Help Wanted - Recap

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The episode begins with Connor all shocked on Charlotte introducing herself as his sister. She tells him he had earlier seen her when she was a little child. Connor tells her that “it’s a lot to process at once”. He then asks, where she lives now. She reveals that she now lives in Idaho, where their mom moved when she was a kid. She also reveals that their mother was sick and has passed away. Connor is visibly moved on hearing this. He then asks her to come to his room, as he has a lot of questions he wants to ask her. Next morning, Raquel is handed a subpoena and informed that she is being sued.

Cocaine on the other hand is found in the bathroom of Nick’s workplace, the boss questions everyone about it. Scott then gets up and seemingly blames Nick for it. At Kaldrick’s house, he is informed by his lawyer that Tariq hasn’t been found. He then advises Kaldrick to leave Tariq alone. Raquel is shown filing for bankruptcy. Simon and Beth arrive at an audition. Simon then makes Beth leave, so she can’t do the same thing she did last time. Connor asks Abby out to dinner. She seems reluctant and then reveals to him that she has met someone. Connor then introduces Charlotte to Abby, and informs her that she is his sister. Abby though doesn’t feel the two look anything similar.

Charlotte takes offense to this insanitation made by Abby. She then hurriedly leaves on seeing the situation get awkward. Abby then runs into Kaldrick, who asks to talk to Abby about Tariq. He asks Abby if she would fill in, for one of his background singers who, has dropped out. He then tells her that he needs her “right now”. Raquel’s manager informs her he can’t represent her anymore, given her recent work history. Beth is busy avoiding calls from her father. Connor and Charlotte are at a lab in order to get their DNA tested, so it can be confirmed that they are related. At work, Scott asks Nick to lie about the fact that the coke is his.

He further elaborates to Nick that he would lose his job if it was discovered that the coke was his, as he is just back from the rehab. Scott begs Nick to lie for him and assures him that, all he shall face is a bit of reprimand from the boss. Scott also indicates that, Nick shall lose his job if he doesn’t lie for him. At the studio Abby is surprised, when she is informed that “Tariq has moved on”. Raquel on the other hand, tries her hand at working as a waitress in a bar. Charlotte finds out that Connor is addicted to meds and advises him against it. Beth is busy helping a girl with her SATs. It is then revealed that Beth is a genius. At work, Nick meets the boss and tells him that the cocaine is his. The boss though, doesn’t believe him.

He then makes up lies about how he has been under a lot of pressure at work, which prompted him to do coke. The boss tells Nick that he respects Nick’s honesty, and then fires him. In the studio Dynasty is unhappy with what Kaldrick is doing, and therefore walks out. Abby on her part is perplexed at all that is happening. While swimming in the pool, Cam tells Beth she should go to school as she is good at memorizing things. The two then begin making out in the pool. At the bar, Raquel is really busy doing her job. Beth and Cam are busy having sex in her room. Just then Simon returns and knocks at the door. She opens the door with a bed sheet wrapped around her. She then reprimands him for hitching a ride home with a girl called Emma from the shoot. She tells Simon he shouldn’t be hitching a ride from strangers.

Emma intervenes and tells her, Simon needed a ride so she gave him one. She also tells Beth it’s her fault she didn’t show up at the shoot to pick him up. At the studio, Connor asks Charlotte about their mother and if she ever talked about him. She tells him, their mother felt a lot of guilt about leaving him behind. Charlotte then with tears in her eyes tells Connor that, their mother didn’t die “she killed herself”. She further reveals that their mother never forgave herself for what she did to him and that was the reason for her suicide. “She thought about you every day” she tells Connor. At work, Nick confronts Scott in front of everyone and tells him their boss Paul, fired him for the coke. Nick asks Scott to convince Paul to give him his job back.

Scott tells Nick, he can’t see a way he can make that happen. Nick in anger then punches Scott in the face and walks out. At the bar, the owner offers Raquel a job as a bartender instead of a waitress, as she with her attitude might be good at dealing with drunks. She then reveals to him how she never saw herself ending up where she has today. He in turn tells her that, she probably needs a “reset” and can start her life afresh from here. He then reveals how he was down and out some time back, but how he bounced back by opening the restaurant. She then happily agrees to work as a bartender, till she finds something better to do. Simon asks Beth if she is mad at him.

She tells him that she isn’t mad at him, and is really sorry for yelling at him earlier and not picking him up. “I am going to better” she promises him. Cam comes knocking just then and Beth leaves with him for a bit. Cam is worried if Simon is upset, but Beth assures him Simon is fine. She tells Cam “I can’t do this; I have to focus on Simon”. She then tells him she lost track of time completely, when she was with him. “I can’t be selfish, he is my responsibility” she adds. Cam on his part tells her, that she can’t make every second about Simon, or she shall end up resenting him. The two then kiss. Connor on the sets is handed the envelope with the DNA results in it.

Connor is then overjoyed to find out that, Charlotte is his sister for real. He declares this to everyone on the set. Sabrina on the other hand tends to Nick’s hand, with which he punched Scott in the face. She then asks him as to why he punched Scott. He though doesn’t tell her the real reason, which is that he punched Scott because Scott insulted Sabrina. Raquel walks in on Cam and Beth having sex and tells Cam “the movie let’s make it”. She then tells him that they should shoot it immediately and with whatever resources they have at hand.

At the studio Abby asks Kaldrick about Tariq. After some hesitation Kaldrick reveals “I hurt Tariq” and then walks up to Abby and tells her all that transpired, between him and Tariq. Abby on hearing everything, begins to cry and then begins hitting Kaldrick in absolute rage. She then storms out of the studio in tears. The episode ends at this point.