Scared and Running - Recap

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Kallie’s mother, Danette Leeds, wanders around her small trailer looking for her boyfriend, Joe Mills. She questions Joe, asking why he left during the middle of the night – he tells her not to worry. She also reveals that she got a call from Kallie and is worried because Kallie has never been gone this long. Joe says Kallie will come back eventually and that she should not worry about it. Danette begs Joe not to leave, but he does, saying he will be in touch.

Stephen Holder is questioning Mama Dibs about Joe. It seems like Joe has used Dibs as a reference/employer in the past. Dibs says she does not know Joe. Holder shows a picture to jog her memory as Sarah Linden enters the room. Dibs stares at the photos, hesitant to say anything. Linden realizes that Joe is not Dibs’ lover, it is her son. Dibs cracks, telling them to leave her boy alone. Dibs believes no one understands Joe like she does. Dibs rationalizes why Joe is always around young kids, saying they love him. A knock on the door breaks up the questioning.

Linden and Holder arrive at Danette’s house, as they have learned she is Joe’s woman. She uses the call from last night as proof that Joe is innocent. Linden is horrified that she did not answer the call from her missing daughter, as Danette said she was sleeping. Linden storms off after telling her that people like her should not be parents. Holder follows her and they enter a squad car. James Skinner calls Holder, saying that someone may have seen Joe.

In prison, Alton talks to Ray Seward about a statement he is preparing to make against the guards. Seward pushes Alton about what he did. Alton wants to get his sentence commuted to life and says that other death row inmates who have appealed to their victims’ families have gotten their sentences commuted. Another inmate speaks up, saying that he has already been forgiven by God – even Ray. Ray does not accept that, saying that God can shove it up his rectum.

Linden and Holder show up to meet Skinner, who is at the edge of the woods with a few other officers. A red-haired missing girl – believed to be Kallie - has potentially fled into the woods. Their immediate priority is to search the park and the surrounding area to see if they can find anything. Linden takes off into the woods, against Holder’s objections. Deeper and deeper they walk into the woods as they get darker and darker. Linden pauses when she sees a red bag, similar to the ones that were in the marsh.

Linden and Holder are driving in the car, trying to figure out the killer’s logic. They are searching desolate streets, looking for places the missing girl may have run. Linden believes that they won’t find anything, because if you don’t want to be found, you won’t stay in the open.

Guard Francis Becker is preparing the other prison guards, as well as Gabe Henderson, for Seward’s upcoming execution. Seven men are needed to carry it out – seven volunteers. Becker chuckles, saying he is sure they won’t have any trouble finding volunteers.

The detectives pull up near a seedy-looking building. Some young adults see them and they run off. Linden gets out of the car and looks around, eventually finding a severed finger and blood splatters. She looks up and sees that she is across the street from Beacon House.

Holder is asking the home’s director about the girl, trying to find out if she showed up last night. They ask him about the how the children operate, asking where they would go for medical attention. He is hesitant to answer, but they push, talking about the bad things that are happening to the kids. He relents, a bit, telling them there are three 24-hour clinics. He tells them the system is broken, as their used to be nine, and he storms off.

Bullet is waiting for Holder and Linden when they leave, asking what is going on. They try to shake her, but she is tough and refuses to accept no for an answer. She gets into their car and says she will take them to the three clinics, as she knows where Kallie would go.

They stop at a bridge overpass, where the punks who beat Twitch previously are. Holder gets out to question them. Bullet mocks him as he goes, saying he looks like an idiot. Holder asks the punks if they have seen his dog, and they act tough, threatening him. Holder is not intimidated. In the car, Bullet and Linden talk about stuff, as Bullet offers to draw a tattoo on her. One of the punks, Jedidiah, begins saying weird stuff about a woman who lives in the water crying out for her murdered kids. Holder seems puzzled by that and wanders down by the river alone, trying to understand what Jedidiah was talking about. He looks at it, trying to see something. He finally does, his eyes growing in size. He returns to the car, kicking Bullet back to the back seat. He tells Linden he has something. They pull the car down to the area he was at and walk towards some large pipes. It is getting dark and darker outside. Three pipes down, they see blood stains all along the pipe, as well as a trail of blood that leads deep into the pipe. Bullet is at the other side of the pipe and appears stunned.

More police are on site as Holder says they have not found a body. Linden surmises that the killer tracked her down and took her away. Bullet wants them to bounce, saying she knows other spots she would have gone. Holder says this is it for the end of the night and Bullet gets very emotional, punching Holder low and calling him a “quitting ass punk.” Linden says they need to take a break, as they are going on 72 hours. They go their separate ways.

Danette is driving around. She calls Kallie’s cell phone, looking for her daughter. We see that the area she is driving around is where Kallie usually hangs out.

Seward is staring out his window as the other inmate (no name given yet) wants to talk. The man wants to know about Seward’s wife. Seward gives him a weird answer, saying that she was wild and not a good woman, saying she was a whore. The man asks if Seward loved her. He avoids the question. The man asks if his wife disappointed him and that is why he killed her – Seward does not answer. Becker shows up and reveals that the man has a visitor – and so does Seward. It is his son’s foster mother, who wants to adopt Adrian. Seward asks why she came alone without her husband. She says that he did not want to come. In two weeks he will be dead and Adrian will be theirs, so he asks why she really came. She reveals that Adrian has forgiven him and that he wants to see his father desperately. Seward laughs at this and ends the conversation, as the woman cries.

Linden sees a woman looking at the photos of the dead girls. Linden wants to know what the girl wants and why she is there – it is revealed that it is Skinner’s daughter, who is there with her mother (who is not a fan of Linden). They walk off, as Linden appears conflicted.

She goes to Holder’s apartment, giving a lame excuse that she missed the ferry home. Holder’s girlfriend Carolyn is there and meets Linden for the first time. Carolyn makes Linden a plate of food as Holder talks to her about a fishing program. The three sit around awkwardly, as Holder’s professional and personal lives collide in a messy manner. It turns out it is Valentine’s Day, which Holder has forgotten. He gives a lame excuse about celebrating the next day because it is less commercial, but Carolyn lets him off the hook easy. A phone call saves him from further interrogation, as Bullet has found something. The detectives rush off.

Bullet has brought the detectives to an alley. Through a ton of sources, she has learned that a man carried a bleeding girl into a building. The detectives exit into the pouring rain and enter the abandoned building. The only light inside is from their flashlights and a solitary green exit sign. A dog barks and the detectives realize a man is there. His hands are covered in blood. He says it was not him – the girl was worse when she got there. Linden walks over and sees the girl. It is not Kallie. She touches the girl’s neck for a pulse and the girl wakes up screaming. Linden calms the girl down, saying she is safe now.

The girl is loaded into an ambulance and Linden says she going to the hospital to question the girl about the man who took her when she wakes up. Holder goes to Bullet, who does not think she will see her friend alive again. Holder hugs Bullet, who drops her tough act for the first time.

Seward is back in his cell when the lights come on. Alton is being escorted back to his cell. Alton seems defeated with his body language. Seward asks how it went, meeting his victim’s family. Alton reveals that he told the family his story. He sits down slowly and reveals his crime – he robbed a safe. The man who owned the safe was behind him and tried to stop him. A woman was with the man. Alton shot both of them. The two people he killed were his parents. And when he met with his brothers and sisters earlier, they forgave him. This has shaken Alton, as he does not understand why they did.

Danette comes home and Joe is there waiting for her. Danette reveals that she cannot stop thinking about her daughter. Joe tells her to calm down, that Kallie will be fine. Danette tells him that cops came by earlier. He asks what they wanted, which Danette does not really answer. He goes to shower and Danette dials Kallie’s phone. From across the room she hears a phone ringing. She goes to answer it and it is Kallie’s phone, in Joe’s stuff. From across the room Joe opens the bathroom door. The episode ends.