Now Or Never - Recap

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The episode begins with Beth staring at her father who has returned. Simon, who is overjoyed to see his father, introduces him to everyone. Simon takes him to their room. Later, Raquel and Cam ask to talk to a bank manager regarding a loan for their movie. The employee leaves to get the manager, in the meanwhile the two shoot for their movie, with Raquel pretending to be the bank employee and Cam filming it. They finish their filming in the bank and leave as soon as the manager arrives. Gray arrives at Abby’s doorstep and calls out for her, he then sees Abby passed out on her bed, from her window. Lying on the table besides her is the bottle of the meds Kaldrick had given her.

Gray in panic kicks the door in and enters. He then wakes Abby up, and tells her he was worried she was dead. She tells him she just took a couple of pills. Beth is busy rehearsing with Simon for a part, but their father suggests they go out and have fun. Simon is excited at the proposition, but Beth isn’t too happy. Kaldrick arrives at the lawyer, who he likes and tells him he is trying to change. Kaldrick then tells him that, he will change but it shall take him some time. The lawyer tells him “I get it, it’s a process”. He tells Kaldrick that they can work on it. The two then decide to have dinner. Sabrina tells Nick she has been evicted by her parents, who are also her landlords. She then tells Nick that she is moving in with him, as she has nowhere else to go.

Eddie tells Connor, on seeing a Scinetics book in his hand that, the Scinetics are a cult, and it’s all a hoax. He asks Connor to Google Scinetics. Connor later, Googles Scinetics and finds out what Eddie was saying is true. He then confronts Charlotte about it. Charlotte calms him down and asks him to talk to Roxanne. Abby and Gray on the other hand are busy getting cozy. Kaldrick patches up with Dynasty, after apologizing to him for disrespecting him earlier. Simon’s father takes Simon to ride a dangerous looking roller coaster, and Beth isn’t too happy about it. At the bar, Raquel is busy cloning the credit cards of the customers to make herself some extra cash. She is apparently cloning a lot of them.

A customer catches Raquel cloning his card and creates a ruckus. The owner arrives at the scene and Raquel tells him the customer has had a lot to drink. She also makes sure that she hides the device. The customer in anger tries to assault Raquel. The owner then restrains the customer and the two get into a fight. The man is then escorted out by the bouncers. Connor while waiting to meet Roxanne runs into a famous actor, who tells Connor he is “here a lot”. He then gives Connor his private number, much to his pleasant surprise. Nick sees Gray leaving. Abby tells Nick with a smile on her face that, she is serious about Gray. Kaldrick’s father on the other hand pays a visit to the studio, while he is rehearsing his song.

He is visibly impressed with Kaldrick’s talent. Manny the guy who put Raquel up to the whole con, hands her a huge envelope full of money, and tells her that it’s just from one day’s con. Raquel is surprised to discover that. He then asks Raquel to not lose her nerve. Beth on the other hand is rude to her father and tells him how angry she is about him disappearing for months and then showing up and trying to be the perfect father. She asks him “do you think we will just forget that you ditched us?” Connor asks Roxanne about all the ridiculous things he has read about the cult on the internet. Roxanne on her part manages to con him once again, by talking him out of believing everything that he reads on the internet.

Raquel’s boss asks her out on a date and she says that she would love to but she shouldn’t, as “things are a little complicated right now”. She then tells him that, she wants to go out once things “uncomplicate” themselves. Abby while having a romantic meal with Gray, hints that they should break up before he leaves, as things might not work out between them. Nick helps Sabrina get to her auditions as she has thrown out her back. He carries Sabrina onstage for her performance as she is unable to walk. Sabrina despite her current situation is able to make the judges laugh.

Raquel runs into Connor and asks him “we’re making a movie, do you want o be in it?” Connor tells Raquel he though she wanted to apologize, the two then awkwardly patch up. She then tells him about the movie. Connor agrees to do the role. Simon, Beth and their father come back home. Simon is asleep in his father’s arms, and he puts him to bed. He tells her he was just trying to make up for lost time. She in turn tells him “we’re not going back with you”. He tries to reason with her telling her, he has a job now and a place to live. He then firmly tells her “this is not a negotiation, you are coming”.

Beth reminds him she is 18 and therefore she can’t be forced to do anything. He then agrees to not take her, but asks Simon to come along with him. He then asks Simon if he would like to go with him to the Yukon, where he is working now. Beth tells Simon she can’t go with them. Simon after a little contemplation tells his father “I want to stay with Beth”. Nick carries Sabrina into their room in his arms and lays her on the bed. She then tells Nick “I think I might love you”. Nick yells out in frustration telling Sabrina “I wanted to say it first”. The two then hear Beth yelling outside. Their father is shown carrying Simon on his shoulder and leaving, with Beth pleading him to put Simon down.

Connor and Gray block his way. He then seeing no way out puts Simon down. He tells the two he is sorry for everything, and hands Beth some money and then leaves. Beth thanks Connor for helping her out. Later, Gray goes down on one knee and apparently is getting ready to propose to Abby, much to her shock. At the lawyer’s house, Kaldrick talks to him about his issues. The lawyer then asks Kaldrick to help him in cooking, after a bit of resistance Kaldrick agrees. The two then in the middle of things, begin making out.

Just then Kaldrick gets a call. The lawyer then picks up Kaldrick’s phone and in jest pretends to be Kaldrick. He then apparently gets some bad news and hands the phone to Kaldrick. Next, Kaldrick is shown running into a hospital ward. He then sees his father lying unconscious and on life support in an emergency room. The episode ends at this point.