To Lie For - Recap

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The episode begins with the cops taking away Theresa’s dead body, and a furious Dan arrives at the scene. He tries to stop the cops, and Ethan tries to calm his brother. He walks up to Ted and the rest at the scene, and tells them that he is going to find out who did this. Alec asks him to calm down, because he is blowing the whole thing up. Ethan takes Dan away. Emma follows Ethan and apologizes to him, saying that it is their fault. Ethan doesn’t say anything and leaves. Later, Alec is talking on the phone about the upcoming fundraiser, and he asks the caller to change the keynote speaker. Dan is still angry. He tells Alec that he wants to know the truth, or else he would kill him. Alec tells him that Rebecca killed Theresa. Dan knows that Alec told Theresa something that had already killed her. Alec then tells Dan about the twins.

At home, Thayer tells Emma he feels that Emma is not able to get Ethan out of her head. He feels that it is always about Ethan. Emma tries convincing him otherwise, but he isn’t convinced. He tells her to choose between Ethan and him. He leaves. Ethan apologizes to Dan and tells him that, by hiding the truth from him, he made a mistake. He learns that Dan knows the truth about the twins, and asks him how he learned about it. Dan is pissed, and tells him that it doesn’t matter. Dan wants Ethan to choose between him and the twins.

Emma is waiting for Ethan, and she tells him about Thayer’s ultimatum. Ethan packs up his clothes and is about to leave. Emma tells him that she is choosing him over Thayer and that it has always been about him. Ethan tells her it is too late. He says that he has been lying to his brother all along, and now Theresa is dead and Dan is angry. He says that he cannot do it anymore. He leaves. The next day, Emma seems upset and Laurel figures out that it has something to do with Ethan. Emma tells her that Ethan left and now she is worried that everything will soon be out. She feels bad about the fact that their mother, Kristen, will be affected the most. She knows that Kristen is really innocent in all this, and she has been lied to the most. Laurel agrees.

Ethan arrives to meet Dan at the precinct. He tells Dan that he is done with the twins, and that he is choosing his family. Dan tells him that he wants to know everything about Rebecca, and who is working with her. Ethan tells him that, other than Sutton, Jordan used to do stuff for her. Dan tells Ethan that, if they don’t have enough proof against Rebecca, she will walk. Just then, an officer arrives with the autopsy report. The report shows that the cause of death is blunt force trauma and there was no water found in the lungs. The TOD is around 48-72 hours ago. Also, there was limestone found underneath her nails and on her clothes, and green paint in the wound. Ted wants to tell Kristen the truth. Sutton tells him not to tell her anything at the moment, because she will not be able to take it and then she will reject all of them. She also doesn’t want Kristen to find out that she has been working with Rebecca all this time. Ted still seems reluctant.

Rebecca arrives to talk to Emma, but Emma doesn’t want to talk. Rebecca tells her that she loves them a lot and never wanted to separate them. She also knows that Emma is aware of the fact that Rebecca has been working with Sutton all along. Emma accuses her of tearing apart the whole family. She asks how she let Alec separate them. Rebecca tells her she never wanted that to happen, but she admits she wasn’t capable of caring for her. She felt she had to do it. Rebecca tries to apologize, but Emma walks away.

Dan and his team are at the preliminary crime scene. Dan breaks down into tears after he assesses the crime scene. Emma tells Sutton about Rebecca trying to apologize. She says some part of her wants to believe that Rebecca did love them, at some point, because she is their mother. Sutton tells her she felt the same way, initially, but now things are a mess because of Rebecca. She warns Emma not to fall for Rebecca’s lies.

Sutton, Emma, and Laurel are watching the news about the cops investigating the crime scene. Sutton notices a small bag in Ethan’s hand and she wants to know what is in it. She asks Emma to go to Ethan. Emma tells her that Ethan and she are over, and she feels that Sutton should go and talk to him.

Ted and Kristen are with their lawyers. Ted agrees to give Kristen whatever she wants from him. Kristen wants to know what happened to the $20,000. Ted says there are things he cannot tell her, because he has promised his daughters. He tells her that he has always loved her. Kristen gets up and leaves.

Sutton arrives at the crime scene. She tells Ethan that all of this is her fault and that she wants to make it up to him. She wants to know what is in that bag. Since she has spent a lot of time with Rebecca, she could help them identify if it belonged to her. Ethan says that it was a necklace with a broken heart. Sutton pulls out a necklace from her purse and shows it to Ethan. She tells him that Rebecca had one piece of the heart and she gave the other to her. Dan takes that necklace to Alec and asks him to issue a warrant against Rebecca. Alec agrees. Alec calls someone and asks that person to pack their bags. The police arrive at Rebecca’s house, but she is already gone. Dan gets frustrated. Later, Rebecca makes a video call to Sutton. Emma and Sutton want to know where she is, and why she killed Theresa. Rebecca tells them that she did not kill Theresa and that she is being framed. The necklace that they found was meant for Emma, and it was locked in one of her drawers. She tells them that she loves them a lot, and is upset because she has to leave them once again.

Jordan arrives to meet Rebecca, and she wants him to go with her. She threatens to expose him by telling everyone what he did to his brother in LA. Everyone is getting ready to go for Theresa’s memorial. Ted arrives to meet Sutton and tells her that he cannot hide the truth anymore. Emma arrives and tells Sutton that she is also finding it difficult to lie to Kristen. Ted declares that they will be going to the memorial together, and he will introduce Emma. Emma tells him that it is not going to happen. She asks Ted to leave for a while and she tells Sutton that, until Kristen wants to meet her, she is going to go into hiding. She says that this is her family and she should go back to them.

At the memorial, Sutton walks up to Ethan and tells him that they switched places for the last time. Dan arrives and thanks Sutton for her help. Mads arrives and tells Alec that Thayer is nowhere to be found and she thinks that he took off with Rebecca. She is also glad to learn that Alec has not yet given up on him. Emma arrives to meet Thayer. She tells him that she owes him an explanation. He asks her to shut the door. During Dan’s speech, Alec receives a note from Rebecca, asking him to meet her on the roof. She thanks him for the call, and tells him that she has decided to stay.

Jordan arrives to meet Mads, and Mads is happy to see him. They decide to skip the party. They see cops at a distance and Jordan decides to turn himself in. He tells Mads that he is being arrested for murdering his brother. Rebecca tells Alec that she knows he is the one who killed Theresa, and engineered this whole thing. Ethan tells Sutton that he forgives her. Ted is about to tell Kristen the truth, when Alec’s body breaks through the glass roof and lands on a table. Everyone is shocked. At home, Emma tells Thayer the truth and he asks her to leave. He looks angry. After Emma leaves, he pulls out a rusted rod from under the couch. It has green paint on it. He picks up the rod and breaks everything around him. The episode ends.