The Contract - Recap

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The scene opens with Beth pulling up to the view of all of Los Angeles. Simon joins her. Meanwhile, Nick and Abby are kissing when Abby’s agent calls her. He asks her why she isn’t at shooting for “Saying Grace”. She says that she read for them yesterday. He tells her that he forgot to tell her, but she got the part and that they are shooting today. She runs out and decides to go commando as her underwear cannot be found. Nick says that he starts today, but she runs out the door. He gets a text from Sabrina saying that he is dead. Abby runs into Conner, spilling the coffee he is holding. She takes off her shirt and asks him if a bra and shorts is a look. He says that it could be.

Conner goes in to Raquel’s hotel room and she tells him that she is a little under the weather. She tells Conner that she is cleansing. She asks why he is acting helpful and Conner says that he was drunk when he asks her to be his girlfriend and says that he is sober and doesn’t feel any different. He says that he has to leave and meet Jennifer Bell. She asks if he is going to be in a movie of hers now. He laughs. Raquel bites into the burrito he got and he asks her what kind of cleanse she is doing. She tells him that it is none of his business. Beth and Simon get to “The Lux” and Eddie tells them the rules. She asks if she can trade her labor for a room. He laughs and goes back to what he was doing with the electricity. Beth tells him that he needs to turn off the breaker.

She looks at the wiring and tells him that he has a fire hazard. He tells her that she can have a room if she helps fix the things around “The Lux”. Nick and Sabrina get into work and Nick tries to call truce with her and she tells him that they can work together. He says that he bought her Danish with Raisins. She tells him that he has never been in a writer’s room and when they get in, there are a bunch of Danishes. Kaldrick wakes up in the hospital and is asked what he was thinking. He tells him that they are going to run tests and that he is only going to have to say no. The doctor comes in and says that they have to do the test. He asks Kaldrick if the questions to see if he is a threat to himself and he says yes to all the questions. Abby gets at the studio and a woman tells her that Donald wants to see her in his office.

She gets in and he is a little taken back by her apparel. She says that it is a new look. He says that he likes to meet with everyone beforehand and says that he thinks that Abby is more suited to play Veronica, the new promiscuous girl. He says that she has a contract where she has to live by the core values that the show holds to and to report anyone who breaks them. He asks her if she can do this. Abby looks at the picture of Jesus in Donald’s office and lies and says that she can. In the writer’s room, Scott is laughing at what Sabrina is coming up with. She tells Nick that he has to say something or else he won’t be around long. He says that he is getting the feel of the room. At “The Lux”, Goose, her agent, calls Raquel and says that he has something for her. He says that it is not a lead and she says that she is worth it. He says that he knows a guy that teaches a class.

Insulted, she says that she doesn’t need acting classes. He tells her that it is more learning how she is perceived and how to use it. Conner waits for Jennifer Bell and gives up thinking that she stood him up. She comes up and says that he gives up quick. They sit down and she says that she is meeting with a few people. He asks her about the movie and she says that she wants him to buy her a smoothie and then he will find out. Beth and Simon get to the Director’s office and Beth says that he told them to look him up if they were ever in town. He says that they are not casting, but tells her to leave Simon’s agent’s number. They say he doesn’t have one and asks him to help them out. He pulls a random agent’s number off his bulletin board and tells them to give them a call. She realizes that he is just brushing them off and the director admits that he was just hitting on her.

At the “Saying Grace” set, they are praying. One of the key grips pulls Abby to the side and says that Donald doesn’t like to see nipples through the shirt and gives her pads. Brandon comes up and says that he has to wear them too. He says that he plays Grace’s brother. Back at the café, Conner is talking to Jennifer and she says that that she wants to hear secrets. Conner says that he burned his house down two days ago and Jennifer realizes that he is serious. She can’t compete with that. Conner asks what she is scared of and she says that she is scared of disappearing. Beth and Simon get to the talent agent and they get the contract. However, Beth sees that there is a fee of $1,200 and asks what that is about. The agent says that they are good. Beth tells her that it is not going to be a problem. Conner asks Jennifer what the movie is about. She says that it is a love story.

He says that he has never done a movie and she says that he is a nobody, but has his own TV series. She leans in and kisses him. She says that they can do this. Abby goes up to Brandon’s room and sees him getting “busy” with Grace. She runs out and apologizes. At the hospital, the psychiatrist asks Kaldrick if he wants to share anything. He says no. One of the patients touches Kaldrick and he responds aggressively. The psychiatrist tells him to calm down. They continue and Kaldrick sees an old man staring at him. He gets up and asks if he has a problem. The psychiatrist tells him that he is staring at nothing. He tells Kaldrick that the old man is called the Abyss and hasn’t spoken in years. They resume their meeting. At the writer’s room, Paul comes in to check on the progress. He asks if anyone has any ideas.

Sabrina pushes Nick up and he says that Paul can end it with him hugging the viewing audience. Sabrina adds in that all the cast can hug the audience. Paul says that he doesn’t hate it. Conner and Jennifer get to a room with her lawyers. They give him a confidentiality agreement. He signs it and Jennifer says that she wants to hire him to be her boyfriend for six months with an option for six more. She says that she is getting older and that she needs to be seen with someone young. He gets up and tells her that this meeting was humiliating. Raquel is at her class and sits down to be characterized. They all see that she could play a mean person and cold attitude. She gets upset and says that people see her as a working actress and doesn’t need this. Back at the hospital, the psychiatrist sits down with Kaldrick and says that he needs to open up and say it out loud.

Kaldrick takes a moment and asks if they are done. He says that he hopes not. Raquel goes to an audition with blond hair and asks to read for the lead. At “Saying Grace”, they are reading lines and Laura pulls Abby to the side. She tells her that if she says anything to Donald about her and Brandon, she will slit her throat. Abby says that she understands. Brandon takes her to the side and asks her to go out with him and Laura later. She tries to decline, but he insists and she is forced to agree to come along. At the writer’s room, they finish up and Nick tells Sabrina that they make a good team. She kisses him and he pulls back and says that he is with Abby now. Scott comes in and tells them that they can only hire one of them. Nick realizes that the truce is off.

She says that he is a dead man. Later at the club, Laura and Brandon talk to Abby and she says that she is not a rat. They say that Donald is psycho and she says that her lips are sealed. Beth leaves a message for her father to help them out in Los Angeles. She kicks a hole through the drywall. She opens goes back to the bedroom to find Simon outside talking to strangers. She runs down and Simon says that they are Dita, Kevin and Cam. Kevin can do his headshots for free. Beth likes that. Raquel gets the news that the audition was bad and that she came off as cold and mean. She tells her agent to get Cacta-Bear, a weak acting role. Conner comes in and asks about her day. She says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says that he can’t talk about it.

Nick calls Abby and asks to talk to her, but she can’t hear him. Conner tells Raquel about the deal and she tells him that he should do it. He asks about them and she says that he needs this. She says that it is a smart move. They kiss and he takes off her wig. Beth tells Simon that they walk if anything is strange and he agrees. At the hospital, Kaldrick’s associate comes in and tells him that he is out of there. He says that he is still sick and needs to stay. However, his associate says that he needs to get out and back to work. He leaves the room and on his way out, he sees the Abyss. He walks up to him and tells his associate that he will be right back. He tells the Abyss that he is a faggot. Kaldrick hugs him and walks away. The episode ends.