Seventeen - Recap

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Our episode begins at the marsh full of decayed female bodies in red bags. Sarah Linden stares at the scene before her, holding the picture that was drawn by serial killer Ray Seward’s son. Police cars arrive on the scene. Stephen Holder approaches Sarah, irritated that she was investigating his case without telling him about it. He asks how she found the place and she shows James Skinner, her former partner who has advanced to their location, the picture. Police begin examining the water and looking for more bodies.

At the station, Skinner tells the assembled force, in a jam-packed briefing room, about what has been found. He describes the victims – all young and female. A possible match has been found with a body that was dumped near the site four days ago, leading to the belief that there could be a serial killer on the loose. Skinner says that identifying the bodies is priority one. Holder speaks up and tells Skinner about Kallie, the missing girl that Bullet is searching for. Carl Reddick, Holder’s partner, asks how the bodies were found and Skinner says it was an anonymous tip, which draws an unhappy look from Linden from the back of the room.

In Skinner’s small office, Linden is a little irritated that he did not say how the bodies were found. They talk about the possibility that Seward’s son has more information and could help them solve this. Linden wants to ask question the boy, while Skinner believes there is risk in pushing him, fearing that it could give Seward a way out of prison. Eventually he returns Linden’s badge to her and welcomes her back to the force, implying that she can proceed.

Seward is being moved to the shower area at the prison, which consists of individual metal cages separating the inmates from one another. An inmate in the next stall attempts to communicate with Seward, who has no interest in small talk. The man continues pushing, while Seward gets more irritated but remains quiet. The other inmate asks about Seward’s tattoo, and Guard Francis Becker points out that it contains the initials of Seward’s son. Becker pokes at Seward, trying to upset him by bringing up details of what happened to his wife, but Seward remains stoic and continues washing himself.

A man named Joe and Lyric are in a yellow car, with Lyric eating a sandwich. The man seems to care for Lyric, telling her she needs to get mittens to stay warm. They talk about the bodies found recently. Again Joe expresses concern for Lyric before leaving her. Lyric returns home to Twitch and mentions the girls that have been found, but Twitch does not wake up or acknowledge what she says. With tears rolling down her face, Lyric begs the sleeping Twitch to please take her away from this and let her come with him to Los Angeles.

Carl and Holder are in a car under a freeway. Carl informs Holder that Skinner and Linden were intimate before, news that Holder apparently did not know. The men approach a man in a car with an underage girl and, as the man tries to defend himself, Holder pushes the girl for information about Kallie. The girl says she does not know Kallie, but does admit to knowing Bullet. At first she refuses to say where Bullet is, but when Holder threatens to ruin her day by taking her to the station, she suddenly remembers.

Kallie’s mother, Danette Leeds, is surprised when Linden shows up at her house. Danette does not seem that worried about where her only daughter. Linden talks about bringing children’s services into the equation, but Danette either does not care or does not believe that to be a valid threat. As Linden leaves, she tells Danette that she is a homicide detective. For the first time, Danette seems to realize that Kallie may be in some real trouble.

Bullet is in a disgusting bathroom, looking at her wounds from when the man with the knife attacked her. Bullet tries to maintain her facade of toughness, but even she is not buying it. She leaves and skates off, but Holder catches up to her. He wants to know if Kallie has been found, but Bullet says she does not talk to cops. Eventually she turns around and says that Kallie may be with Goldie, the pimp who attacked her. Holder wants to know where Goldie’s place is and Bullet takes him there.

Holder and Carl enter the cramped, filthy apartment as loud death metal blares. Slowly they advanced from dimly-lit room to room. Goldie takes off, trying to escape from the other room but he is no match for the officers, who take him down and handcuff him.

Lyric is on the phone with her mother, who seems worried about her daughter. This just causes Lyric to get angry and quickly get off the phone. Lyric and another girl briefly talk as they sit along a building on the street. Linden shows up and asks if they have seen Bullet. She learns from the other girl that Bullet left with a sleazy looking man (Holder) earlier in the day.

Goldie is at the station, being questioned by Holder and Carl in an interrogation room. They push Goldie about his the kiddie porn DVDs that were playing at his house when they entered it, as well as his prior record of crimes against under-aged girls. All of that is a collection of misunderstandings, Goldie states, adding that the DVDs are not even his.

He says that he provides a service to the young girls by protecting them. Skinner and Linden watch from the other side of the glass. Skinner reveals that the knife found at Goldie’s was not a match for the murder weapon. Holder shows Goldie a picture of Kallie and wants to know if Goldie knows her. He refuses to answer and says he wants his lawyer.

Skinner does not want to bust Goldie for just kiddie porn though – he wants him for the murders, if he is in anyway involved. They decided to sit on him for a while and try to ID the girls in his tapes. Linden reveals to Skinner that his wife confronted her and that she knows about their shared romantic history.

Linden walks out of the room and meets with Holder. Their discussion touches on the picture Seward’s son drew. Linden says that there may be a connection between these crimes and what Seward did/was accused of, saying that the victims all had their fingers broken and rings taken off their dead bodies, information that Holder did not previously know.

Back in their cramped cells, the other inmate and Francis continue pushing Seward’s buttons. He turns the tables though, by asking Francis about his family and revealing that he has seen them in the parking lot. Francis becomes visibly uncomfortable and tells Seward that soon his son (Seward’s) will not have any parents left.

Linden meets Seward’s son, Adrian, near a playground and asks about the picture, specifically about the building that he added that was not in previous version of the picture. The boy says he wants to see his dad. Linden is surprised by this and says she will see what she can do. She quickly vacates the premises when a woman comes near Adrian.

Carl and Holder are outside Goldie’s apartment, pulling surveillance from their car. The two men talk about Valentine’s Day, which Holder had forgotten about but is fast approaching. Bullet shows up angrily banging on his window, telling Holder to get out of the car. She is furious that Goldie is back on the street, saying that now she is going to be considered a rat and that he promised to put Goldie away. He asks Bullet if Goldie did something to her, which causes Bullet to get even angrier. She tells Holder to do his job and put Goldie away.

Linden makes her way to the morgue where the bodies from the marsh are being examined. The bodies are very decayed and figuring out who they are is difficult. Lindens holds up a photo of Seward’s deceased wife, asking the coroner if it matches the pattern. He says that it is hard to say without a body , but that there could be a match. The girls were killed three-to-five years ago, we learn, and all dumped within six months of each other.

Linden asks about the fingers of the victims and we learn that the killer cut off some of the girl’s fingers with the same weapon he used on their throats.

The annoying inmate is still rambling on to an uninterested Seward. When he takes a breath, Seward speaks up. He starts talking about the horrific thing he did to Francis’ cousin at his last prison, causing the guard to come near his cell. Francis shakes with anger. He tells Seward that he is a disease and that he passed that disease on to Adrian, who one day will wind up in prison just like his dear old daddy. The other inmate astutely points out that Seward tries to play it tough, but it is obvious that he cares for Adrian and that he is his weak spot.

Carl and Holder are still in the car as night approaches. Holder’s smoking is getting on Carl’s nerves, as the two men become testy after so many hours together in close quarters. Finally Goldie pokes his head out the window and makes an obscene hand gesture towards the officers. They leave after telling dispatch that they have been made.

Lyric walks up to Bullet as she sits at the top of an outdoor train station. Lyric sees Bullet’s wounds from Goldie’s attack and says she needs to take care of that. Two boys, one of whom looked like Twitch, show up and want to go see the crime scene. Bullet says no, but reluctantly agrees to go when Lyric heads out, so she can keep Lyric safe.

In the middle of the night, Seward cries in agony and falls to the floor as blood pours out from his neck. Guards find him in agony on the ground, as it becomes obvious that his injuries are self-inflicted.

At the station, Linden sits in a dark room looking at the identified victim’s pictures. Holder walks in and they commiserate on the difficulty they are having with the case. Linden says that these girls were not even reported as missing. She mentions that Adrian wants to see his dad, which puzzles her. She does not understand wanting to see the man who cut off your mother’s head. An officer brings in a DVD and tells them they need to see what is on it.

In the pitch black Washington wilderness, Bullet, Lyric and the two boys approach the marsh. The two girls are afraid and subtly hold hands. As they approach, we see that it is lit by lights that the police have left there.

Linden and Holder are watching the DVD. On it is a scared Kallie, talking to the man who has taken her.

Written by: Josh Raymond