. As she returns home, a letter from Washington State Corrections is seen. Her new boyfriend, a fellow ferry worker, shows up and they end up heading upstairs together.

A murderer learns that he is heading to death row. His name is Ray Seward and he barely reacts to the news. Back to Linden, who is surprised by Holder showing up at her house. They have not seen each other in over a year. Holder reveals what has happened to him, including seven out of seven convictions over the past year and the fact he is studying for the sergeant’s exam. Holder meets Sarah’s new boyfriend, Cody, who quickly removes himself. Holder reveals to Sarah why he is there – he believes that this Jane Doe’s murder resembles a case they previously worked on. He wants to see the old case file but cannot find it back at the station. Sarah tells him to keep looking as it is there. As he goes to leave, she stops him to tell him that not all victims are worth caring about. That news surprises him.

Back to Seward, who is being moved via bus to C-Block three miles away. He remains stoic the whole trip as a guard tells him this is the last time he will see the light of day. He enters C-Block and learns the ropes and how things are done there. He requests a visit with the prison chaplain.

Our squatters are trying to find somewhere indoors to sleep for the night. Holder runs into them and asks if they know what happened to the missing girl. Holder confuses Bullet for a boy, which leads to Bullet revealing her true gender. The interaction between Bullet and Holder grows increasingly hostile, which leads to Holder threatening her. A different girl is seen talking to a car driver, which causes Bullet to seem nervous.

Sarah is on a boat, toasting a lesbian couple. Her son approaches her on the docks afterwards and we learn that he lives in Chicago with his father and barely sees his mom. He wants her to move east, but she seems reluctant. We cut to Holder and Carl, who we learn have not been partners long. The Jane Doe has been identified – which Holder does not tell Carl, lying that the call was from his girlfriend instead. Holder is talking to the girl’s parents and revealing the horrible news to them.

One of the two squatters, Kallie, returns home. She has a terrible relationship with her mother, who blames Kallie’s birth for ruining her life. As they talk, there is hint of a bond but it quickly goes away when the mother tells Kallie to hit the bricks as her boyfriend is coming over later. Back in prison, Seward and the chaplain talk. Seward tells the chaplain that he is not seeking forgiveness and does not want to talk about Jesus. He then changes his tune and says he wants forgiveness for what he did to his wife and to his son, but it is a ruse as he grabs the chaplain’s head and repeatedly rams it into the cells bars.

Sarah is running in the woods and seems upset. She stops in a rundown building as it starts to pour and sees cattle carcasses. A wounded animal whimpers in the darkness. Seward talks to his attorney. He reveals that he has no desire for a pardon and wants to be hung, so that his executioners actually hear him die.
Bullet and Kallie are talking to another squatter. Ashley is missing – which seems like it is the Jane Doe. Another girl named Lyric is close with Kallie and Bullet, but darts off when her boyfriend Twitch appears. Bullet wins a drawing for a bed for the night, but offers it to Kallie. Kallie refuses, saying that her mom told her she could sleep at home that night.

Sarah returns home and Cody is there waiting for her. He has found the crime scene photos Holder left and wants to know what is going on. She darts off. She returns to the abandoned building from her run and puts down the wounded animal. She returns back home and looks at Holder’s missing file (the one he could not find at the station). It is about the Seward case. Holder is back at the morgue and looking at Jane Doe’s body, specifically her fingers.

Kallie gets into a car with an unidentified man. Sarah is at what appears to be Jane Doe’s crime scene. She returns to the police station after looking around it and gives Holder back the file he left at her house. She pretends that she did not look at it, but they both know she was lying. She asks why Jane Doe got out of the car. She thinks the killer has killed before and knew how to get her to trust him/her. The killer took the rings off Jane’s fingers after killing her, in a very violent manner. Apparently he likes trophies. Sarah seems to know more here than she lets on. Bullet is at the bridge, worried about Kallie. She cannot find her anywhere. She goes to Kallie’s moms and we learn that Kallie did not in fact return home. We cut to Twitch and Lyric together in a room. We learn that Twitch has big aspirations that involve becoming a professional model in Los Angeles. He tells Lyric that they will use her money and move there together. He tells her to take the night off (from working the streets).

Holder and Carl prepare to head to the Beacon House (where Bullet slept at) to try and track down if they knew Jane Doe/Ashley. Bullet is at the station asking about Kallie. Holder goes up to her and is still abrasive.

Back at C-Block, two guards are talking when Seward says he wants a phone call. The younger guard listens to him and Seward says he wants to call his lawyer, because he wants to see his son one last time. The guard is a new father himself and Seward manipulates this into getting his way.

Sarah goes to the home of the Skinner, who is now the head of special investigations. She reveals that she is being tormented by the Seward case and has had second thoughts on if they got the right man. It turns out a ring taken from Seward’s wife after she was murdered. Is there a connection between the cases? Skinner tells Sarah that Seward wants to die by the noose. She wants to be 100% sure they got the right man. As she goes to leave, Skinner’s wife comes out and tells her that she has not forgiven Sarah for the past and to never come back there.

Sarah and Cody have a talk and Sarah reveals she has not been totally truthful with Cody. He wants to help her through this but it appears that she is done and the relationship is over.

Holder and Carl arrive at the Beacon House. The pastor lets them in and Holder makes note of his tattoos. He has pictures of all the children on the walls and says that if he did not care for the kids, no one would. He points them towards a hotel where he knows Ashley stayed at before when Beacon House was full.
Twitch is doing his last urine test for his probation. He reveals his ambitions to the attendant, who shoots them down. Lyric and another girl are on a street talking when a man comes up to them for sex. They blow him off, causing him to get angry, just as Bullet arrives. The man and Bullet get nose-to-nose, as Bullet just wants to find Kallie. As Bullet storms off, the man threatens her.

The guard who let Seward make his call is in deep trouble for breaking protocol. Seward did not in fact call his lawyer, he called Skinner. The older guard goes to Seward and reads him a paper about death by hanging, taking time to enjoy tormenting Seward.

Holder and Carl hit the hotel, watching an older man enter a room with a young girl. The woman at the front desk offers no help, not caring that they are cops. They mention someone told them that Ashley had been there and she mentions Kallie by name. This causes Holder to think about Bullet earlier and, against Carl’s wishes, he wants to ask around if anyone has seen Kallie. He gives up quickly though as Carl thinks he is wasting time.

Back at Sarah’s, one of the women from the toast arrives and Sarah talks about what happened to Seward’s son after they found him. He was severely traumatized and kept drawing the same thing over and over. Sarah wants to talk to him.

Seward is led down a hall at the prison, where he thinks Skinner awaits. It is really Sarah, which angers Seward. He says Skinner lied in court and he wants Skinner there when he dies to see that Seward is not a coward. Sarah asks him about what happened to his wife’s ring, which catches him by surprise. He says he pawned it, but it revealed to be lying. She then asks him about the drawings that his son kept making, showing them to him. He tells her he does not have a son and leaves. Back in his cell, another inmate runs his mouth at Seward, but he appears to not really be listening.

Holder and his girlfriend share a tender moment in his bathroom, where she gives him a new toothbrush. She appears sweet and in love with Holder, but his mind is elsewhere.

Twitch is trying to bleach his hair. He has spent all of Lyric’s money on this, calling it an “investment” in their future. Lyric, foolishly in love, quickly forgives him, even when he tells her she will need to go to work to get them some money. Bullet shows up asking about Kallie. Twitch tells her that he heard a pimp has a new girl, which causes Bullet to dart off. She breaks into the location she thinks Kallie is at, but the man from before who threatened her grabs her and it appears that he rapes her (it all occurs off camera).

By Josh Raymond