Xs and Os - Recap

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The episode begins with Raquel and Connor enacting a scene for their movie. The cops come in during the shoot and arrest Connor for arson and insurance fraud. At the hospital, Kaldrick in dismay is watching his father who is on life support. His lawyer boyfriend comes in, and Kaldrick thanks him for being “here”. Kaldrick is informed by a hospital official that, his father’s insurance wouldn’t cover his medical bills. He is outraged at hearing this and tells the official “do you know who I am” and throws money at her. The lawyer calms him down, and tells the official to provide the patient with best medical care possible, if the hospital does not want to get sued.

Raquel and gang inform Charlotte that, Connor has been arrested. Charlotte is visibly disturbed and in turn calls up Roxanne. Sabrina on the other hand is obsessing over the fact that, she might not get the new job. She then begins freaking out, but Nick does his best to calm her down. At the precinct, the cop asks Connor “did you or did you not set fire to your home for the purpose of an insurance claim?” He says “not on purpose, it was an accident”. He is then asked questions by the cop, which he isn’t able to convincingly answer. He tells the cop, “I am on a TV show; I make money, why would I commit insurance fraud? It doesn’t make any sense”. The cop then points out facts in his life, which prove that he has done senseless things in the past.

Connor then says “I want a lawyer”. Beth is overjoyed that she got 1900 on her SATs. Cam tells Beth that she can now go to college. Abby wakes up in a hotel room with Gray, and is shocked to find out that she is married to him. She is all flustered that they got married, and tells Gray “I don’t even know your last name”. Gray is cool about it, but Abby is freaking out. Abby then says they don’t know each other and hence the marriage is a mistake. Cam runs into an old girlfriend of his while showing Beth around his old college. Charlotte arrives at the precinct and tells the cops, she is the one who burnt Connor’s house down. Later the two are questioned separately.

Connor tells the cops she is lying and she on the other hand tells them he is trying to protect her as a brother. Charlotte makes a compelling case, telling the cops how she is suffering from depression, and likes to watch things burn. Connor in the end admits that he set the house on fire for insurance money. The owner of the bar is worried if Manny is dealing in drugs, as he can’t imagine how the guy can afford a fancy car on his salary. Raquel tries to convince him that the whole thing is probably legit. The owner though isn’t convinced and feels something’s not right. Nick is entertaining kids at a bar mitzvah party, wearing a bunny costume. Beth during their college tour asks Cam, more about his ex-girlfriend Taylor.

She then accuses Cam of still being into Taylor. He on his part tries his best to convince Beth that, it was he who broke up with her because she is crazy. Cam then takes Beth to meet an English professor named Sam Raynor. At Las Vegas, where the two got married, Abby and Gray apply for an annulment. At the hospital, Kaldrick introduces Christopher his lawyer boyfriend to Donna, who has just arrived. Donna is at a loss for words on realizing who Christopher really is. “It was nice meeting you” she in the end tells Christopher and leaves. A hospital worker comes in just then and informs him that, his father is awake.

At the restaurant, Raquel tells Manny she wants a bigger cut, and also tells him to lie to the owner that, the fancy car isn’t his. Charlotte and Connor are brought in the same room for questioning by the cop, but just then a man comes in and asks the two to stop talking. He then tells the cop “I am their lawyer”. Gray asks Abby to keep the wedding ring, and asks her to think, if she really does want to get “unmarried”. After her interview with Professor Raynor, Beth is all excited and tells Cam “that guy is amazing”. She then tells Cam with visible excitement that, she can’t picture herself being a student “here”. Cam then shows her the huge college library with floors and floors of books, which excites her to no end. The two, then go to a section of the library that is deserted and begin making out.

Nick on the other hand kills it at the bar mitzvah party, with his stand up act. At the hospital, Kaldrick talks to Walter. He tells Walter that; the right side of his body is paralyzed, which in turn shall affect his speech. He though, is unable to tell Walter the truth about himself, seeing Walter’s condition. At the party, Nick is handed a hefty paycheck for his efforts and told that, he could do the bunny thing more often if he wants, but for that he has to let go of his dreams. At the precinct, the lawyer is shown walking out of the precinct with Connor and Charlotte. He tells Connor, the sheriff is a friend of the church, and doesn’t want to see his members needlessly harassed. “Your problems are our problems” the lawyer tells him.

Abby and Gray on the other hand change their minds, and decide to stay married for the time being. At work, Manny tells Raquel the car is used, and isn’t as expensive as it looks. “But I shouldn’t have brought it here” he admits. Raquel then talks to the boss and asks him if he still feels Manny is stealing. He tells her he doesn’t, as he has discovered that its Manny’s cousin’s car that Manny was showing off. Then in the middle of their conversation he kisses her. She is at first taken aback, but then she too kisses him back. The two then enter his room and close the door behind them. At the hospital, Kaldrick tells Christopher “couldn’t do it, couldn’t tell him”. He then apologizes to Christopher for not telling him about Donna. Christopher forgives him.

Abby and Gray get to know each other better, while taking a dip the bathtub. The two then begin making out in the tub. Nick returns home, and is informed by Sabrina that she had a call back, for the job she was looking forward to. Sabrina then hugs Nick and tells him “it’s happening for the both of us”, as she is under the impression that Nick was at a party for network executives. Nick apparently doesn’t find the heart to tell her the truth. At the hospital, Kaldrick is informed that Infinite has gotten hold of his hard drive that was stolen from his house.

Beth and Cam return to the complex and find Simon being taken away by the authorities. Turns out, it was the Child Protective Services. While in their room, Connor thanks Charlotte for what she just did for him. Then suddenly, Charlotte kisses Connor. The episode ends at this point.