Make It Right - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlotte telling Connor that she wants to help him be happy, when he answers in the negative, when asked by her if he is happy. Kaldrick tells a livid Abby that, he needs to find Tariq. He tells her that he just wants make sure Tariq is ok. Abby though isn’t in any mood to help Kaldrick and asks him to stay away, and warns her she shall call the police if he doesn’t. While strolling on the beach, Sabrina and Nick run into her parents. Her parents invite the two to dinner at a golf club. Raquel and gang on the other hand are trying to shoot their movie. Cam then leaves for a date with Beth.

Abby asks Eddie about Tariq, and reveals to him that, Kaldrick is the reason Tariq left. Eddie then hands Abby, Tariq’s mailing address. Sabrina shocks Nick by telling him that, her parents think she is a premed student at UCLA, and asks Nick to play along. Charlotte gets Connor to where her cult is. He is then introduced to his liaison Roxanne, who offers to shown him around the facility. Kevin is babysitting Simon, while Beth and Cam are out on a date. Raquel on the other hand is frustrated at facing financial problems because of filing bankruptcy. Cam on their date, takes Beth to a school so she can give her SATs. Abby gives Kaldrick, Tariq’s parent’s address in Montreal. She then asks to come with him, so she can make sure he doesn’t hurt Tariq.

Kaldrick readily agrees. Nick on the other hand is finding it difficult to lie to Sabrina’s parents, but is trying his best. Sabrina on her part isn’t too happy with the lies Nick is coming up with. Connor is busy giving a personality test at the church of the cult. Raquel is finding it really difficult to make ends meet, and is looking for avenues to make some extra cash. A colleague of hers, working at the restaurant, suggests that she clone credit cards of customers, for the extra money. He shows her a device which she can use to clone the cards. The man tells Raquel he takes the info and sells it to a third party. Raquel comments that its identity theft, but the man assures her the whole thing is safe and can never be traced back to them.

She insists that the whole thing is illegal, but he tells her, he shall pay her $25 for every card she swipes. Raquel is adamant she doesn’t want to do it, but the man asks her to think about it. On the golf course, Nick bonds with Sabrina’s father. Connor at the church is told that he has scored exceptionally high on the IQ part of the test. He is then informed that, he has scored poorly on the other portion of the test, where he had to evaluate himself as a person. He is then told that he should go in for the things recommended by the church which would help him improve his opinion about himself. In Montreal, Abby arrives at Tariq’s apartment, while Kaldrick waits in the car. She tells Tariq she knows all that happened and tells him that, Kaldrick is downstairs.

She assures Tariq that, he doesn’t have to see Kaldrick if he doesn’t want to. Roxanne tells Connor, he has to take a package which would cost him anywhere between, $5000 to $10,000. Connor is shocked to hear this. Roxanne assures him that it’s not expensive, considering his life might be at stake. Connor though is incredulous. Roxanne tells him how she lost both her parents when she was really young, and spent her life missing them. “How many years have you lost already?” she then asks him. “How many more are you ready to lose?” she then adds. Cam on the other hand brings Beth for a date at a skating rink. At the golf club, Nick asks Sabrina to tell her parents the truth about her career, but she is in no mood to do so.

Nick feels, her parents would come to know the truth eventually, so its better she tell them the truth now itself. Sabrina though is worried her dad will “flip out”. He then reveals how her father while they were playing golf, told Nick to follow his dreams. Sabrina is surprised to hear this. Nick then reasons that, if her father wanted to follow his dreams, why wouldn’t he want her to follow hers. Roxanne brings up Charlotte, while sitting with Connor. She then tells Connor that, he must have been really angry with his mother for leaving him behind. Connor reasons that, he understands the motivation behind his mother’s actions.

Roxanne asks Connor, as to why his mother didn’t take him, although she took her, other two children with her. He reasons that, his mother had to take care of Charlotte, and hence couldn’t take him. Roxanne asks Connor, if he really believes that reasoning. “Why didn’t she take you Connor?” she then asks him again. Connor clearly isn’t comfortable with her line of questioning and doesn’t know what to say. He in the end with tears in his eyes tells Roxanne, his mother didn’t take him “cause I am not worth taking”. He then admits to her that his mother probably left him, because she didn’t want him. Roxanne then says with a smile “this is where it started; so this where we start”.

At the bar, Raquel gives in to temptation, swipes a customer’s card and stores his information. Tariq on the other hand comes face to face with Kaldrick. Kaldrick and Tariq then talk in private, while Abby waits outside. Kaldrick tries to make small talk, but Tariq is apparently in no mood for it and asks Kaldrick what he wants. Kaldrick tells him he just wanted to make sure he is ok. Tariq in return tells him he is ok and is with someone who isn’t ashamed of him. Kaldrick then tenders Tariq a heartfelt apology. He admits to Tariq that he is trying to change for the better. The two then part ways with tears in their eyes.

Over dinner, Sabrina admits to her father that she dropped out of school two years ago. Her parents are shocked to hear it. She then reveals to them that her dream was always to become a comedian, and therefore she decided to pursue that instead. She tells her parents she is comedian and a good one at that. Nick supports Sabrina by telling her father that, Sabrina is following her dreams. “To hell with your dreams, where is my $80,000?” he asks her. Her father in anger then tells her “you are cut off”. Her father then walks out of the restaurant in anger. She then tries to reason with her mother, but she too tells Sabrina, she is disappointed with her.

Connor on the other hand is shown signing up with Charlotte’s church. He tells Charlotte “I am in”. Charlotte is overjoyed to hear that and tells him, he has made the best decision of his life. Simon and Beth return home and are busy enjoying with Cam, Kevin and Raquel when their father arrives. Simon is overjoyed to see him, although Beth isn’t. The episode ends at this point.