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Be A Man - Recap

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The scene opens with a young Kaldrick running from a group of kids. His dad tells him to stand up for himself. He wakes up to his phone getting a message. He has 9 of them. He wakes up next to an old man. Walter, Kaldrick’s father asks him to stay for breakfast. Abby is sleeping outside and Conner sees the tabloids about him and Jennifer. He asks Raquel how she feels about being on set and she says that it is going to be fun. She winces in pain and says that it is nothing. Meanwhile on the “Saying Grace” set, Brandon sits down with Abby and tells her about the next episode. She says that it has been a rough morning. He tells her that she is a catch when she tells him that she broke up with Nick. They get their cue to go on next. Nick tries to send a message to Abby, but decides not to. Sabrina, Scott and the rest of the writers come in and tell Nick that Desk Pieces are old school. Nick is furious that he was up late working on the Desk Pieces. Scott reminds him that he has to decide in 48 hours on whom to keep. Nick realizes that he is making Scott upset and backs off.

At the “Lux”, Beth and Simon run through lines. Beth says that they have 2 auditions today and says that she is doing a great job finding him auditions without an agent. He tells him to eat his breakfast. At the Mission, Walter gives Kaldrick breakfast. He says that it is just how he likes it. However, he throws it away and tells Walter that he is fine on his own despite Walter’s failure as a father. He asks why Kaldrick is there. Conner goes out to find Michael Brian, an insurance investigator on his house fire. He asks about the beer in his hand when he told the report that he was making tea. He tells Michael that he is late. Michael says that he has his number. Simon and Beth get into the audition and Simon meets a new friend. The mother tells Beth that she should get Simon to a stylist and Beth says that Simon is only 10-years-old. She says that Simon is a kid and not a dog. The mother takes her son away. On the set of Cacta-Bear, Raquel goes through her rehearsal and it is not the best. The director says that it is good and they will use it.

At the “Saying Grace” set, Brandon tells Abby to stay at his place because he stays with Laura. She accepts and he says that the keys are at Laura’s place. At the writers’ room, Scott asks Nick for ideas as to what Paul can say about the Black Keys. Nick is a little scatter-brained and says that he doesn’t really know. Sabrina laughs and Nick says that his girlfriend just broke up with him and he hasn’t slept well for two days. Sabrina tries to laugh but stops. Scott says that they need to go drinking. At the Mission, Walter gives Kaldrick a sandwich and agrees with Kaldrick that he was a horrible father. He says that he can control what he does now. Conner gets to a shop and meets Jennifer. She asks if the dress is screaming premiere. He gets some clothes on and Jennifer comes in and asks him to unzip her. She tells him that they can have fun if he wants, but he says that

Simon and Beth get to the diner and Simon sees the boy that he was talking to. Beth tires to say no, but is forced to apologize to the mother calling her son a dog. She starts to criticize again, but Simon stops her. She asks if Simon can sit with them and the mother says that both of them can sit with them. The writers get to the bar and Scott tells Nick that he wants to know everything that happened to him. Sabrina tells the bartender to make everything Nick drinks a triple and everything she drinks a virgin. Brandon and Abby get to his and Laura’s place and he stalls on giving her the keys by saying that he will cook for her. He pulls out the wine and it is clear that Abby likes Brandon. Beth and Simon eat with the mother and son from the auditions and the mom asks about their mother. Beth says that she is a temp. Beth says that they have to get Simon a suit jacket for the audition and the mother says that the people don’t care what he is wearing. She offers to buy them a round of hot fudge sundaes.

At the bar, Nick is clearly really drunk and Sabrina feels that she has won the battle. However, Nick realizes that Sabrina set him up and says to the guys that they should go to a strip club. Nick thinks that he has won, but Sabrina comes and participates by getting a lap dance. At the Cacta-Bear set, Raquel tells the director that she didn’t know that he was shooting. He tells her to get over herself and that he is only shooting the movie to finance his dream one. Back at Laura’s Brandon and Abby get flirty and talk about what they wanted to be when they were younger. Abby says that she wanted to be a pony and as she grew up she moved to bigger and better things. Brandon and Abby are about to kiss when Laura comes in and asks what is going on. Laura realizes that there is something going on, but shows that she doesn’t care about it. At the Mission, Walter tells Kaldrick that he won’t call him anymore. A boy comes up and shows Walter his test. He got a B+ and Walter shows him that he is proud. The boy recognizes Kaldrick and starts reciting his song. Kaldrick shows disgust when his lyrics are repeated.

Simon and Beth get to the audition and everyone is wearing suits. They realize that they were lied to. Beth goes up to the mother that lied and Tyson, the son, asks if Simon is mad. Beth asks why he would be. The mother says that Beth needs to learn something about the business. However, Beth tells her to allow Simon to borrow Tyson’s jacket or else she will punch her in the face. Simon tells Beth that Tyson let him borrow his jacket. The mother tries to explain her actions, but Beth just walks away. At the strip club, Sabrina and the stripper are laughing about Nick. He goes to the bathroom to find Scott doing cocaine. He asks him to do a line and Nick agrees. However, he blows it away and pretends. Nick says that he wants to go to a Brothel. Nick says that he knows of a place. He says that he is going to cut the others loose and then go with Nick. At the “Lux”, Eddie congrats him on his show starting up. Conner gets back to the room and finds Raquel. She says that her stomach hurts. She says that she understands that he has to go with Jennifer. She says that she knows that she said it wouldn’t bother her and says that she is not happy. Conner says that he doesn’t need this and is not going to make him feel bad for this. Raquel says that Conner he would be in pieces if he was any less insecure. Conner tells her that he will come get his stuff in the morning.

Nick and Scott get into a cab and Sabrina asks them where they are going. They ignore her and leave her at the bar. Kaldrick’s associate calls him up and says that he needs to worry about him. However, Kaldrick goes back inside and tells Walter to come live with him until he is back on his feet. At the Brothel, Scott gets two girls and thanks Nick. The Madam of the house looks at Nick and he asks to spread it over a few cards, At the Premiere, Conner and Jennifer get photographed and she tells the paparazzi that they like to keep their personal life private. Conner leans in and kisses her. He says that they need to have fun. At the “Lux”, Raquel is clearly drunk and asks Eddie and others about what they know about Jennifer Bell and how things are going.

At Laura’s, they tell her that she needs a rebound. Laura kisses her. Brandon kisses her and she decides to go with it. Raquel calls Conner’s voice mail and leaves message after message of her telling him that she is sorry and not sorry. She sees a ticket to the premiere on the table. She gets a dress on and drives. On the way there, she misses her turn and tries to work the GPS without looking. Suddenly she is sideswiped and her car spins. She is unconscious in the car and the window shattered. The episode ends.