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Season 1

1 :01x01 - An Echo of Bugles

Colton steps in when an arrogant young punk begins bullying an aging Confederate veteran.
Guest Stars: Tony Bill as Jody Merriman | Whit Bissell as Nichols | John Hoyt as Colonel | Lou Krugman as Bartender | Stephen Roberts as Doctor | Gregg Palmer as Adjutant
Director: Alex March
Writer: Rod Serling

2 :01x02 - The Vespers

Colton discovers that a minister is unwilling to resort to violence to protect himself and his pregnant wife from a vengeful gunman.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Lord (1) as Reverend Booker |
Guest Stars: Joan Freeman as Alice Booker | Ron Soble as Deneen | Bill Quinn (1) as Doctor
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Rod Serling

3 :01x03 - The Lonely Calico Queen

Colton is mistaken for a mail-order bridegroom by a lonely dance hall girl.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Cooper as Marge | Tina Hermansen as Angie | Edward Faulkner as Bounty Hunter | Tracy Morgan (2) as Francine | Lyzanne LaDue as Ruby | Brenda Howard as Suzanne
Director: Allen H. Miner
Writer: Rod Serling

4 :01x04 - The Kingdom of McComb

A group of religious homesteaders attempt to recruit Colton to kill a powerful land baron who's trying to evict them from their land.
Special Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as McComb |
Guest Stars: Tom Lowell as Townsend, Jr. | Ken Drake as Townsend, Sr. | Ed Peck as Lowden | Robert Phillips (1) as Sloan
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Rod Serling

5 :01x05 - One of the Wounded

Colton tries to help a fellow Union vet who's suffering from the psychological horrors of the war.
Special Guest Stars: Anne Baxter as Agatha Phelps |
Guest Stars: Paul Richards as Colonel Phelps | Lane Bradford as Gibbons | Steve Gravers as Doc
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Rod Serling

6 :01x06 - The Flight of the Arctic Tern

Sometimes it doesn't pay to do a good deed as Colton discovers when he becomes involved in a romantic triangle after saving a friend's fiancee from runaway horse.
Guest Stars: Janine Gray as Terna | Tom Stern as Rob Clark | Larry Ward as Monte
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Writer: Andy White

7 :01x07 - Widow on the Evening Stage

After a man is killed in a Native American attack, his widow experiences the slings and arrows of prejudice in a town because she too is Native American.
Guest Stars: Katharine Ross as Sue Sullivan | Lloyd Gough as Harry Sullivan | Bill Zuckert as Stinnett | Alan Baxter as Driscoll | Ann Staunton as Esther Sullivan | Rafael Lopez as Native American | John Damler as Stableman
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Rod Serling

8 :01x08 - The House Rules at Mrs. Wayne's

Colton is torn when a friend is killed while defending the honor of his wife.
Guest Stars: Nancy Gates as Mrs. Wayne | Lee Philips as Gibson | Lindy Davis as Jamie Wayne | Dick Wilson (2) as Bartender | Jonathan Kidd as Barber
Director: Allen H. Miner
Writer: Rod Serling

9 :01x09 - The Sheriff of Fetterman's Crossing

In a small Montana town, Colton accepts the position of deputy to a shady sheriff and soon has second thoughts.
Guest Stars: Allen Sherman as Walter Peterson Tetley | Harold Peary as Peabody | Robin Hughes as Carruthers | Dub Taylor as Jim | Hank Patterson as Bartender
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Writer: Rod Serling

10 :01x10 - The Homecoming of Lemuel Stove

An Afro-American soldier returns to his hometown after the Civil War has ended only to discover that his father has been lynched by the Ku Klux Klan.
Guest Stars: Brock Peters as Lemuel Stove | Russ Conway as Sheriff Simpson | Don Keefer as Minister | Charles Francisco as Paine | Berkeley Harris as Dechter | John Pickard (2) as Blacksmith
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Rod Serling

11 :01x11 - Westward, the Shoemaker

Colton takes on a con man who fleeced an immigrant out of his life savings in a crooked card game.
Guest Stars: David Opatoshu as Hyman Rabinovitch | Warren Stevens as Charlie Parker
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Rod Serling

12 :01x12 - The Oath

Colton must perform an appendectomy on a young man himself when a doctor gets too soused to carry out the operation.
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Dr. Bohan | Joby Baker as Billy Ford | Vivienne Ventura as Maria
Director: Alex March
Writer: Rod Serling

13 :01x13 - Hunt the Man Down

Colton is dragooned into participating in a posse that's after a seemingly harmless recluse.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Scidry | Tom Tully as Shaftoe | Jason Wingreen as Lucas | Bert Freed as Sheriff Ross | Jim Drum as Merv
Director: Tay Garnett

14 :01x14 - Escort for a Dead Man

Colton escorts an Army deserter back to his base.
Guest Stars: Sheree North as Cora | Corey Allen as Drake | Jack Lambert (1) as Libbett | Hal Lynch as Copley | Thomas E. Jackson as Old Man | Saul Gorss as Ferguson
Director: Norman Foster
Writer: Robert Lewin

15 :01x15 - The Ordeal of Bud Windom

The son of a murder suspect tries to clear his father's name.
Guest Stars: Sonny Tufts as Barney Windom | Jeff Bridges as Bud Windom | Allen Jaffe as Sid Loomis | Bryan O'Byrne as Editor
Director: Paul Henreid

16 :01x16 - To the West of Eden

Hired to deliver horses to their owner, Colton reluctantly agrees to escort a young woman across the desert in addition to his original task.
Guest Stars: Ina Balin as Trina Lopez | Zalman King as Red Segus | Stewart Moss as Hank Prescott
Director: Allen H. Miner
Writer: Ed Adamson

17 :01x17 - Mantrap

Colton becomes the target of a killer when he's the sole witness to a robbery and murder.
Guest Stars: Bethel Leslie as Ellen Jameson | Pat Conway as Ballinger | Melville Ruick as Jess
Director: Allen H. Miner

18 :01x18 - A Little Stroll to the End of the Line

Colton is deputized to protect a rabble rousing preacher who's been receiving threats from an ex-convict.
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Matthew Reynolds | Robert Emhardt as Preacher Whatley | Bart Burns as Chisholm
Director: Norman Foster
Writer: Rod Serling

19 :01x19 - The Trial in Paradise

In a kangaroo court that's trying a former Union Army officer for alleged offenses committed during the Civil War, Colton acts as the man's defense attorney.
Guest Stars: Robert Lansing as Hibbard | Edward Binns as Manet | Curt Conway as Dichter | Joe Mantell as Allerdyce | Deanna Lund as Susan
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Rod Serling

20 :01x20 - A Question of Guilt

Colton is forced to kill an intruder in the darkness and later learns that the man was an Army lieutenant.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Major Crane | Jean Hale as Myra Bromley | Phil Chambers (1) as Bartender | Frank Gerstle as Miner
Director: James B. Clark

21 :01x21 - The Mourners for Johnny Sharp (1)

Young gun Johnny Sharp lies dying in a cave while others hover like vultures to get their hands on his stolen loot.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Doc Fritchman | Beau Bridges as Johnny Sharp | Pat Hingle as Bob Pierson | Joyce Van Patten as Peggy | John Doucette as Benneke | Skip Homeier as Philby
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Rod Serling

22 :01x22 - The Mourners for Johnny Sharp (2)

Per the instructions of the late Johnny Sharp, Colton arranges for the four people closest to him to meet at a funeral parlor.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Doc Fritchman | Pat Hingle as Bob Pierson | Joyce Van Patten as Peggy | John Doucette as Benneke | Skip Homeier as Philby
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Rod Serling

23 :01x23 - Incident in the Middle of Nowhere

Colton encounters a young damsel riding a steed stolen during the robbery of a stagecoach.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Conway | Beverly Garland as Dolores | Cindy Bridges as Wendy | George Ramsey as Cook | Leonard P. Geer as Lawman
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Andy White

24 :01x24 - Pick Me Another Time to Die

Colton is falsely accused of the murder of a sheriff.
Guest Stars: Martin E. Brooks as Chris Meegan | Ed Peck as Charlie | Lewis Charles as Pete | Joan Addams as Jean Cantrell | Mike Mazurki as Rule Vernon | Steve Darrell as Sheriff Cantrell
Director: Alex March
Writer: Ed Adamson

25 :01x25 - The Burden of the Badge

In a strange set of events, Colton is deputized by a group of former criminals wanting protection.
Special Guest Stars: Victor Jory as Simon Ridley |
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Chad Mitchell | Eloise Hardt as Martha Mitchell | Dorothy Rice as Ann | John Daniels as Jimmy | William Henry as Ben | Bill Hart as Vic | Buff Brady as Ed
Director: Larry Peerce

26 :01x26 - To Hang a Dead Man

Colton joins a sheriff in his pursuit of bandits who destroyed a town.
Guest Stars: Bruce Dern as Merrick | Beverly Allyson as Maria Flores | Howard da Silva as Gonzales
Director: Alex March
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 1965
Ended: May 28, 1966
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