Stay - Recap

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The episode begins with Beth frantically looking for Simon. Eddie suggests that they call the police, but Beth thinks it’s a bad idea as she isn’t Simon’s legal guardian, which means if the police find him they might take him away. Connor comes back from a jog and walks in on Jennifer and Eric sleeping together. He then with a smile on his face leaves for a jog once again. Kaldrick on the other hand goes out for breakfast with the lawyer he spent the night with. Sabrina at home tells Nick she is writing all new material and suggests him to do the same. Nick is later shown chatting with an old woman who he has come in touch with, through the internet.

He asks her to narrate her life’s experiences, funny incidents and anecdotes from her life. The woman though wants to play bridge. Abby who is desperately looking for work, is informed by her manager that there is some background work available. She seeing no other option agrees to take it. Raquel on the set of her show sees Zack return and wonders if he is mad at her. Abby while doing the background work sees her manager Ron there. Turns out, he too does a “fair bit” of background work. The director tells the extras to pair up, and Abby pairs up with a guy called Gray, who has just entered the set. While playing bridge the old woman makes a pass at Nick. He is visibly uncomfortable with it and makes a run for it.

Beth on the other hand is still looking desperately for Simon, but is outraged when it’s suggested that, she call up her father regarding this issue. At her home, Jennifer tells Connor, Eric and she are getting back together. Connor is apparently happy at this news and tells the two how great they look together. Jennifer then asks Connor to move out, now that their contract has effectively ended. Connor is visibly hurt at being “kicked out” like this. On the show, Raquel apologizes to Zack for betraying his trust, and this time round she does it without a camera crew. Raquel feels Zack needs real help, but he reveals to her that he can’t leave the show as he is bound by his contract. Over a meal, the lawyer asks Kaldrick about his life.

Kaldrick though isn’t very forthcoming. “If you are not into me just say so now” the lawyer says, seeing Kaldrick’s reluctance. Kaldrick is visibly uncomfortable and rushes out without a word. Eric and Jennifer on the other hand bid Connor a goodbye. A woman is then shown following Connor’s vehicle. Gray asks Abby to ditch the shoot and show him around LA for 200 bucks. Abby is more than happy to do it. Nick answers the internet ad of a guy who is ready to pay $100 for having his garage cleaned. When the garage is shown to him he is surprised, as it’s extremely clean and organized. During the show, Raquel talks to its producer and tells her that Zack needs help and should therefore be let go from the show. “We’ll decide how to handle Zack you had your turn” the producer in turn tells her.

Raquel is then reminded that, she is the one who pushed Zack into an overdose “in the first place”. Raquel then threatens to quit, but is warned of a lawsuit that shall be slapped against her, if she thinks of doing any such thing. Beth hasn’t yet found Simon, then after returning home, she gives their father a call. She leaves him a tearful voice message telling him she really needs his help. Nick finds the guy whose garage he is suppose to clean really creepy and therefore leaves without the money. Over a really expensive meal, Gray reveals to Abby that he is in the air force. Eddie hands Connor the key to his apartment. He then enters and is shocked to see Simon sitting on the floor in front of him. On the show during a therapy session, the therapist asks Zack if he would like to talk about his issues.

Zack is in tears and is barely able to speak. Raquel seeing his condition stands up and tells everyone he is really sick and should therefore be allowed to leave the show. Raquel then removes her microphone, and says “I am done” before asking Zack to walk out with her. The producer surprisingly supports Raquel and tells Zack that he is free to walk out if he feels he isn’t receiving any help on the show. Zack though wants to stay and “get better”. Raquel though walks out, despite being threatened with breach of contract. Kaldrick pays the lawyer a visit at his home. Kaldrick apologizes to him for “ducking out this morning”. In his apartment, Connor and Simon have a heart to heart. Connor is discussing with Simon the whole Jennifer and Eric issue.

Simon on his part tells him that, he is mad with his sister because she lied to him about their father. Connor then makes Simon realize that his sister probably didn’t do such a bad thing by lying to him after all. Simon in the end says “I think I am ready to go back now”. At a club, Sabrina is bringing down the house with her jokes and humorous anecdotes. She finishes her gig amid loud applause and then invites Nick to perform his bit. Nick then drawing from his recent experiences, performs his bit, and the audience seems to love it. Outside her apartment, Abby and Gray confess to the great time they have had with each other and then kiss.

Simon on the other hand knocks on his apartment door, Beth opens it and on seeing him, hugs him all relieved and in tears. Both of them apologize to each other for all the hurt they have caused. Simon then tells Beth about Connor. At the lawyer’s home, Kaldrick takes offense when the lawyer tells him “you know you are gay right?” Kaldrick then, after staring at him for a bit, begins kissing him aggressively. The lawyer isn’t too comfortable with Kaldrick’s aggression and pushes him away. Kaldrick then admits to him that he likes him; the lawyer too likes Kaldrick, but wants Kaldrick to be honest with himself before they move ahead. He then asks Kaldrick to “get out” and come back when he has sorted out his issues.

Kaldrick then in anger leaves. Connor and the whole gang from the complex on the other hand, share some pizza. Nick and Sabrina too come in and join them. Abby too joins in despite having had dinner. Beth during the meal receives a voicemail from her father. “I am finally settled up here and it’s time for you guys to come home” the message says. Beth though ignores the message and doesn’t tell Simon about it. During their meal Raquel too returns. Raquel is then invited to have some pizza and reluctantly joins in.

The whole gang is then shown having a great time and sharing a few laughs, over pizza. Eddie and Connor discuss about the girl who has been standing by the pool the whole day. It’s the same girl who has been keeping a watch on Connor. Connor then walks over to her and asks “who are you?” She tells him her name is Charlotte and then shocks him by saying “I am your sister”. The episode ends at this point.