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Season 7

139 :07x01 - Nothing But Blue Skies

Jane and Lisbon decide to keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues as they investigate the murder of an undercover agent. Also, young, ambitious agent Michelle Vega joins the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tim Griffin as Kenneth | Karina Logue as Tish | Pedro Pascal as Agent Marcus Pike | Bryan Rasmussen as Mason | Frank Clem as Andy | Anna Khaja as Ellen | Ray Porter as Wick |
Co-Guest Stars: Connie Schiro as Hotel Manager | Garrett Matheson as Jeremy | Liz Hamsher as Skye | Holden Scott as 12-year-old Jeremy | Dakota Buchanan as William
Director: Chris Long

140 :07x02 - The Greybar Hotel

Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of a high-end car theft ring.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Garcelle Beauvais as Danitra Cass | Val Lauren as Cole | Brit Morgan as Marie | Ryan Dorsey as Benson | Tom Kiesche as Hendricks |
Co-Guest Stars: Stella Baker as Angry Inmate | Michael C. Alexander as Austin Cop | Monica Garcia as Guard | Cher Ferreyra as Lead Inmate | Heather Brooker as Second Inmate | Luis Jimenez as Clerk
Director: Bill Eagles

141 :07x03 - Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut where they must work with Jane’s familiar adversary, Erica Flynn, who agrees to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Garcelle Beauvais as Danitra Cass | Mark Ivanir as Jan Nemic | Morena Baccarin as Erica Flynn |
Co-Guest Stars: Anto Boghokian as Jameel | Nick Gracer as Georgi | Tom Kiesche as Hendricks
Director: Chris Long

142 :07x04 - Black Market

The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm his wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington, D.C.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christine Adams as Lena Abbott | Amelia Rose Blaire as Bibby Fortensky | Jeff Branson as Walker Pond | Claudia Christian as Greta Fortensky | Leonard Roberts as Elon Bell | William Abadie as Jacques Joubert | Larry Clarke as Robert "Bob" Ackerman | René Rivera as Josef Brozalis | Nicole Shalhoub as Lupe Upton |
Co-Guest Stars: Devon Barnes as Wren | Courtney James Clark as Dixie Boykin | Will Green as Kirk Upton | Brian Houtz as Man | Dinora Walcott as Mary Kate Barrows
Director: Michael Nankin
Writer: Tom Donaghy

143 :07x05 - The Silver Briefcase

A chance encounter with a military colonel leads Jane to believe the soldier is hiding something, leading him to dig into the closed murder case of the man’s wife.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Allison Dunbar as Judy Lomax | Brandon Fobbs as Zach Jefferson | Wiley Pickett as Aaron Raymond | Jama Williamson as Denise Cortez | Lisa Kaminir as Linda Berry | Daniel E. Mora as Detective Rios |
Co-Guest Stars: Cheryl Bricker as Nicole Raymond | William Charlton as Rear Admiral | Delpaneaux Wills as Soldier | Jimmy Carlson as Man
Director: Simon Baker

144 :07x06 - Green Light

The FBI is brought in to consult on a botched DEA raid, but when Abbott’s former boss tries to blackmail Abbott into keeping the agency’s missteps quiet, he is forced to choose between his career and morals.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christine Adams as Lena Abbott | Ross Partridge as Steven Korbell | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Darrell Gonzalez | Chris Conner as Jeff Bordick | Chastity Dotson as Anita Hammonds | Sumalee Montano as Susan Nguyen | Blake Shields as Mike Milligan | Jeremy Ray Valdez as Pedro Orosco | Dylan Baker as Bill Peterson
Director: Geary McLeod
Writer: Alex Berger

145 :07x07 - Little Yellow House

A murder investigation becomes personal for Lisbon when she learns that her underachieving younger brother, Jimmy, is being sought as a key witness.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Robert Belushi as Jimmy Lisbon | Tom Gallop as Charlie McInnis | Anne Rose Hopkins as Heidi Pendleton | Derek Phillips as Stan Lisbon | Jeremy Ratchford as George Holiday | Ryan Churchill as TJ Mullins | Romi Dias as US Attorney Julie Sandoval |
Co-Guest Stars: David Barge as Bartender | Michael Cory Davis as Benjamin Bennett | Anthony Ma as Hotel Clerk | Janelle Giumarra as Vicki Shell (Janelle Marra) | David C. Scott as Nathan Barnes | Milissa Sears as Karen Lisbon
Director: Edward Ornelas

146 :07x08 - The Whites of His Eyes

Jane worries for Lisbon’s safety when the team puts itself in the line of fire to protect the witness in a murder investigation from a skilled assassin.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Matthew Alan as Kelvin Bittaker | Devon Graye as Ethan Bittaker | Tim Griffin as Agent Ken Spackman | Jeff Ward as Matthew Stoppard | Brendan Wayne as Lydon | Alexa Penavega as Lily Stoppard | Mary Kay Place as Belinda Bittaker |
Co-Guest Stars: Linda Burzynski as EMT | Tyler Case as Caleb Bittaker | Burt Grinstead as Realtor | Karolin Luna as Barmaid | Juan Monsalvez as Diego Cardenas | Kathryn J. Taylor as Hotel Security
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writer: Erin Donovan

147 :07x09 - Copper Bullet

When Abbott’s old boss, Agent Peterson, threatens Abbott’s career – and possibly his freedom – Jane devises a risky plan to protect his friend’s future.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christine Adams as Lena Abbott | Tangie Ambrose as Samantha Barsocky | M.C. Gainey as Pete Barsocky | Dylan Baker as Agent Bill Peterson |
Co-Guest Stars: Cheryl Lynn Bowers as Missy Brammer | Stephen Jared as Cop | Braden Lynch as Legislative Aide | Shenik Taylor as Stacey
Director: Tom Snyder (2)
Writer: Tom Donaghy

148 :07x10 - Nothing Gold Can Stay

Jane takes extreme measures as the team tries to apprehend a deadly gang of armored car robbers before their desperation to remain free costs more innocent people their lives.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: A.J. Buckley as Ace Brunell | Alex Fernandez as Det. Portis | William Gregory Lee as Steve Sellers | Alex Weed as Tommy Brunell |
Co-Guest Stars: Jill Basey as Susan Cofield | Ben Begley as Ken Fletcher | Kal Bennett as Elizabeth Kerrigan | Allison Bills as Jenny Moss | Troy Blendell as Gil Clark | Jason Cabell as Det. Caldwell | Michael Christ as Deputy Attorney General | Victoria Garcia as Tawnia Meeks | Lewis T. Powell as Larry | Sean Spann as Phil Cofield
Director: Paul A. Kaufman
Writer: Alex Berger
Songs: Civil Twilight -- Letters From the Sky

149 :07x11 - Byzantium

A young man claiming to have psychic powers offers his help to the FBI in solving a pair of murders, but when he leads them to additional victims, Jane and the team begin to suspect that he is in fact the killer they’re hunting.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rocky McMurray as Highway Patrolman | Anastaia Phillips as Ree Osbourne | Alex Saxon as Gabriel Osbourne | Toni Trucks as Ranger Jill Ayres | Melora Walters as Amber |
Co-Guest Stars: Marina Anderson as Agent Melissa Boone | Ziah Colon as Jeanette | Zoe Cotton as Old Woman | Nick Fink as Donnie | Matt Lasky as Brian Whitmer | Juan Monsalvez as Diego Cardenas | Shaan Sharma as Stewart | Blake Sheldon as Marcus Whitmer | Flavia Watson as Megan

150 :07x12 - Brown Shag Carpet

Jane agrees to once again pretend to be a renowned psychic and be used as bait in an attempt to lure out a serial killer and give the FBI a chance to apprehend him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Joshua Biton as CBI Agent Rick Tork | Aubrey Deeker as Joe Keller | John Marshall Jones as Dan Glover | Kiersten Warren as Kelis Weir | Dan Donohue as Talk Radio Host | Tony Pasqualini as Alan Saltonstall | Angela Alvarado as Det. Nieto |
Co-Guest Stars: Julie Alexander as Stage Manager | Kirk Bovill as Driver | Jennifer Christopher as Susan Herman | Alejandra Flores as Rita Martinez (Ivette Gonzalez) | Jessie Lande as Coroner’s Assistant | An Nguyen as Victim’s Wife | Garrett Nichols as Homewoner | Ariel Paredes as Heidi | Julie Tolivar as Mary Lynn | Mandy June Turpin as Realtor | John D'Aquino (2) as Bill Herman
Director: Geary McLeod

151 :07x13 - White Orchids

Lisbon accepts Jane’s surprise marriage proposal, but a killer’s quest for revenge may cost them the happy ending they’ve worked so hard to achieve, on the series finale.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Amanda Righetti as Grace Van Pelt | Owain Yeoman as Wayne Rigsby |
Guest Stars: Robert Belushi as Jimmy Lisbon | Joshua Biton as CBI Agent Rick Tork | Aubrey Deeker as Joe Keller | John Marshall Jones as Dan Glover | Derek Phillips as Stan Lisbon | Ryan Fisher as James | Rachel Keller as Anne | Henri Lubatti as Roger |
Co-Guest Stars: Lucas Barker as Lisbon Kid #1 | Chris D'Annunzio as Fire Marshall | John Troy Donovan as CBI Ron | Elizabeth Guest as Cashier | Joyce Guy as Judge Emily Hamilton | Ella Jerge as Lisbon Kid #2 | Jan Munroe as Male Ranger | Milissa Sears as Karen Lisbon | Karl Sonnenberg as CBI Karl | Angela Sprinkle as Lucy | Maitely Weismann as Female Ranger | Maya Gilbert as City Clerk
Director: Chris Long
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2008
Ended: February 18, 2015
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