Rules of Thirds - Recap

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The episode begins with Raquel being readied for a show. She is then escorted and placed with the other participants on the show. A doctor who is conducting the show then asks her “Raquel where did it all go wrong for you?” Beth and Simon in the meanwhile plead with Eddie to not evict them. Eddie though is adamant, as they haven’t paid rent. Abby comes in just then and pays her rent, and is given the keys to her room, by Eddie. Eddie in the end gives Beth 48 hours to arrange for the rent. Nick on the other hand wakes up and sees a note stuck to his pillow that says “read this note out loud”. He then follows a trail of notes through his house.

The last note stuck to a clock says “P.S, you’re late”, on reading that Nick realizes he is late and begins to panic. He then realizes his clothes are missing and says “she took my clothes”. Dynasty in the meanwhile isn’t happy about the fact that, Kaldrick hasn’t show up for a recording. He discusses this with Kaldrick, but is surprised by Kaldrick’s indifference. Abby on the other hand wants to discuss the previous night with Brandon, but he tells her he can’t talk about it “right now”. The two eventually decide to talk at Abby’s house, later. Simon in the meanwhile gets ready for his show. Nick in the meanwhile arrives at work wearing women’s clothes. Kaldrick on the other hand is avoiding calls from Dynasty, and is busy helping out at the 19th Street Mission.

Raquel meanwhile isn’t happy with how she is being projected on the show. She is angry about the fact that she is being projected as a “bitch” and wants to instead be projected as “a loving and a compassionate” individual. Jennifer on the other hand is busy tending to the injury sustained by Connor, thanks to him getting into a fight with her husband. She tells him, she has filed for a divorce a year ago. Her husband Eric, who is tending to his own injuries, tells her, his girlfriend Kelly has broken up with him. He then asks how Jennifer and Connor met. Jennifer though tells him “this is none of your business”. She then informs the two; she has a meeting with David Fincher, and wants Connor to keep an eye on Eric while she is gone, as he is drunk. Connor reluctantly agrees.

Eric and Connor are then on their own and don’t really seem to be hitting it off. Connor tells Eric, Jennifer is with him and doesn’t want Eric there. Eric though argues that, she wouldn’t have told him to stay if she did not want him there. He eventually manages to get on Connor’s nerves by telling Connor how Jennifer still has feelings for him. Sabrina in the meanwhile gives Nick his clothes back. She also offers to assist Nick with changing back into his own clothes. While they are at it, they begin making out passionately. Brandon and Abby on the other hand enter her house for a talk, and the moment they enter Abby throws herself, on Brandon. The two then begin stripping off each other’s clothes.

While they are at it, they mutually agree that, they should break up with Laura, as the thing between them has gone way beyond casual sex. Brandon tells Abby, he has feelings for her and has fallen for her. Beth in the meanwhile interrupts a scene, where Simon is being threatened by an actor playing a pedophile. She is outraged that a gag was being shoved in his throat by the actor. Simon reassures her that he is fine and that it’s all just an act. Raquel on the other hand is shocked to see her room being trashed by one of the contestants on the show, while she is being filmed. Raquel tries calming her down instead of shouting at her, the moment she realizes the camera is focusing on her. She does her best to keep her calm, just so she doesn’t come across as a bitch.

Nick meanwhile plays a prank on Sabrina, by sending some steamy messages from her phone to a coworker. The coworker approaches Sabrina with the messages, and comes on to her. She seeing no way out of the situation yells “I have herpes”. This is heard by everyone in the office, and Nick seems to be enjoying every moment of it. She later tells him “well played”. Raquel on the show, talks to one of the contestants named Ricky, after switching off his microphone. She tells him to stop putting up an act, just so he can gain everybody’s sympathy. He argues that it’s working. She instead tells him, if he wants to be a bad boy he has to start pissing people off. He seems reluctant, but she asks him to think about it.

Eric and Connor in the meanwhile get into a fist fight, when Connor asks Eric to gives back something he stole from Jennifer’s room and Eric refuses. During the fight it is seen that a ring which was stolen by Eric, falls to floor while the two are struggling with each other. Connor in the end manages to grab the ring and asks Eric what he was going to do with it. He in turn tells Connor, the ring is the only symbol left of his and Jennifer’s life together. The two then share a laugh when Eric tells him, he pawned his ring. Beth in the meanwhile interrupts a scene once again, as she isn’t happy with how things are turning out. Then, despite Simon’s protests that he is fine, she tells the director “we quit”.

Jennifer on the other hand comes back home and is surprised to see Eric and Connor playing a video game together, like two buddies. Eric then honestly reveals to her that “Connor kicked my ass and earned my begrudging respect”. The two though, don’t tell her the real reason they had a fight. On the other hand, Abby and Brandon are busy having sex, just then they are shocked to hear Laura knocking at the door. Brandon then hides, while Abby opens the door. Laura asks to come in. Once inside she tells Abby, the connection she and Abby have, is driving a wedge between her and Brandon. “I don’t think we can do this anymore” she adds, explaining that she loves Brandon, and hence they can’t have a threesome anymore. Abby wholeheartedly agrees with her, and tells her that she doesn’t want to come between her and Brandon.

Laura then leaves. Kaldrick in the meanwhile is struggling with his homosexuality. Ricky in the meanwhile follows the script suggested by Raquel. Raquel on the other hand does her best to come across as caring and sensitive, in front of the camera. The producer of the show realizes what Raquel is doing, but is seemingly helpless. Brandon and Abby on the other hand are both guilt ridden by the fact that they are deceiving Laura. Abby tells Brandon he needs to decide what he wants. “I want Laura” Brandon tells her in reply. He further explains that he and Laura have a history together and are trying to build something. Abby tries to take the rejection as sportingly as she can.

Then, just as Brandon opens the front door in order to leave, they see Laura standing at the door. She in anger tells them how she saw Brandon’s car parked outside. Laura then creates a huge scene in front of the whole complex. Brandon on his part does his best to calm her down. Laura eventually pushes Abby into the pool and walks out of there dragging Brandon with her. The episode ends at this point.