The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex

THE L.A. COMPLEX is about a group of performers who are trying to make it big in the the city. With their lives entangled in the world of reality, the young hopefuls find themselves as neighbors. Conner (Jonathan Patrick Moore) is an actor with a shady past. He finds out that he is in a new series. Joining him is Raquel (Jewel Staite), an actress who knows her way around the streets. However, she is worried that she is not going to be popular after her one hit wonder on the stage. Nick (Joe DInicol), a stand-up comedian that doesn't seem to be able to get out of the "friend zone" with anyone is also joining them on their quest. Abby (Cassie Steele), a girl who broke up with a long-time boyfriend to pursue her dreams. Alicia (Chelan Simmons), a dancer with a sensitive attitude looking to make ends meet. Kaldrick (Andra Fuller) and Tariq (Benjamin Charles) are Hip-Hop artists trying to make it. Tariq is hiding something that would help greatly.

THE L.A. COMPLEX, originally aired in Canada now has Executive Producer, Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn of Epitome Pictures (Degrassi and Instant Star) and Martin Gero (Bored to Death, Stargate Atlantis). Directed by Martin Gero and Stefan Brogren and Written by Martin Gero, Aaron Abrams, Matt Huether, Cole Bastedo, Karen Hill, and Brendan Gall. The show looks into the lives of the average struggling artist trying to make a name for themselves and allowing for life to happen around them.

Episode Info

Prev: 2x13 -- Don't Say Goodbye (Sep/24/2012)

The second season concludes with Connor experiencing an uncomfortable moment with Charlotte and seeking solace in Scienetics. Meanwhile, Raquel prepares for a fund-raiser; and Beth fights to keep Simon in her life.

Jonathan WoodJonathan Wood
As Connor Lake (as Jonathan Patrick Moore)
Joe DinicolJoe Dinicol
As Nick Wagner
Andra FullerAndra Fuller
As Kaldrick King
Dayle McLeodDayle McLeod
As Beth Pirelli (S02-)
Michael Levinson (1)Michael Levinson (1)
As Simon Pirelli (S02-)
Georgina ReillyGeorgina Reilly
As Sabrina Taylor (S02-, recurring previously)
Chelan SimmonsChelan Simmons
As Alicia Lowe
Cassie SteeleCassie Steele
As Abby Vargas
Ben WatsonBen Watson
As Tariq Muhammad (as Benjamin Charles Watson)
Jewel StaiteJewel Staite
As Raquel Westbrook

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2x13: Don't Say Goodbye recap: The episode begins with Connor pushing away Charlotte who has just kissed him and exclaiming “what are you doing?” He then reminds her “you are my sister”. Charlotte is visibly embarrassed and tells him she is sorry and rushes out of the room. Kaldrick meets Infinite, who taunts him about being a “faggot”, as he has discovered this, from Kaldrick’s hard drive he stole from Kaldrick’s friend. Infinite blackmails Kaldrick by telling him he wants $5 million in lieu of the hard drive and for keeping his mouth shut. He gives Kaldrick 24 hours to think it over, after which he threatens to go public. Raquel in the morning wakes up in Mark’s bed... read more.

2x12: Xs and Os recap: The episode begins with Raquel and Connor enacting a scene for their movie. The cops come in during the shoot and arrest Connor for arson and insurance fraud. At the hospital, Kaldrick in dismay is watching his father who is on life support. His lawyer boyfriend comes in, and Kaldrick thanks him for being “here”. Kaldrick is informed by a hospital official that, his father’s insurance wouldn’t cover his medical bills. He is outraged at hearing this and tells the official “do you know who I am” and throws money at her. The lawyer calms him down, and tells the official to provide the patient with best medical care possible, if the hospital does not want to get sued... read more.

2x11: Now Or Never recap: The episode begins with Beth staring at her father who has returned. Simon, who is overjoyed to see his father, introduces him to everyone. Simon takes him to their room. Later, Raquel and Cam ask to talk to a bank manager regarding a loan for their movie. The employee leaves to get the manager, in the meanwhile the two shoot for their movie, with Raquel pretending to be the bank employee and Cam filming it. They finish their filming in the bank and leave as soon as the manager arrives. Gray arrives at Abby’s doorstep and calls out for her, he then sees Abby passed out on her bed, from her window. Lying on the table besides her is the bottle of the meds Kaldrick had given her... read more.

2x10: Make It Right recap: The episode begins with Charlotte telling Connor that she wants to help him be happy, when he answers in the negative, when asked by her if he is happy. Kaldrick tells a livid Abby that, he needs to find Tariq. He tells her that he just wants make sure Tariq is ok. Abby though isn’t in any mood to help Kaldrick and asks him to stay away, and warns her she shall call the police if he doesn’t. While strolling on the beach, Sabrina and Nick run into her parents. Her parents invite the two to dinner at a golf club. Raquel and gang on the other hand are trying to shoot their movie. Cam then leaves for a date with Beth... read more.

2x9: Help Wanted recap: The episode begins with Connor all shocked on Charlotte introducing herself as his sister. She tells him he had earlier seen her when she was a little child. Connor tells her that “it’s a lot to process at once”. He then asks, where she lives now. She reveals that she now lives in Idaho, where their mom moved when she was a kid. She also reveals that their mother was sick and has passed away. Connor is visibly moved on hearing this. He then asks her to come to his room, as he has a lot of questions he wants to ask her. Next morning, Raquel is handed a subpoena and informed that she is being sued... read more.
Recurring Guests

Kristopher Turner as Cam (9 eps)
Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Kevin (9 eps)
Dayo Ade as Dynasty (7 eps)
Ennis Esmer as Eddie Demir (6 eps)
Paul F. Tompkins (5 eps)
Elise Legrow as Elise (5 eps)
Norman Maschke as Norman (5 eps)
Sep Noroozi as Sep (5 eps)
Michael McCreary as Michael (5 eps)
Alex Denike as Alex (5 eps)

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