Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Eugene hatches a plan to copy Jagger's apartment key after casing his building.
Special Guest Stars: Mick Jagger as Himself |
Guest Stars: Lena Chen as Bank Patron | Jagger Kaye as Security Guard | Koji Kataoka as Teng | Tim Miller as Loan Officer
Director: Donal Logue

2 :01x02 - Operation: Seduce Simone

The KOP attempt to break in to Mick's place with their copied key only to find out how much security he really has. They need to get a key code which Simone has, so they get Louis to seduce her.
Special Guest Stars: Sally Jessy Raphael as Herself |
Guest Stars: Reiko Aylesworth as Simone | Sarah Hudnut as Simone's Friend | Ward Duffy as Security Guard #2 | Lawrence Winslow as Security Guard | Kevin Carrigan as Frank Cortland | Jo Yang as Chinese Woman #2 | Nancy Eng as Chinese Woman #1 | Felicia P. Fields as Woman Carrying Groceries | Rudy Costa as Police Officer
Director: Don Scardino

3 :01x03 - Operation: Fighting Shape

Esperanza deals with her obnoxious, confrontational customer. The Knights go with a drunk who loves to have his picture taken with celebrities.
Guest Stars: Rob Devaney (1) as Hawthorne Jansen | Reiko Aylesworth as Simone |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Carrigan as Frank Cortland | Rizwan Manji as Dentist | Lawrence Winslow as Security Guard #1 | Ward Duffy as Security Guard #2 | Jay Boryea as Tough Guy #1 | Terence Schappert as Tough Guy #2
Director: Don Scardino
Songs: Rush -- Tom Sawyer

4 :01x04 - Operation: Deliver the Case

The Knights try to work their way into Mick Jagger's security company by landing Rockefeller an interview with Burton Security.
Guest Stars: Elisabeth S. Rodgers as Mom | Starr McKenna as Five-Year-Old Girl | David Fonteno as Alex Kernick | Daniel Raymont as Calvin | Andrew Ginsburg as Server | Michael Warner as Burton Officer | Mike Timoney as Senior Officer
Director: Michael Fresco

5 :01x05 - Operation: Ralph

The Knights, disappointed that Rockefeller's new job at Burton Security doesn't include Mick's apartment, they focus on Ralph, one of the guards at Mick's place who has been befriended by Rockefeller. Butts invites Ralph to a poker game with the Knights, but an attempt to get information out of him fails. But when Eugene changes methods, Ralph thinks that Eugene is interested in him romantically and invites him on a date.
Special Guest Stars: Dustin Diamond as Himself |
Guest Stars: Poppi Kramer as Emcee | Rick Zahn as Agent | Sarah Schreiber as Pretty Woman | Carrie Flaska as Secretary | Jay Seals as Young Executive #1 | David Rossmer as Young Executive #2 | Kevin Carrigan as Frank Cortland | Ben Bailey as Ralph Carnucci
Director: Michael Fresco

6 :01x06 - Operation: Caught on Tape

The Knights are able to get into Mick's apartment by "disarming" the on-duty Rockefeller, but run into trouble when they take off their ski masks too soon and their faces are captured by the security cameras. Now the gang must hack into Burton's computer hard drive to erase their faces from the drive.
Guest Stars: Jacob Kiron Shalov as Ajay | Deepti Gupta as Bini | Sheffield Chastain as Shift Supervisor | Chris Gethard as Burton Security Employee | Marcus Mitchell as Art

7 :01x07 - Operation: Save Esperanza

As the Knights are ready to rob Mick Jagger, they realizes that Esperanza is missing. Eugene and the gang go to the diner and find Esperanza being held captive by Enrico, her ex-boyfriend who happened to be a Colombian gangster. Now the Knights have to save Esperanza, which puts a kink in their plan to rob Mick Jagger.
Guest Stars: Katie Takahashi as Japanese Girl #2 | Bobby Cannavale as Enrico Cortez | Felix Solis as Jaime Santanita | David Pinon as Flavio Puente | Mark Mineart as Bouncer | Seiko Higuma as Japanese Girl #1 | Billy Griffith as Bouncer #2
Writer: Eric Horsted

8 :01x08 - Operation: Panic Room

On a weekend when Mick Jagger doesn't have any security, the Knights are finally able to reach their goal: they break into Jagger's apartment and go through all of his treasures and possessions. But their rejoicing comes to a quick end when they find themselves locked in Mick's panic room and have to come up with an escape plan before Mick's security returns.
Guest Stars: Ernie Anastos as Himself | Bobby Cannavale as Enrico Cortez | Felix Solis as Jaime Santanita | David Pinon as Flavio Puente
Director: Don Scardino

9 :01x09 - Operation: Oswald Montecristo

With their Mick Jagger task completed, the Knights have to choose their next celebrity target. When they hear that Kelly Ripa is in need of an architect for her home, the Knights choose her as their next victim. Eugene poses as an architect with "associates" so the Knights can case her place. However, Eugene soon finds himself in love with his newest target, jeopardizing the Knights' plot.
Special Guest Stars: Kelly Ripa as Herself | Regis Philbin as Himself | Ray Romano as Himself |
Guest Stars: Rocco DiSpirito as Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Jessi Campbell (1) as Louise | Tara Westwood as Hostess | Michael Leon Wooley as Maurice | Sydney Burnett as Daughter #1 | Lucy Burnett as Daughter #2 | Charlie Burnett as Son | Eliza Baldi as Woman | Tracey Wigfield as Page #1 | Karla Mosley as Page #2
Director: Don Scardino
Songs: Styx -- Mr. Roboto, Kenny G -- Songbird

10 :01x10 - Operation: Rent Money

In order to pay rent -- all $1.5 million of it -- for the apartment next to their target, the Knights come up with a plan to get the money: kidnap Louis and demand a ransom from his wealthy father. But when Louis' father doesn't come to his rescue right away, the Knights have to decide whether or not to keep Louis as a member.
Special Guest Stars: Ray Romano as Himself |
Guest Stars: Natasha Lyonne as Woman | Jonathan Lam as Louis Plunk's Roommate | James Rebhorn as Harrison Plunk
Director: Rodman Flender

11 :01x11 - Operation: Steal the Safe

A plot to pilfer Ray Romano's safe, which holds a diamond ring, depends on the star leaving his apartment---an act he seems reluctant to do.

12 :01x12 - Operation: Open the Safe

'Now that the Knights have Ray Romano's safe, they need a professional to open it. But they get a surprise when they see what's inside.

13 :01x13 - Operation: Romanocorp

In the series finale, the Knights help Louis shoot a movie for his interview at Ray Romano's film company, from which Eugene thinks they can embezzle millions of dollars.