Vacancy - Recap

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The scene opens with Conner watching as firemen clear out his house. At the same moment, Raquel looks at the pregnancy test as Nick and Abby get busy”. The next day, Kaldrick’s lawyer tells his associate that Kaldrick is in a lot of trouble if Tariq talks. He says that he is going to have to sign a confidentially agreement. Kaldrick’s associate says that they will “take care of him”. His lawyer advises against that. Kaldrick tells him that he will take care of it. Meanwhile in Winnipeg, Simon tells Beth that there is food at the casting. She tells them not to. However, the director tells her that it is free. Simon runs over and starts eating. She tells him to get some fruit too. At “The Lux”, Eddie and Nick say goodbye to Alicia. They tell her that they are proud of her and that she is moving out on her own terms. Nick tells her to take care of herself. She tells them not to do anything she wouldn’t do. They put the Vacancy up.

Eddie says that he wants to talk to Nick, but Nick gets a phone call. It is Scott Cray. He says that he saw his set last night and says that he was wondering if he has a writer’s packet. Nick lies and says that he does and says that he will be there later. Eddie tells Nick that he has to pay more rent. Nick asks why and Eddie says that he has more than one occupant. Nick tries to say that he doesn’t, but when Eddie knocks on his door, Abby answers. Eddie says that he is going to need another $400 a month for rent. Nick says that they can’t pay that right now. Abby says that she just landed a movie part and asks for the end of the week. He says that they have until then to pay. Abby asks Nick if it is too soon for them to be living together. He says that it isn’t. They go inside. Meanwhile, Raquel practices telling Conner that she is pregnant and that the baby is his without him being there. There is a knock on the door. Conner comes in and says that his house burned down. He asks to crash there and she, a little shocked, says that it could be for a little while. He plays the “I’m injured” card.

Abby gets a call from Ron, her agent. He tells her that the movie deal is not going to happen. He says that he booked her for an audition though. Eddie comes up and asks if everything is alright. She lies and says that it is and says that she is off for an audition. Kaldrick goes up to Abby and asks for Tariq. She tells him that she doesn’t know. She asks if everything is fine, but he ignores her. Kaldrick goes up to Tariq’s place to find it empty. He remembers his time with Tariq in bed together. Back in Winnipeg, they are shooting a commercial. The kid that they hired is allergic to dairy. His mother says that he really isn’t, but the kid doesn’t want to do it. The director looks over at Simon and asks if he can do it. He says that he can. Beth asks how much they are going to get and he says that it is triple the amount they are paying the kid. She tells him not to screw this up. They shoot the commercial and Simon does a good job.

Raquel and Conner toast to good things coming and she tells him that she doesn’t feel like drinking. She suggests that they go do something before people swarming him when he is famous from his TV series that he just landed. They go out and walk up a hill. Conner says that it is a beautiful view. She tells him that he never talks about his family and Conner says that his father was not a good father. He suggests that they go back and have a drink, but she says that they are not done yet. He asks if she is going to take him camping. At the auditions, Abby looks at the show “Saving Grace” that she is auditioning for and laughs. She is called into the room and tries the lines. The director stops her and says that she isn’t right for the part. She says that she is. He says that she is dressed like a prositiute when she is supposed to be auditioning to play a missionary. As Abby leaves, she says that they are doing a great job of spreading their belief and she lies that she would love to be part of the show and further the cause. She quotes a line from the Bible of “He without sin, cast the first stone”, and leaves.

Nick runs into Scott Cray’s office and is mocked by Sabrina, who is also applying for the job. She tells him that he can’t be funny and that they are going to eat them alive. He says that she is just trying to get in his head. He gets called in for his interview. Abbey goes up to Eddie and tells him asks why he is wearing a suit. He says that he signed up for acting classes, but his cleaning lady quit. She offers to clean and asks how much he will pay. He says that it is $25/hour. She says that she will do it. She sees the cleaning room and it is a mess. However, she tells herself that it is $25/hour. Conner and Raquel walk through the city when they are approached about taking a Free Personality Quiz. They learn about Dianetics, a system that cleanses the brain of any troubling images. Conner gets really interested and Raquel tells the lady that they need to go. They see Conner’s poster for Critical Unit, the TV series that he landed and is still struggling with coming to grips with it. She tells him that they need to go back to “The Lux” and have some take-out and a movie.

Kaldrick gets back and his friend asks if he found Tariq. He says that he hasn’t. He says that his producer is there and wants to talk to him. He tells Kaldrick that the studio has cameras and says that he knows what he saw. He tells him to make it right with Tariq and he says that he has requests. Tariq is owed. He says that he makes it right, or he will hand it over to the press. He tells him where to find him. Simon finishes up with the commercial and the director asks about Simon and Beth. She says that she thinks that acting is lame, but is trying to make a name for Simon. The director gives Beth his card and they walk off. In the writing interview, Paul F. Thompkins, a clear enemy of Nick, comes in and tells Scott that he doesn’t want Nick. He says that he got the Nick that Paul asked for and Paul says that he is not him. Nick tells him that he needs a chance and Paul asks Nick to make him laugh. Nick stands up and asks Sabrina how he is in bed. She starts rambling about his lack of stamina and erectile dysfunction. He says that is the healthiest relationship he has ever been in. Scott laughs, but Paul doesn’t. Nick says that it was nice and leaves.

Abby cleans and a room. They tell her that Rosa does it better. They see Conner and Raquel come up. Abby tells them that she is helping Eddie out. She walks off and the two occupants tell Conner that he is going to be a big TV star and that they need to celebrate. He says that he can and gives them money. Raquel is offended that he would give up their date that they planned. Later, Kaldrick, his lawyer and associate go to his Producer’s studio where Tariq is. He asks what he wants. He says that he only wants a plane ticket home and to talk to Kaldrick alone. He agrees. Kaldrick tells Tariq that he is sorry. However, he doesn’t want an apology. He tells him that he wants him to remember that he has ruined his life. He signs the confidentiality agreement and walks out. Kaldrick sees the tape and takes it. Beth and Simon get a lift back to their car. She tells him to brush his teeth before the mall closes. Later at the party, Abby answers the phone. It is Tariq. He tells her to tell Eddie that he needs to forward his stuff to Montreal. Abby asks what happened, but he hangs up crying.

Eddie comes in and she asks how the acting classes went. He says that it was good. She asks for her pay. He gives her $50. She says that she worked for six hours. He says that Rosa normally does it in 2 hours and to take it or leave it. Conner jumps into the pool from the 2nd floor. Eddie tells him that he shouldn’t do that. Conner goes up to Raquel and tells her to marry him. He says that she is all that he has. She says yes. Meanwhile, Kaldrick gets back home with two girls and is drunk. He gets to the bathroom and remembers when he told Tariq to do something. Nick gets a call from Scott and says that they are going to hire both him and Sabrina. He says thank you and Scott says that Paul didn’t want him and says that he fought for him. Nick finds Abbey and she gives him the $50. He says that he got the job and says that she doesn’t have to clean rooms. He says that he loves living with Abbey. She asks if he knows anyone there and he lies and says that he doesn’t. Meanwhile, Beth looks at the card from the director. His name is Sam Peterson. She drives off. Kaldrick’s girls come to the bathroom to find him lying in the bathroom. He has cut his wrists. The episode ends.