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Season 2

24 :02x01 - Redemption

The CBI investigates the murder of a woman who is found suffocated after being accused of stealing a million dollars from her employer. Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon can only watch as the investigation into the Red John case is taken away from them and handed over to CBI Agent Sam Bosco.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Sam Bosco |
Guest Stars: Jane Daly as Rhonda Jarret | Carter MacIntyre as Bodhi Andros | Stacie Leah Rippy as Kessie | Geoffrey Rivas as Captain | Raphael Sbarge as Hollis | Phil Abrams as Humphrey | Laura Niemi as Mandy | Rebecca Staab as Maggie | Jeff Witzke as Realtor | Gregory Itzin as Virgil Minelli |
Co-Guest Stars: Floyd Van Buskirk as Manager | Jordan David as Ansel | Andrew Ross Wynn as Reed | Pedro Pano as Worker | Cindy Chiu as Candice | Jim Gleason as Neil | Dean Cudworth as Deputy
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Bruno Heller

25 :02x02 - The Scarlet Letter

Lisbon and the team are assigned to the case of a State Senator's murdered intern. Meanwhile, Jane tries to find out what new information Bosco has on the Red John case.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Sam Bosco | Christian Clemenson as Dr. Roy Carmen |
Guest Stars: Paul Fitzgerald as Elliot Batson | Treisa Gary as Dede Guerra | Paul Michael Glaser as Walter Crew | Mary Pat Gleason as Charlotte McAdoo | Fay Masterson as Melinda Batson | Josh Stewart as Harlan McAdoo | George Wyner as Coroner Steiner | Daniel Zacapa as Janitor | Gregory Itzin as Virgil Minelli |
Co-Guest Stars: Shauna Bloom as Rebecca | Dominic Hoffman as Agent Hicks
Director: Charles Beeson

26 :02x03 - Red Badge

Lisbon is accused of, then arrested, of murdering a child molester she once arrested who was recently paroled. While they are not on the case, due to their proximity, Jane, Cho, Rigsby, and Van Pelt conduct their own investigation into the matter.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Sam Bosco | Christian Clemenson as Dr. Roy Carmen |
Guest Stars: Kyle Davis as David Charles | Mozhan Marnò as Nicki Weymouth | Bonnie Root as Tanya Derask | Jake Busey as Vern Nichols | Michael Wiseman as Dreyer Whelan | Gregory Itzin as Virgil Minelli |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicole J. Butler as Bailiff | Ernie Grunwald as Milton Howard | Jim Hoffmaster as Civilian Employee | Madison Leisle as Emily Derask
Director: Eric Laneuville
Writer: Ashley Gable

27 :02x04 - Red Menace

While investigating the murder of their attorney, the CBI team come into close contact with one of the most dangerous motorcycle gangs in California.
Guest Stars: Jesse James (3) as Lucas Hodge | Mac Brandt as Xander | Abby Brammell as Diamond | Mark Pellegrino as Von McBride | Tom Adams (2) as Gordon Hodge | Julia Campbell as Nina Hodge | Molly Price as Felicia Gutherie
Director: Norberto Barba
Writer: Leonard Dick

28 :02x05 - Red Scare

When a wealthy architect is killed in the family manor house he bought to refurbish, the rumors regarding the mansion's history of the occult and ghosts comes into play against the far more human motives of a hidden fortune.
Guest Stars: Christina Chang as Lillian Foster | Michael McMillian as Drew Abner | Matthew John Armstrong as Deputy Nick Fisher | Frances Fisher as Victoria Abner | Ron Canada as Philip Raimey | Derk Cheetwood as Jeb Haas
Writer: Ken Woodruff

29 :02x06 - Black Gold and Red Blood

Bosco finds Jane's bug, and, tracing it back to him, immediately has him arrested and thrown in jail in the middle of an investigation. Jane cheerfully ignores the situation, and manages to help the CBI team solve the murder of a man despite being in a maximum security prison.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Sam Bosco |
Guest Stars: Madison Mason as Ted Luscom | JoNell Kennedy as Coroner Pat | Erin Cahill as Donna Hines | Ashley Jones as Sandrine Gerber | Eric Ladin as Roddy Gerber | William Russ as Dooley Gerber | Gregory Itzin as Virgil Minelli |
Co-Guest Stars: Travis Johns as Deputy #3 | Steven Littles as Escort Deputy | Geoff Meed as Axel | Zia Harris as Inmate #2 | Jullian Dulce Vida as Inmate #1 | David Cheaney as Jail Medic | Frank Noon as Deputy Bulger | Brian Oblak as Deputy #1 | Ellery Sprayberry as Gail Hines | Fatso Fasano as Boo | Dominic Hoffman as Agent Hicks
Director: Rod Hardy
Writer: Bruno Heller

30 :02x07 - Red Bulls

Minelli orders Patrick and his team to work together with Bosco and his team in order to locate a kidnapped woman who is being held for ransom.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Sam Bosco |
Guest Stars: Vincent Ventresca as Duncan Weaver | Marissa Skell as Mia Westlake | Meredith Monroe as Verona Westlake | Art LaFleur as Det. Louis Earlen | Seana Kofoed as Mrs. Kent | Gregory Itzin as Virgil Minelli | Reynaldo Gallegos as Raoul | Dominic Hoffman as Agent Hicks |
Co-Guest Stars: Margot Rose as Belinda Sandborne | Jesse Burch as Agent Dyson | Shauna Bloom as Rebecca | Louisa Abernathy as Middle-Aged Woman | Andres Perez-Molina as Agent Martinez
Director: David Barrett

31 :02x08 - His Red Right Hand

Lisbon's team arrives at the office to find that Bosco's team has been shot and killed, while he is in critical condition. Through the investigation, it turns out that Red John was behind the attack and that it was orchestrated as Bosco came closer to finding him while investigating a recent crime. Someone impersonating a CBI agent then picks up and destroys all of the evidence relating to the case.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as Sam Bosco |
Guest Stars: JoNell Kennedy as Coroner Pat | Brian David Jones as Security Guard Jimmy | Suzy Nakamura as Dr. Fox | Michael Chieffo as Coroner | Gregory Itzin as Virgil Minelli | Shauna Bloom as Rebecca |
Co-Guest Stars: Luke White as Paramedic #1 | Samantha Gros as Female Paramedic | Andres Perez-Molina as Agent Martinez | Hubert Hodgin as Night-Shift Guy | Jesse Burch as Agent Dyson | Tom Billett as CHP Officer | Deborah Carson as TV Reporter Meredith | Dominic Hoffman as Agent Hicks
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Ashley Gable
Songs: Peter Bradley Adams -- Darkening Sky

32 :02x09 - A Price Above Rubies

During a black tie fundraiser at CBI, the team is called away to investigate a robbery that resulted in the murder of a jeweler.
Guest Stars: Michael Benyaer as Clinic Director | David Warshofsky as Donny Culpepper | Dey Young as Esther Doverton | David Monahan as George Doverton | Callard Harris as Tom Doverton | JoNell Kennedy as Coroner Pat |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Lockett II as UPS Guy | Fred Ochs as Singing Policeman | Anthony S. Johnson as Middle-Aged Guy | E.J. Callahan as Desk Clerk | Michael Woods as Carl Ward
Director: Charles Beeson

33 :02x10 - Throwing Fire

CBI is called when a baseball scout is killed. During the investigation, Jane is hit in the head by a ball, resulting in him having flashbacks to his childhood.
Guest Stars: Ellen Geer as Grandmother | Matt Cedeño as Narcisco | Chris Brochu as Young Jane | Lesley Fera as Leslie | Alejandro Chaban as Snake | Ben Bledsoe as Scotty | Frank Gallegos as Jupiter | Nick Chinlund as Alex | Brent Sexton as Doc | Jude Ciccolella as Freddy Fitch |
Co-Guest Stars: Gwen Holloway as Woman | Abigail Mavity as Celia | Omar Leyva as Gardener | Amy Crofoot as Young Woman
Director: Martha Mitchell

34 :02x11 - Rose-Colored Glasses

The team is called to investigate a double homicide that may have been the result of an old prank. Meanwhile, Rigsby goes undercover as an alumni at a 15 year high school reunion.
Guest Stars: Abbie Cobb as Tess | Gregory Sporleder as Terence Badali | Kevin Sussman as Phil Redmond | Debra Christofferson as Kay | Carmen Argenziano as Vice Principal DeSouza | Scott Caudill as Stu McAlpine | Paul Ambrus as Grant | Kathleen Rose Perkins as Willa | Gonzalo Menendez as LJ Keeling | Michael Rodrick as Gabe Nyland
Director: Dan Lerner
Writer: Leonard Dick
Songs: Ini Kamoze -- Here Comes The Hotstepper

35 :02x12 - Bleeding Heart

During the investigation of the murder of a mayor's aide, Rigsby and Van Pelt make a surprise announcement.
Guest Stars: Joe Egender as Bart Henrik | Vyto Ruginis as Heaton Krupp | Sean Maher as Wilson/Jasper | Sharon Lawrence as Melba Walker Shannon | Rebecca Wisocky as Brenda Shettrick | Jack Conley as Chief Donner | Roark Critchlow as Mike Brewster |
Co-Guest Stars: Jay Jackson as Reporter | Keenan Henson as Cameraman Steve
Director: Norberto Barba

36 :02x13 - Redline

Jane and the CBI team are called when a body of a luxury car sales woman is found in the trunk of a car in her dealership's showroom.
Guest Stars: Paul Ben-Victor as Noah Landau | Mark Deklin as James Kinsey | Currie Graham as Walter Mashburn | Richard Kahan as Jeff Sparhawk | Kevin Rahm as Elias | Peter Onorati as Oliver Westhoff |
Co-Guest Stars: Seth Caskey as Maitre'd | Laura Jean Salerno as Liselle | Reggie DeMorton as Salesman
Director: Bill D'Elia

37 :02x14 - Blood In, Blood Out

Patrick Jane helps Cho with an off-the-books investigation when a member from Cho's former gang, the Avon Park Playboys, is murdered.
Guest Stars: Joseph C. Phillips as Alan Knee | Atticus Todd as Jon Jon | Jerry Zatarain as Ty | Bobby Nish as KS | Brenda Bakke as Det. Sharon Florey | Alice Lo as Suanne Seung | Alexandra Holden as Crystal Hargrove | Jon Sklaroff as Adam Reed | David Barrera as Frank Rodriguez | Sandrine Holt as Elisa Chaye |
Co-Guest Stars: Maria Russell as Medic | Sonny Kang as Gangster
Director: John Polson
Writer: Ken Woodruff

38 :02x15 - Red Herring

Jane and the team investigate the murder of an arrogant chef during a cooking competition in Napa Valley.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Skyler Stone as Kevin | Sal Landi as Horlick | Joel Brooks as Hendricks | Gina LaPiana as Hannah | Elaine Hendrix as Julia | Brian Howe as Arliss St. Germain | Robin Weigert as Eliza | Jon Polito as Duesterberg | George Wyner as Coroner Steiner | Dina Meyer as Abigail | Federico Dordei as Ludo |
Co-Guest Stars: David Greenman as Josh | James C. Victor as Gabriel
Director: Eric Laneuville

39 :02x16 - Code Red

When Dr. Alicia Seberg, a government research scientist, is exposed to a deadly toxin while at work and has only hours to live, she calls Patrick Jane and the CBI to find her murderer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brian George (1) as Professor Green | Caitlin Keats as Greta Skye | Erin Sanders as Isabel Seberg | Casey Strand as Lilith Nash | J.C. MacKenzie as Griffin Welks | Matt Malloy as Scott Price | Tony Curran as Dean Harken | Amy Price Francis as Dr. Alicia Seberg | George Newbern as Dr. Cliff Edmunds |
Co-Guest Stars: Reza Sixo Safai as Dr. Jason Kaseem | Tom Billett as CDCA Agent #2 | Theo Breaux as CDCA Agent #1 | Kelly McCracken as CDCA Technician | Benjamin Burdick as Florian Tripp
Director: John Showalter
Writer: Bruno Heller

40 :02x17 - The Red Box

The CBI team prepares to meet the new boss, Special Agent Madeleine Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis).

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Mia Cottet as Maggie Blankman | Anthony Azizi as Louis Anglet | Alastair Duncan as Slocombe | Colleen Porch (1) as Jolene Banks | Erich Anderson as Hopper Banks | Kevin Alejandro as Victor Bandino | Aunjanue Ellis as Madeleine Hightower |
Co-Guest Stars: Jadin Gould as Lainie Banks | John Troy Donovan as CBI Ron | Tamas Menyhart as Oliver Stans
Director: Chris Long

41 :02x18 - Aingavite Baa

When a Jane Doe covered in blood walks up to Van Pelt and Cho it's up to Patrick Jane to try and find out who she is and what happened to her.
Guest Stars: K.T. Thangavelu as Doctor | Rosa Arredondo as Dolores Brinton | Wes Studi as Joeseph Silverwing | Sean Bridgers as Ranger Tisdale | Gil Birmingham as Markham Willis | Aunjanue Ellis as Madeleine Hightower | Tracy Middendorf as Jane Doe |
Co-Guest Stars: Gemma Massot as Derrien Hopwood | Loki Pacheco as Wiry Kid | Taylor Gray as Shorter Kid

42 :02x19 - Blood Money

When Patrick Jane's sneaky conduct causes the case of a confessed hitman to be tossed out of court, his annoyed CBI team must start the investigation over from scratch

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dwayne L. Barnes as Jayden Flower | William Lucking as Judge Hildred | Mia Riverton as Dana Munn | K Callan as Annabelle Draber | John Kapelos as Hank Draber | John Ales as Cale Sylvan | Stephen Spinella as ADA Marc Odenthal | Aunjanue Ellis as Madeleine Hightower |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachel Montez Collins as Kelly | John Kelly (4) as Defense Attorney
Director: Adam Kane

43 :02x20 - Red All Over

When a media mogul is murdered, Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate cult leader Bret Stiles, who may have had an axe to grind following the publication of a critical story about his group

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Malcolm McDowell as Bret Stiles |
Guest Stars: Joseph Will as Steven Wench | Virginia Williams as Heather Evans | Steven Hack as David | Michelle Clunie as Tara Harrington | Aunjanue Ellis as Madeleine Hightower | Tanc Sade as Ed Harrington | Robyn Lively as Sadie Harrington | Bob Gunton as Alexander Harrington |
Co-Guest Stars: Tate Hanyok as Elizabeth Stanfeld | Garret Davis as Marty | Stephen Snedden as Xander Harrington | Madison Moellers as Ashley Harrington
Director: Roxann Dawson

44 :02x21 - 18-5-4

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the death of a mathematical genius by a gun-wielding clown

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rich Hutchman as Rafe | Ronald William Lawrence as Hambrick | Evan Peters as Oliver McDaniel | Scott Menville as Alec Mosca | Lucy Davis as Daphane | Mike Rock as Clown | Fisher Stevens as Tolman | Cameron Bender as Gary (Concierge) |
Co-Guest Stars: Dave Engfer as Noah | Hana Hwang as Annika
Director: Charles Beeson

45 :02x22 - Red Letter

Romantic sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and supposed psychic Kristina Frye cross paths again during the CBI investigation into the murder of a charismatic head of a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Shaun Duke Moosekian as Tariq Shah | Rick Hoffman as Christopher Lynch | Eugene Byrd as Russell Bigelow | Alice Evans as Ilsa Engels | Marco Rodriguez (1) as Hector Brava | Melissa Fumero as Carmen Soledad | Nick Searcy as Sheriff Burnside | Leslie Hope as Kristina Frye | Aunjanue Ellis as Madeleine Hightower | Rob Evors as Bartender |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Hayes (1) as Building Super | Dominic Flores as Journalist | Joleigh Fioravanti as Claret | Amelia Jackson-Gray as Novella | Meg Wolf as Stacey
Director: John Showalter

46 :02x23 - Red Sky in the Morning

Patrick Jane and Kristina's first date is interrupted by a report of Red John striking again, which is discovered to be a copycat. But when Kristina reaches out to the real Red John, both she and Jane find themselves in grave danger

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kathleen Wilhoite as Margo | Anne Gee Byrd as Neighbor Lady | Kevin Will as Waiter | Jack Plotnick as Brett Partridge | Cameron Van Cleave as Wesley | Stephen Sowan as Dylan | Carrie Finklea as Ruth | Leslie Hope as Kristina Frye | Aunjanue Ellis as Madeleine Hightower |
Co-Guest Stars: Ayo Sorrells as Dorm Monitor | Angela Martinez as Jackie | Tracy Fraim as FBI Agent Fenton | Eva Mah as Marley Sparrow
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Bruno Heller
Warning: The Mentalist guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2008
• Who do you think Red John is?

Bob Kirkland
Bret Stiles
Brett Partridge
Gale Bertram
Raymond Haffner
Reede Smith
Sheriff Thomas McAllister
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