Don't Say Goodbye - Recap

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The episode begins with Connor pushing away Charlotte who has just kissed him and exclaiming “what are you doing?” He then reminds her “you are my sister”. Charlotte is visibly embarrassed and tells him she is sorry and rushes out of the room. Kaldrick meets Infinite, who taunts him about being a “faggot”, as he has discovered this, from Kaldrick’s hard drive he stole from Kaldrick’s friend. Infinite blackmails Kaldrick by telling him he wants $5 million in lieu of the hard drive and for keeping his mouth shut. He gives Kaldrick 24 hours to think it over, after which he threatens to go public. Raquel in the morning wakes up in Mark’s bed.

He then has a chat with her and seems completely enamored by her. Abby on the other hand sees off Gray, who is leaving for his duty in the air force. He before leaving reveals that, he is going to fly missions into Afghanistan, but will be based out of Germany. She tells him “I am so happy I found you”. The two then kiss and part ways. At the office of Child Protective Services, Beth is told that their father has the legal custody of Simon. She tries to explain to the official that their father had abandoned them. The officer tells her, their father has legal custody and the law is very clear about that.

She is also told that, if she goes to court challenging her father’s custody, there is no guarantee Beth would be given Simon’s custody. He might even end up in an orphanage, as she is only 18 and doesn’t have a job; therefore the judge might deem her unfit to take care of Simon. She begs to see Simon, but is told that she can’t. At the church, Connor tells Roxanne that, Charlotte kissed her. He also tells her that, he pushed Charlotte away and she ran off. Sabrina tells Nick, she has to move to New Orleans for her new job, which is due to begin “tonight”. Nick is visibly shocked to hear this. Abby’s manager Ron informs her that, he is quitting the business to run a mattress store.

Beth’s father has a chat with her, and tells her, if she wants to see Simon, she shall have to come with him to Yukon. Nick and Sabrina decide to stay together as they don’t want to break up, but decide to make it work long distance, with Nick in L.A and she is New Orleans. At work Raquel tells Manny “I am out”. She tells him, she doesn’t want the owner Mark getting into trouble. Manny tells Raquel it’s not ok for her to quit, as they have “a good thing going here”. Manny then scares Raquel by telling her, the people she is selling the information to, are dangerous, therefore she shouldn’t think of quitting. At the church, Roxanne comes in with a man, who tells Connor he should cut all ties with Charlotte if he wants to stay healthy.

Abby on the other hand arrives at an audition. At the church, Connor tells Roxanne, Charlotte made a mistake, but he isn’t going to abandon her. Cam suggests Beth concentrate on her academics and should try living for herself, for a little while. Infinite is handed the $5 million and in return hands over the hard drive. At the hospital, Kaldrick is informed that his father had another stroke. At the complex, Eddie informs Connor that, Charolette has left with a man in a suit, just 20 minutes ago. Nick and Sabrina have a fight about her moving to New Orleans. At work, Raquel tells Manny she has decided to quit, and also that she isn’t afraid of him or his “spooky shadow partners”. Just then Mark calls her into his office.

Once inside, he grabs her and kisses her. He then suggests that they drive to Palm Springs for the weekend. Connor runs into Roxanne outside the complex, and asks her where Charlotte has been taken. “I want to see her” he tells Roxanne. “She doesn’t want to see you” Roxanne tells him in turn. She also reveals that Charlotte is being taken to a retreat in Colorado, so she can get her head right, and he too can get his head right. Nick decides to move to New Orleans with Sabrina, as he doesn’t want to lose her. Abby gets blown off and humiliated at the audition. At the hospital, Kaldrick is told that his father needs to be put to sleep as there is no brain activity.

He then with tears in his eyes thanks a lifeless Walter for coming back into his life. He then bids his father a final goodbye and pulls the plug. At home, Abby looks through pictures of her and Gray, on her cell phone. She then finds hidden in her bed, a recording of his voice that Gray has left behind for her. She then with a smile on her face lies down on her bed and listens to Gray’s voice. Beth tells Cam, she has decided to go to the Yukon and do college there. Cam is visibly sad, but happy about the fact that she shall be close to her brother. Kaldrick decides to stay at Christopher’s house, as he doesn’t have the courage to go back to his own house. The complex is being readied for Raquel’s fundraiser. Nick comes back into the room and tells Sabrina with a smile on his face “I am going with you”.

Sabrina tells him, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She reminds him that he didn’t move to L.A to meet girls, he moved to L.A because it’s the best place to be a comedian. Sabrina tells him, he could be an amazing comedian, if only he tries hard enough. “You gotta start working harder, and if you move to New Orleans, you will be doing the exact opposite” she tells him. “This is where you need to be” she concludes and then kisses him. Sabrina then leaves. Kaldrick reads to Christopher a heartfelt letter, summarizing the pain he has been through all his life, as he could never be honest about, who he really was.

At the end of the letter he confesses to the fact that he is gay. “What are you going to do with this?” Christopher asks him. At the fundraiser, Raquel texts Mark, asking him where he is. Cam comes in just then and tells her it’s time for her to address the guests. She then asks the guests to watch the little movie that they have made. The movie is then played. Nick is shown leaving for a comedy club. Abby on the other hand is shown leaving for Germany. Mark is arrested by the cops, for cloning credit cards. Kaldrick makes the letter he has written about coming of the closet, public. He basically posts the letter on his official website.

Simon is heading to Yukon with his father. All the characters of the show are given a last look. Raquel’s movie is well received, and she tells her team “we made something”. Infinite is shot multiple times by Kaldrick’s friend. The episode ends at this point.