The Magician (1973)

The Magician (1973)

Anthony Blake (Bill Bixby) was unjustly imprisoned in a South American country. Mastering the art of escapology, he and his cellmate managed to escape. However, his cellmate died afterward and left Blake a fortune. Putting his escape artist skills to use as a magician, Blake vowed to help others who were as helpless as he had been. Initially he traveled in a private jet piloted by good friend Jerry Anderson (Jim Watkins). Helping him in his crime-fighting was columnist Max Pomeroy (Keene Curtis), and Max's brilliant son Dennis (Todd Crespi). Later in the season, Blake abandoned the jet and took up residence in the Magic Castle. Max, Jerry, and Dennis were written out of the series, and Blake's new sidekick was club manager Dominick (Joe Sirola). The show lasted only one season, but gained a cult following and X-Files creator Chris Carter has cited it as one of his favorite TV shows when growing up. The show was also known for the fact that Bill Bixby performed all of his own magic (except in the pilot), with no trick photography of any kind, and that famous magician Mark Wilson was a technical advisor and Bixby's teacher.

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Final: 1x21 -- The Illusion of the Evil Spikes (Apr/15/1974)

Bill BixbyBill Bixby
As Anthony Blake
Bill BixbyBill Bixby
As Anthony Blake
Keene CurtisKeene Curtis
As Max Pomeroy
Todd CrespiTodd Crespi
As Dennis Pomeroy
Julian D. ChristopherJulian D. Christopher
As Jerry Anderson
Julian D. ChristopherJulian D. Christopher
As Jerry Anderson
Joseph SirolaJoseph Sirola
As Dominick

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1x2: The Vanishing Lady recap: Magician Anthony Blake (Bill Bixby) gets involved in a case in kidnapping when a lady singer, who appears on the bill with him at a Las Vegas nightclub is held for ransom in "The Magician" colorcast on Monday, March 11, 1974.
Singer Julie Carter (Amanda McBroom) is being held for a sizable ransom. leaving Blake and his associates to find out who the kidnappers are, where they've taken her and how to rescue her. Peter Brown portrays Julie's manager, Weaver, who doesn't want police involved for fear it will endanger her life. The episode, filmed in Las Vegas, was written by Harold Livingston and directed by Marvin Chomsky... read more.

Executive Producer: Laurence Heath
Producer: Bruce Lansbury, Paul Playdon
Associate Producer: Ralph Riskin
Set Decorator: Lucien Hafley
Post Production Supervisor: James Blakeley
Director of Photography: Ronald W. Browne
Story Editor: Marion Hargrove
Art Director: Jack De Shields
Consultant: Mark Wilson (2)
Main Title Theme: Patrick Williams (2)

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Recurring Guests

Joseph Campanella as Frank Mitchell (2 eps)
Lenore Kasdorf as Jane Roberts (2 eps)
Mark Hamill as Ian (2 eps)
Charles Picerni as Melton (2 eps)
Lew Ayres as Unknown (2 eps)
Vincent Beck as Stanley Owens (2 eps)
Wesley Lau as Captain Gottschalk (2 eps)
Macdonald Carey as Kortner (2 eps)
Jeremy Slate as Hazlitt (2 eps)
Stephen McNally as Manning Hargrove (2 eps)

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