Head Shots - Recap

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Our episode begins with Kallie Leeds on DVD. Her kidnapper asks her probing questions while she tries to remain strong and hold back tears. When she can take no more, she hides her face to not give him the satisfaction of seeing her broken. Stephen Holder sits with Kallie’s friend Bullet and asks the girl if she knows who the man is that has taken Kallie. We learn that the DVD was found at Goldie’s apartment. Sarah Linden asks if Bullet knows where it was filmed at and Bullet says Mama Dips, the disgusting hotel that Holder and Carl already investigated. Bullet notices that Kallie is wearing her ring – the one she gave Kallie right before Kallie was taken. Holder and Linden share a knowing look, as they realize the man who took Kallie could be their serial killer. The detectives rush out the door, but Holder stops to tell Bullet to stay there.

Holder and Linden shows up at Mama Dips with the search warrant she demanded previously. Dips is unfazed and tells them to take off. Holder uses his walkie talkie and gives the green light to bust the doors down. Police officers swarm the rooms. Dips eyes a button on her desk, reaching towards it. Linden and Holder enter her door and Linden asks what the button does as she presses it. The button creates a buzzing noise and Linden notices a false panel on the wall. Officers apprehend Dips to take her in for question. With their guns drawn they enter the darkness and find the room that the tape was filmed in. It contains lights, a seedy-looking bed and a chest. Inside the chest is a plush bear that has handcuffs on.

Guards Francis Becker and Gabe Henderson escort convicted murderer Ray Seward through the prison. He is bandaged on his left collarbone from where he forcibly removed his tattoo (which had his son’s initials.) Becker tells Seward that he needs to try harder to get out of prison, thinking he tried to kill himself. The inmate across the hall corrects him and says that what Seward actually did was take away his weakness – now the guards have nothing to use against him.

At the station, Linden talks to James Skinner about the tapes. They do not think the voice on the tape is a match for Goldie. While Kallie was definitely at the hotel the night she was taken, so far none of the other tapes have revealed a connection to the killer as none of the deceased girls appeared in any of them. Skinner tells her that Linden and her need to question Dibs before she “lawyer ups,” but Linden seems reluctant and says Holder should do it.

In the interrogation room, Carl Reddick and Linden look through the glass as Holder hovers over Dibs. Holder tells Dibs that while she did mention Kallie showed up at the hotel that night, she failed to mention her “performance” in the back room. Dibs plays dumb, saying that she has no idea what happens back there. Holder does not believe her a bit. He wants to know who was with Kallie. Dibs lies and says that it was her. Dibs claims that her heavy smoking makes her sound masculine on film and refuses to cooperate.

Back in their office, Carl, Holder and Linden talk strategy. Carl thinks they should sit on Dibs, but Linden says that puts others at risk. Linden offers to go back to Kallie’s mom Danette and ask her more questions. After she departs, Carl badmouths Linden but Holder is quick to defend her and her record of convictions, shutting Carl up.

Holder finds Bullets sleeping at the station. Bullet turns down a soda, saying that her body is a temple. She tells Holder that he looks like a rabbit – “a big hairless albino Bugs Bunny.” After some small talk and a shared laugh, Bullet takes off. As she walks off, Holder tells her to stay safe.

At Danette’s trailer, Linden tells Danette that Kallie is a prostitute, which Danette says is just a phase that Kallie will grow out of. Linden demands that Danette sits down and she shows her the tape. Danette does not recognize the man’s voice. She admits that Kallie does not live there but did show up at her trailer the day she was abducted. Danette refused to answer the door when Kallie knocked. With her eyes beginning to water up, she tells Linden that she has to go to work now.

With Lyric sitting on the street with a huge smile on her face, her boyfriend Twitch enters his parole officer’s car. They drive off. The parole officer stops the car and tells Twitch that his drug test came back positive. Twitch says it is impossible, that he has been totally clean and that he cannot go back to juvenile detention. The parole officer does not want to hear it and, after reading him the riot act, unzips his pants and tells Twitch to get in the back seat.

Seward is given antibiotics by Henderson, as he has to take them twice a day while he recovers from his self-mutilation. Seward picks up the drugs and tosses them into the toilet. The other inmate, Hill, praises Seward’s actions. Seward finally speaks up, saying that he knows that Hill is guilty because Hill talks about it 24/7 and is trying to “game” the system. Hill says all he has left is hope, which Seward tells him will kill him quicker than being on death row will.

In the station’s briefing room, the force in updated on the murders. Skinner asks Linden if they have a connection with the tapes and the murders. They do not. He asks her if Kallie’s mom said she was missing. She did not. All the men that were taken into custody during the raid on Mama Dips are being released, including Goldie, as the district attorney only wants to focus on Dips. Linden admits that there is no connection at this time between Goldie and the girls. Skinner wants daily shift reports on any updates on the investigation. An officer gives Linden screen grabs of all the girls and tells her there are no matches for the girls. Glancing at the wall, Linden walks over a picture and compares it to another. She has found their first potential match, which Holder agrees could be right. Another picture of the girl is brought up and it does seem solid. Carl tells Holder and Linden that Goldie is on the move and they rush out.

Hill and Seward are in the prison yard. Seward is working out, while Hill talks non-stop. The two men bond over their scars. Seward reveals a troubled upbringing, including his father brutally beating him with a baseball bat. The guards watch the two men laugh together through barred glass.

Twitch is dealing with his latest life setback by shooting up meth. Bullet appears and asks if Lyric knows Twitch is doing drugs with her money. Twitch storms off when Bullet tries to find out what is wrong.

Linden is asking a vice detective about the voice on the tapes. She reveals they have one or two potential matches. The detective does not recognize anyone on the films, but does recognize a girl in a picture. He picked her up last week.

She goes to question the girl, Tiffany. Tiffany was with the man and did make a tape with him, but does not know who he was. Her daughter plays in the background and we see that Tiffany is pregnant. She claims the man is “one of the good ones.”

Carl and Holder are in a squad car together. Carl reveals why he does not like Linden, saying she does not have experience in sex crimes like he does and that he feels like Holder trusts her opinions more than hers. Holder asks Carl to take it easy on her. Goldie speeds past them quickly with an unidentified woman with him. The two men speed after him. Carl recognizes the site that Goldie is heading towards – the dump site. The men call in backup and we see a ton of assembled Seattle news media. Goldie is hosting an impromptu press conference with his mother, revealing the investigation and the fact that Kallie has been abducted and could be with the serial killer right now.

Danette sees the news and takes a phone call from her boyfriend.

Becker vents to Henderson in the locker room, saying he is not happy his prisoners are becoming friends. Henderson lies and says that Seward took his medicine. Henderson reveals that working at the prison is impacting his personal life. Becker wants Henderson to come over and have a beer, to relax a bit.

Twitch, still feeling the effects of the meth, heads towards a park. Bullet is with him, begging him to not go. Twitch begs for some change and then violently reacts when the people on the streets refuse.

Becker and Henderson are at Becker’s house and we see that the Becker family has a cold relationship. Becker’s son refuses to do what his father asks him to do and, after Becker walks off to get some beers, his wife reveals that they are having marital troubles. She blames his double shifts. Becker returns as she walks off. Becker knows that Seward did not take the medication. Henderson says he tried and Becker takes a long chug on his beer.

At the park, Twitch gets into a fight with some skaters and they brutally beat him after they mock his sexuality and he tells them it is his park.

At the precinct, Skinner is furious that Goldie has hijacked the investigation and brought it to the attention of the media. Holder correctly says that Skinner gave the order to let him go. Skinner goes into a private office and we see that the conversation he is having with two people is not pleasant. Linden, Holder and Carl talk about Tiffany. Linden knows that Tiffany has more information that she has not revealed. Carl criticizes Linden, saying what they should do. Linden verbally castrates him, telling him the reason he never made sergeant is because, after 23 years, all he does is get in the way. Carl says he is reporting her to Skinner.

Linden approaches a squad car when Holder catches her, telling her he is coming with her to go talk to Tiffany.

Lyric is devastated when Bullet brings the bloody Twitch home. He reveals to her that he cannot go to Los Angeles and cries that he is a joke. Lyric says she is going to go get things from the drug store to take care of him. They share a kiss as Bullet looks like she wants to run headfirst into the wall. She quickly departs as it seems things are getting more intimate.

Tiffany again tells Linden that she does not know anything else about the man. She refuses. Holder tries a different approach with her, empathizing with her and trying to convince her that she is not garbage.

Hill and Seward are talking again from their cells. Becker, Henderson and two other guards arrive to give Seward his medication. He pretends to take them, putting them in his mouth and spitting them in Becker’s face. Becker tells Seward to take the pill again – which he refuses. Becker orders Hill’s cell open and begins beating Hill with a nightstick. He tells Seward he will do so until Seward takes the medicine. He finally relents. Becker walks towards his cell to gloat, saying he knew Seward would see it his way. Hill criticizes Seward’s giving in, saying he could have taken more. He says Seward did not have to let them win. Seward says they won a long time ago.

Back at the station, we see that Tiffany gave Holder a name – Joe Mills. Holder enters the name into a database and we learn that he was one of the men arrested at Mama Dips. He was in their custody but was released just six hours ago.

As it pours, we see that Bullet is standing outside of Goldie’s apartment, staring at his window.

At Danette’s house, she greets her boyfriend with a kiss. He turns and we see that it is Joe Mills. The episode ends.